Poly Vlogger Shares His Paranormal Story (LIVE) | LTP #027

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for Mary Ann’s eBay update oh did you lose my music it’s not working that’s all right we can
do it without we could see without a little concerning good alright so
anyways this past weekend we were at Hill View Manor and I had some of my
different displays out and so forth of different things that I’ve collected
throughout the years from different haunted locations and some of them are
from Gettysburg and they happen to have some bullets in them that were collected
at different places on the battlefield and someone brought up and said hey
these look like brand-new they don’t even look like they’ve been you know
shot and you know sometimes they weren’t sometimes they were just you know target
practice they didn’t hit anything so they just kind of went in the ground and
got covered up and so forth but I do have some that were a little bit more
let’s say disturb you can tell that they were used and so I have a couple of
those I’m going to show you today so here is one of them and it’s kind of
definitely I don’t know how much you can see it I’ll go into one of these jobbers
but definitely a little bit more distorted than some of the nice neat
ones that you know I’ve been showing off for some time and then I have this one
that’s even better this one is totally flattened like a pancake this one here
is actually one that was found on Little Round Top in Gettysburg this one
particularly so it’s kind of cool so I just thought I would share the fact that
yeah some of these they do look brand spankin new but others they are
definitely showing some wear and tear I thought I’d share this today already so
I think we are to the point well we got that done pretty quick what I’m not
forgetting I don’t know but how kitten says that those are cool and go so
Hawaii hosted by a buck if just give me a pronunciation on that if you would
hunter says I have a Gettysburg bullet and that is interesting
and let’s see here joy steward wants to party with us at 5:00 Pacific time and
then go to a haunted underground in Portland at 9:00 hmm
that would be kind of fun an 80 JH travel says there’s an app for phones
that has those world x on it of course that would require us to actually open
up our phone and look at that but you know no all right so ghosts of Hawaii
hosted by Oh Bucky Hunter Oh Bucky thank you very much I will try my hardest to
make that oh she well pronounced correctly innocent once I get stuff
stuck in my head it’s hard I tell my kids at school that same thing but Oh
Bucky Oh Bucky I’m gonna try I think it’s time that we broke okay
maybe does Oh Bucky says it’s Japanese for ghosts
that’s pretty super cool so no we just learned a Japanese word for Ghost is Oh
bah ki cool very cool yeah all right all right you ready to bring our ghost
on our ghost oh there goes our guest oh I hope he’s I
hope our guest is not a ghost yet although it would be kind of cool if we
had a ghost on the show that actually showed itself is cool but I’m glad that
this one’s not a ghost yet let me check there’s a couple things here all right
so Juran has joined us welcome and hot hi Skippy is here and they said that
there are 26 watching and 18 likes people need to slap that like button
something something’s off 26 watching an idea hit the like button and undead
otter has joined us I know folks if you hit the like button what’s gonna happen
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how long we’ve been on about 20 minutes you know our normal 5 o’clock start time
give or take a minute or so yeah alright let me see if this is gonna work all
right let me see if this works here we go already I think that worked
hey are you there my friend that’s right we have Polynesian vlogger with you is
that uh is that your toy or is it one of your pets toys actually stole this from
the boy well how is things over there in Hawaii very hot I should have said hello
Aloha Aloha Aloha Aloha is there a different way to say Aloha for hello and
goodbye or is it just like intonation or no not really
no hi bye I love you so how are you doing today doing good are you guys I
tell you what I’ve been looking forward to this I love going into chats and I
just get a big smile on my face when I see you in there today thanks for coming
by yeah so we have we have H Castro and a
tgh there in the chat too we apologize for coming to your live streams and
giving you harassment but not really we don’t really apologize what’s fallen
easier than myself and a couple others get on forget it I’m gonna get a Easter
Bunny for the next life very good next I’m getting a bunny just
for Hannah perfect so you’re gonna kill me before we get started in case there’s
anybody in here that doesn’t know Polynesian vlogger tell us a little bit
about you and your channel and what you got going on over there well as most of
you know I am from the Big Island of Hawaii and my channel is mainly just for
fun entertainment nothing serious it started out with just being regular
vlogs you know daily vlogs and then after that I just figured why not
support people you know why not give them shoutouts why not give them support
and you know basically just pushed him forward get the channel notice so I
started featuring bits and pieces of their channel on to my channel and
having people go over to their channel to show some love and blessings
basically that’s very cool that’s basically what my channel is your you
know in case you guys don’t know Paulie Shane a huge supporter of YouTube
channels he’s always in other people’s chats and watches videos and supports
videos and things like that I’m usually being annoying in those
catch early but yeah or you could say impression in there yeah fun person yeah
but before we go further I just want to say the way we are hooked up here folks
if we if we drop out just stay with us it will come back we’re running OBS then
we have a couple streams going over the Internet and it may drop out I don’t
know it’s been doing pretty good today but if it does and it buffers or
whatever just stay with us or refresh or whatever and it will it will come back
I’ll try to put a funny face on the screen so even it pauses you guys can
see the face so what we’re trying to do with let’s talk paranormal is have other
youtubers on and share their paranormal story with us why you have it
into the paranormal and what you know did you have something in the past that
that you were you know kind of made you interested in looking into more or you
know that kind of stuff so are you ready to share your story with us I hope I am
already okay so I’ll turn it over to you my
friend all right am I on Am I you’re on alright guys so for me
I’ve been around the paranormal or got interested from in the paranormal since
I was maybe about four five years old only because there were certain things
happening in my family which was kind of beyond the human paranormal norm you
know what I mean it was more in a darker level more on a negative level and that
really got me interested in this whole paranormal thing because for me and my
family we had what is called a generation curse I don’t know if you
guys know about that but we had something here in Hawaii for our family
which is called a generation curse according to people in the family
someone in the ancestor line did something really stupid it’s in return
the person cursed that individual and it came all the way down to us which might
go down to our children if we have any or one of the curses while some of us
will never have kids I don’t have any kids so you know I don’t know what that
whole thing was but and they pretty much extends through the demonic kind of like
the demonic realm so to speak you know being attacked by demons in the middle
of the night the family waking up with scratches on their body and just just a
whole bunch of demonic and humans human diabolical things happen
happening with the family and stuff so that’s started happening until this day
it still kind of happens with the family not with me but my family still kind of
have that problem with situation going on with them father that’s interesting
well I did from when I was four so did you like get into it more like you
wanted to research and see what was what was going on and see if he could get
answers that kind of thing yeah I did I went to you know a lot of churches a lot
of priests I borrowed books from the library when I
was in k5 trying to learn about certain things what was going on with the family
and then we found out later in life it was this generation curse that has
occurred for many generations and still going so how did you find out about that
did somebody and you you know like your grandma died yeah sorry that was
documented that they talked about that I don’t know if it was documented I never
really saw any documents just family stories passing it down yeah
just family stories from uncles grandparents great-grandparents and so
far back wow that’s Pleasant documented oh
nothing that we saw in writing or anything that’s pretty interesting Wow
pretty scary but you say you and your wife don’t have you’re not experiencing
any issues no not like the rest of the family but like I said we don’t have any
kids so I don’t know if that has to do with that now that you find anything
like in your research anything that you could do or anything like that to kind
of like protect yourself or that you perform that maybe that might be kind of
blocking some of it for me it was always once once I came to know God pretty much
it was always kind of put a stop to a prayer yeah
prayers and a lot of prayers and certain rituals that would you know kind of
block that kind of thing that’s how I found my safe haven well you know we
always say it’s a whatever your beliefs are if you strongly
leave in that and you know girl yeah we are christian-based
and PSP are is as well which is kind of you know I think HS FL is as well – but
that’s kind of like a it’s like an off thing with the paranormal but as long as
you believe in that and that you strongly use those protection prayers
and that kind of stuff then yeah yes you know you know what you’re dealing with
you’re pretty much protected you know so at first we didn’t know though yeah at
first we didn’t know what we met at four years old you’re gonna be pretty scared
you know I was freaked out I was like what is going on you know and people are
saying well that’s not that person yeah and at four year old you know you’re
like when it looks like that person you know yeah it was very hard for me to
understand it took over time in years for me to understand what was really
going on yeah we get a lot of well not a lot sometimes we get parents that’ll
come up to us and they’ll though ask us about you know their their kids seeing
things and you know talking the two things and stuff like that and it’s kind
of sad here in the States like sometimes it’s like if you have somebody who’s
totally against anything paranormal and that situation comes up they’ll take
those kids immediately to psychiatrists or a doctor or something and having put
on medicine and you know that kind of thing instead of being open right right
instead of being open minded about it and kind of talk to them and maybe have
a group come in and investigate or something like that it’s it’s you know
it happens you know to take a different kind of help on a different kind of life
you know right so there’s only medically you know yeah so you know making the
poor child a zombie you know basically from medication so I’ve seen that though
they set up two psychiatrist block there’s two medication and nothing works
really I mean they don’t what as it doesn’t make the spirits go away yeah do
you have some questions not specific for Polly but if he has a anything about
they said talk if you knew about like Lake Highway and bacon stories from Oahu
do you know H like like Hwy and bacon stories from Oahu oh I have no idea I
don’t know them either so if you want to drop some information about that in the
chat then feel free to do that as they said oh you got to tell them about that
so I don’t know anything about it and our guest doesn’t either so please go
ahead drop some info in there that’s all right if anybody a chat has kind of like
that oh you know if you are from Youngstown you know everybody in
Youngstown if you’re from Hawaii you know everything on all the Hawaiian
Islands thank you from Youngstown you know everything about the Mafia oh so
you have a book out do you want to talk about your book yeah actually this this
book is kind of pertaining to certain things that happened to me in real life
kind of a father-son relationship kind of gone awry so to speak because to this
day my father and I don’t really you know get along with each other so this
book is kind of want to rope down to kind of get the pain out and you know
before you know it was pretty much a story because there was a lot a lot of
things in here pertain to my real life drama that went on between me and my dad
so yep there it is pretty cool yeah I get a little bit of glare what’s the
title of it ah ascending there you go ascending and it’s it’s like based
somewhat on truth but you turned it into more of a fantasy fan yeah vampire fantasy taking place back in I
would say medieval nightmare cool very cool we were talking last
night about this and you’re working on trying to make that available online for
people to to actually purchase yeah I’ve been having trouble with Amazon or or
great space it was one of those two and trying to get it up online and get it
going but they could get ahold of you on Twitter and buy one is that correct yes
sir yeah if anybody has any questions at all for Polynesian vlogger or anything
about that paranormal or anything like that please go ahead and leave them in
chat and we’ll try to work them into the conversation here absolutely in a minute
that that one from Oahu is that the one okay I’ve heard about that you’re not
supposed to eat pork or take port across the road or something to that effect
there has been cases a lot of people throwing it out the car and then the car
starts back up and then they go okay yeah I think I’ve heard of those that
was the one I think he was talking about is that the one you were talking about
who is that Oh Pocky hunter I wasn’t watching chat so that’s who’s telling us
about it now I can’t remember if that’s who heard about what they did say but
they did say that I pronounced it wrong it’s spelled like light but they said
it’s like leaky leaky leaky leaky yeah practice Hawaiian we don’t have Hawaiian
rosetta stone you know how they got it created I’ve
heard of that one I’ve heard of that bacon one they throw it out the car and
then the car starts up and they they’re free to go
alright hi Skippy wants to know if you have night marchers on the Big Island
yes we do oh I want to hear about that I feel Valley we have them there’s a lot
of stories down in Waipio Valley on the Big Island that certain people go down
there to hear the singing and some people said they have even seen
these night marchers and they don’t look anything transparent from what I know
they look like us you know full fleshed but so yeah there we have a lot of them
down here and a lot of stories have come out of Waipio Valley saying that they
seen the night marchers and the thing is with this night marchers I don’t know if
whoever else is from Hawaii Opaka hunt there maybe might want to explain yeah
because you have to the thing is with that you got to make yourself like an
animal when they pass you you know what I mean you got a strip down and other
things to make yourself smell kind of like a pig or an animal said everyday
walk past because it’s not they’ll probably kill ya to get the chance nice
and the other thing I heard is family members if you’re a descendant of any
one of these night marchers they really shouldn’t you know bother you but I
don’t know I’ve been hearing lots of different stories so interesting yeah so
yeah we got night marchers here I think they have them on Oahu through where Oh
Bucky Hunter is I’m not sure but I know we have them here on the Big Island they’ve encountered night marchers
that’s amazing oh my god that’s pretty cool
I’ve never heard of this before we’re gonna have to nightwalkers nightwalkers
night Walker that Walker that marches they want to know what the scariest part
is what did they want to know they want to know what the scariest urban legend
is that you have know of on on your island Wow
I don’t know of any urbanely except for Pele whose volcano goddess to
the old Hawaiians that is usually found on the road walking and you know people
you will usually stop her up and give her a ride to wherever she’s going and
then certain times things will happen that you know usually saves their life
because you know kind of like they did a good deed for her so she was protecting
them in the way back something to that effect but yeah that is the urban legend
of Madame Pele of Big Island Hawaii there anything that don’t pick her up
usually bad stuff or usually they say that the lava will come around and you
know basically take your house take everything you own and run it over we
love us though that’s not made her mad yeah somebody somebody on the side of
the road quite as safe but it’s kind of like hmm maybe we did it for in Hawaii
come to people’s houses and asking for water from what I’ve heard so anybody in
Hawaii if somebody comes and asks for water get it give it to her right
old lady Oh long hair gray yeah looks like an old woman and it’s like
mmm haunted trucking says never take a piece of lava rock off the island really
that’s another one right that’s another one I never had some people from
mainland that came over they took the rock with them and then later they’re
sending it back because all kind of stuff was happening sending the rock
back to us and everybody would be one that is direct I would be too because if
I could I like of things so this is good news because one of my one of my bucket list
things is I want to walk on a volcano and I want to go to Hawaii so I could
like knock both of those out if I come visit Pali but I could see myself
picking up a piece of you know I could say that happening to pray over it
before you sending a package back to Paulie Paulie just take this back down
the street please no kitten says no lava rocks for Marianne lol I can imagine a
lot of a rock with all this other stuff that you have all just converging
together and just oh my god yeah that’s right well what about ash because I know
when I was a little kid when I was a little kid my mom bought some ash from
one of the volcanoes that erupted well to now st. Helens that’s not away yes
but I have that like is that the same like in Hawaii like if if we went you
know there’s a big volcano that’s been going off for the last year you know
like I’m sure there’s a lot of ash around does that count to collected huh
the haunted collector that’s right yeah hard to collect hi
Skippy says during the lava flowing there’s a family rushing back to salvage
their cherished family items from their house in the path of the lava flow they
meet an old woman placing bowls of water for her cats almost double transformed
into Meghan thing I don’t know and Honda trekking
says well getting that lava-rock still be cursed if you get it blessed by
Hawaiian elders yeah actually that’s that’s what I was meaning maybe you guys
might wanna you know before you take it go and get it
have them bless it taking care of and blessed before you guys yeah see good
you don’t want to take anything invisible back with you have to get brah
so see folks you’re getting some good advice right here that’s great
yeah Hawaii Hawaii Elvis can probably remove whatever is there and you guys
should be free to take it the why that’s pretty interesting
yeah wow I’ve never heard of some times before and stuff so have you been over here to the
mainland before um I’ve been to Florida in California what water like Disney
trips and stuff what do you think I was ha were you ready to go back home really
no not really no when I went to Florida I want to stay
there like for months if I had the choice because they were so beautiful
people there were pretty good you’re pretty nice California was kind of now
don’t take offense to anybody from California kind of mean they’re not that
the nicest but well they usually tend to be younger folk in California an older
folk in Florida retirees and so if you think about it you know younger folk
they tend to be like did you two dime on one path mine this is where I’m going
I’m gonna die whereas in in Florida they’re like oh
you want to talk about the old days sure I’ll tell you see that was nice I
enjoyed Florida California was it was nice because we got to go to Disney but
the people were kind of just too much pretty mean you went to Disney both in
Florida and California oh yeah I had to I love Disney I do I
had to do it so which one did you like better
yeah looks you like gathered Disneyland at Disneyworld land isn’t I know I said I don’t want to
say kill me after but no I’ll tell you I like Florida way better deal and it’s
bigger a little bit but I really like Disney World to California those are you
guys I like them better I like the weather better in California because
normally when we go to Florida it’s in July so it’s really humid and just yeah
but when we were in California in Disneyland it was in November like 70 to
78 it was beautiful Thanks oh my god I apologized she said thanks
I’m from California Irish whiskey did you change your name
he was Irish whiskey 77 knots as I was risking paranoid oh yeah that’s right
it’s paranormal now yeah everybody keeps changing their names all this time he
does he does have some really good paranormal vlogs there he does the
cemetery’s which is pretty awesome awesome
clean cemeteries duty got there we’re actually going back out to California
and November right going to San Diego getting closer to you need the boat now
– yeah someday I changed it so Irish whisky paranormal used to be Irish
whiskey 77 yes okay would these love that universal she said Universal
Studios that’s right we didn’t Universal Studios was another good one yeah
we didn’t go there no we went to Discovery Cove in Orlando and swim with
the dolphins instead of going to Universal that day
yeah yeah when you guys come here on the Kona Saturday and you guys should swim
with the dolphins I tell you what man those dolphins are
scared that I will not do it but everybody else can go but know about me
I would not do it I did it once I don’t know if I’d do it again
no no that died those dolphins get mad man they’re taking you down I could do
that I can add three swimming with sharks I think I’ve said that before she
could go swim and I’ll be on my good lord I’ll be on the boat throw down looking down and I can swim but I’m not
like a great swimmer you know like I can swim to save my life but that’s pretty
much it you know like I never took any lessons or anything like that but I
really want to sort of sharks walk on it volcano and go to Hawaii and I know if I
come visit you forget the shock just come over how kid says Shawn scared of
dolphins I’m not scared you’ve ever been in the water with a
dolphin like right in front of you they’re big they will knock you over if
they like get mad and the ones that we were the ones that we swam with in
Discovery Cove were like well they were tame but they were like rehabilitated or
rescued and whatever and if they get ticked off man they just flip around and
hit you with that thing you go flying they hit you with them Finn I don’t know yeah Oh Bucky Hunter said he’s coming to
Big Island when are you coming bud that’d be
awesome to do a meet-up with that guy is he saying next year next year it
looks like next year next year yeah let me know that’d be awesome to meet up hi
paranormal mama there’s a lot of great shadows in the chat today yes they all
came to see you so don’t forget to show love to panic be nice I say show it
right back to Polly I don’t know how to do that out there technology illiterate
and that dude great with this stuff Sumerians are supposed to link if you
are not subscribed to Polynesia Thank You kitten I love you too you guys know
how kittens are favorite role I love about Gideon she’s awesome
help kitten actually it’s not too far from us she’s from Ohio too that’s too
easy right there okay penny guy should do a collab together yeah I’ve been
trying to do a collab with a youtuber named boogie 808 from from Big Island
but he just won’t give me the time of day he won’t let me know what’s going on
so I’m okay well he’ll let me know I guess I’ve asked him many times that we
should do a collab and get together with send to my cheap well sheets where’d I
go somebody said chancer Oh haunted talking they said send you guys
some light key like chief root of it you know little like red fruit with when you
peel the skin off white meat inside and then the seat is right in the middle
it’s really good oh really good fruit yeah I got a tree
in the back I’ll go and get you guys some and send it so we’ve watched a lot
of your vlogs and stuff you have a lot of little babies puppies puppies you
have a lot of little puppies and chickens and oh I’ve got a glow yeah
I’ve got a goat I’ve got chickens there’s a dogs cats birds ducks yeah I
pretty much got a semi farm over here no the animals I would have had a horse too
if I had the chance I would have put the horse too if I had the chance
well that’s a full-time job right there taking care of all them huh pretty much
pretty much but they’re good which one takes the most effort to take care of ah
I would say the dogs mainly the inside dogs the outside dogs aren’t too bad but
the inside dogs are just too much because you know they big oh and they
pee and they poo and ya know what I mean oh yeah yeah yesterday when I was
talking to Sean the little one was trying to get in the vlog and alive and
I was like no way yeah I was napping she had a big day yesterday yeah I had
to go the actual outdoors for like two and a half hours Sean for that by the
way I had nothing to do with that it was all Sean’s idea waking her up that was
all job to do with Bali it was nice to say hi she tried to save my way and go
to bed all right guys it’s chat if you have any questions at all for Polynesian
vlogger or for us or anything about the paranormal let’s hear your questions we
will address the best that we can the best that we
can and while you’re doing that let me go over our announcements again
in case some of you guys missed it in the beginning first of all we are
hosting Michael fer Jr’s Michael fired juniors b-roll
Smackdown for October right here on Panik d videos he dropped a video this
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and go with yet you guys are coming over I think a bunch of us ought to get
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ship though what were my oh okay starting October 1st
Happy Trails hiking is starting off another 30 day health challenge on their
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we’re dropping a video on October 1st you guys can check it out see what’s
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right there some gold and more information well
becoming out about that it’s it’s going to be part of it is a huge cloud with a
bunch of different youtubers I can name some of them right here that’s in the in
the house I know how kittens gonna be doing it Polynesian vloggers gonna be
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some stuff so on Halloween October 31st we’re going to go live to do the review
of that and pick the winners very cool so I have a question from chat and a
comment French hat need to talk about here so first of all hi Skippy says the
Disney has a cruise out of Seattle to four of the Hawaiian Islands it hadn’t
been sailing for five years but it’s starting back up again five years it
hasn’t been doing it for five years they said so now it’s starting back up again
so that could be fun I’ll just I’ll just take a plane so they want to know if
you’ve investigated Pearl Harbor or been to Pearl Harbor I have been to Pearl
Harbor yeah when I was visit family on Oahu I have gone through the Pearl
Harbor ship grave grave shipyard so not go on the big boat ship because I
have like claustrophobia and that thing was like you know kind of close then
I will not do it the walk-around up the tour and the videos and all of that
stuff I have visited so that’s on her bucket list is pretty interesting yeah someday I will get there yeah so we have
not investigated there and they wanted to know if you’ve been to the US so he
has been to Florida and to California okay California yeah alright so that’s
all the questions we have so far so we’re just chatting back to this check
back to just chatting with Polly so tell us never come over to Oahu you guys
should check out USS Arizona Memorial and all that areas that’s in with the
Pearl Harbor tour and all that they give so yeah definitely on our bucket list so
now that I have you here now we’ve discussed paranormal we would discuss
before we discuss okay spam explain to my so he’s a getting so
spam I have want to make the box part number I had spam ever in my life oh
really it’s good good good to me but now little bit like Hannah Hannah has been
missing my spam who else there’s some others that I’ve been missing my spec I
I have never had the desire to try spam I’ve always looked on go I don’t think
so but because of you I feel like I want to say I told you get you can’t hear me so I was just saying
that because of you I actually want to go out and get some spam and I haven’t
really looked for it but I do want to try some because hey if Polly says it’s
good it has to be decent right bam recipe should we eat shit when I get
this spam should I eat it like right out of the can am I supposed to cook it like
what’s the best way to deal with spam actually behind you I got what oh look
it’s another one I play different flavors of spam I didn’t know they gave
me different flavors I think there’s like five to seven different variety
flavors including regular so triples ji says fry it
paranormal Mona says two pieces of bread mustard yeah no kit and I used to eat
spam as a kid not so into it anymore so when you fly it all triple G rice and
spam but when you fry it kind of tastes like fried bologna right yeah it does
okay it’s pretty good though I mean it’s great
she likes fried bologna fried bologna i we have the ones down here in Hawaii
it’s called musubi spam musubi is someone that’s wrapped in rice and and
seaweed and some people put egg in the middle along with the spam and then the
rice and seaweed and wrap it all together
okay very good is your wife like spam too is that just that just for Pauly I
am no she like spam too yeah oh no these are just for me man it was just mine mine only we’re gonna
have to try the spam out video to you yeah if you guys try it
plug it I want to see it yeah we’ll have to do do a video to it pushes studio
studios once awesome guest is we have push the studio no I don’t know who this
guy is he’s some crazy wacko from Hawaii we don’t know who introduce you to our
guest Polynesian vlogger yeah I love going into boosters livestream and
harassing them there’s one in there – they’re like our TV show yeah we put
them up on the big screen TV and yeah let’s let that play for the night while
we’re working on stuff that’s great we have any various spam spam spam there
was somebody who wanted to know about another location Yuma Arizona if you
guys come to Yuma Arizona go to Yuma Territorial prison and then they also
say okay here we go so USS Brown is out of the question
vulgar what is a question to you Polly from haunted trucking they want to know
if the USS Brown is out of the question USS Brown USS Brown sounds like a ship crap what are we talking about
oh and go sit on ye Oh baki says don’t take spam over the Paley
either oh really spam or not spam – I guess so
well I’m just turning my car back and going back the other way I’m not going
to cross the bridge okay so Honda trekking says that USS Brown is a
submarine at parole or the marine okay oh submarine oh yeah I’m gonna if you
don’t like them big ships going in yeah you won’t like us because those are made
for tiny people Oh Madelyn Custer phobic I can’t know yeah panicking I made a
mistake going in the submarine I don’t even remember the name of it that’s
right next to Queen Mary Queen Mary and like why am I trying to get through this
doorway seriously it’s made for tiny time people
I will not do it no way what is the name of that it’s a Russian submarine it’s a
Russian one I don’t know us it’s a Russian one so they say no because spam
has pork in it I have not tried but look no ask you betray somebody with that
haunted trucking ass no I have not tried that per heart for Harbor is haunted
yeah yes it is on our list to get to at some point in the in our lifetime
hopefully we’ll make it yeah bring booster Studios down with you – there we
go I think I’ll get on that ship together
and okay so haunted trucking wants you to tell us all what balut is yeah tell
us is it fish I hope you’re talking how about you tell must be a good one I think maybe he
should tell you guys maybe he knows more about it than I do I know bits and
pieces of what it is or what it might be but well I don’t know I don’t know if
pushes Studios likes the idea of getting on a trip and coming down there with to
see you or if she likes balut but maybe the trip down says it’s an egg with a
baby duck in it okay okay so it’s just a it’s just an egg that is almost to
completion of the process of gestation and then they cook it up right they
stick it on this day right I’ve seen some people do it right out of the shell no no I’m just kidding totally wrong
right there I just like these guys okay haunted tracking says it’s a boiled
duck egg with baby duck inside you pop a hole in it drink the juice then peel the
egg and eat it tastes like spam I don’t know Oh
Oh wine right now they funny if they come out with balut favorite flavored
spam so ghosts of Hawaii of Bakke wants to know if you have the ghost of a white
lady they’re like they do on Oahu look of a white lady a ghost of a white lady
now I’m gonna just say the white lady or a lady
wait we have lots of ladies I think we have a lady in white around what we call
the goat turn area over here which is also known as dead man’s turn because a
lot of accidents happen in that area and a lot of deaths occur there so I think
there might be one around what we call the goat the goat Arianna island
what’s some of the other like you know paranormal reports or whatever from the
main island that we haven’t covered you remember any of the other ones Mary
Ann’s writing these down I feel Valley from what I’ve heard Waipio Valley has a
lot coming out where else I did where my family is from up in cool part of the
island it’s like a ghost town up there you know real country country area
there’s a lot of a lot of activity up there that goes on that’s where my mom
and her family used to deal with paranormal day-in day-out up there it’s
a lot of activity in that area so coast of Hawaii says the white lady is seen in
Hawaii is also phenomena throughout the world talking about yeah if you’re
talking about the lady like we agree with it I mean there are several reports
of a lady dressed in white we’ve also have reports of lady dressed in blue
lady dressed in red lady dressed in black too but a lady dressed in white
there’s a lot of reports of that especially if there’s something that you
hear – I mean if it’s something related like a round a wedding or a wedding that
didn’t happen or something like that it’s like reports of them and their
wedding gown or something like that yeah kinda like unfinished business yeah yeah
yeah yeah so haunted trucking says they would rather fight a demon than and I agree with you on that one
and they they also want to know what the little monsters are that run around the
islands the many whoo nice Mindy that’s one word minute you mean what’s
the many who tease those are supposed to be like little I think kind of like
mischievous little mysterious beings that run around the island son sometimes
you see I’m going up the footprints you can see the footprints on your cars does
that something like a punch woody I’ve ever heard of punch oh geez Maggie I
know they’re small like real real yeah small yeah yeah like little creatures
that really yeah tiny creature tiny beings that usually run up run up the
walls of the house yeah that’s what we called the elementary children at the
school yeah they believe footprints all over the place business um under cars
and they’re going up there glass doors I think my wife is from Kauai and she said
in the back of their house where they lived there
there was a many who need itch a ditch dug by these certain things that was
where the water flows through Wow the thing is you don’t want to mess with
their their thing or usually stuff well you know kind of like the Hawaiian
culture you know the things will happen so don’t fill in their little ditch
don’t yeah don’t mess with their bitch so the ghost of voice says the Menehune
were here before the arrival of the Hawaiian people
yeah and they think that’s true they say that they have a picture of a real
Menehune but we would love to see that yeah I want to see that cool but yeah
they were here before before the Hawaiian ancestors came over they were
here first Wow so why don’t you drop the link again
for our guests here to his channel Oh nobody wants to see me do you guys know John’s rolling his eyes he’s like yeah I
know they came to see me yeah so simply Shannon Miller says many whose many many
who knee little little people leave little footprints I think that’d be
super cool I’m I want to see some of these like pictures of these footprints
in these many whoo so if you ever get some mini who needs a
little footprints to do I definitely want to see some of those simple ways
you have that out on your channel cuz Marianne would really like to see that I
love pictures oh yeah I would like to see it too I would like to see it – yeah
I’m Triple D she’s actually from Hawaii so she knows a lot about it do temper he always knows I can’t even say
like Menehune many who average so I think we’re self to ghosts oh boy check
what may make sure Bucky it said they say that it’s in their
haunted gallery collection on Facebook on Facebook I’m gonna have to go check
it out yeah Timberhill redbones hello Timberhill you will be getting in
Timberhill oh wait we just we did decide that they were the same for one in the
same thank you okay you will be getting an email tonight with your $50 Amazon
card that they wanted in a big giveaway that’s right so we are sending that up
we decided we decided rather than sending you a card we just do the code
you’ll be you’ll get it faster and you know it’ll be all good much faster make
sure you check your email later yes and unapologetically known says hello oh my
god Coriolis effect mint is here hi and they changed their name to whatever
you’d like says that hey is that my cousin on there so how are you doing
Polly you want to go like another 20 minutes or so you good with that yeah
yeah all right folks so we broke the one hour
we broke the one hour mark so hey if I’m just kidding however long you guys want
to go I’m on board if you guys want to share this out on your social media
again let’s see if we could get some more people in here will probably go
maybe like another half hour 45 minutes ish something like that and
keep it going and if you have any questions at all either paranormal
related or anything about away or guests here Polynesian vlogger go ahead and ask
him in chat do you want to show your book again because I think we got a
bunch of new people and he’s got his ghost he got a spam and he’s guys book
there oh yeah you guys oh yes cryptic and boost the studio the thing I’m
sending these out we’ll send you a coloring book and a hard-luck you can
color a picture while you know your spam that’s a good image actually a great
image if you’d like to get a copy of Polly’s book and you just get a hold of
them on Twitter or something and he will hook that up for you and I think he has
twitter listed on his YouTube page and they’re just putting their link in there
for you again my sister is in the house she says she’s
never had spam yet either BAM party I think spam came from
mainland I’m not sure exactly what state it came from but I think the history I
think I think the history of spam dates back to the military I think that was a
military interaction they brought it over yeah so do you know of the faceless
ghosts the faceless ghost goes is that the one
that appears in like movie theaters and certain certain places in mirrors I
heard of the girl with the face the faceless girl
the Mahina the faces huge AI na Mahina I’ve heard of one of them I heard of one
of them appearing in the mirrors looking back at people but there’s no face and
you said this is in movie theaters we’ve had it down here at the movie theaters
where this has been some incidents and some reports of in the women’s bathroom
that the women go and look in the mirror and to see the figure standing behind
him without the face and then the turn around of course there’s no one there
but when to turn back to the mirror she’s still in the mirror looking at
them what do you think about these women’s bathrooms all the time there
always seems to be ghosts in the women’s bathrooms in places that’s just you you
hear that seriously why is it always in the
women’s room I don’t like to go to the bathroom in public places and they’re
always in the women’s bathroom yeah I always centered in to do an
investigation if I have to go to the bathroom sometimes I will not because
I’m like man there’s got to be stuff going on in there you know physical
stuff or spiritual stuff like I said I like to fart in public next to people to
watch from a distance I’m on the hide laughing cuz you know
but yeah I fart next to people and a state and then I walk away and they’re
like what the hell is that let’s see what you do they start looking around
like what’s going on just look at you have a haunted : poly I do I do that
thing comes it’s bad I can’t see it they can’t see the ghosts and that’s
occurring around them at the moment but you know so let me ask you a question
they’re over in Hawaii have you guys ever heard of like like did you have any
of said you went back and you’ve done some research and stuff about the
paranormal there have you had any like spiritualism movement or any of that
kind of stuff over there in Hawaii have you ever heard of that no no so that was
mainly just over here and us weirdos up here in some like what do you mean well
that’s what a bit back in the late 1800s Early 1900s the Spiritualist movement
when they were doing seances and you know the Victorian era and that kind of
stuff did you have any of that there in the islands at all at that time um I’m
not sure but they probably might have say spiritual spiritualism was actually
a movement that was almost considered to be like a religion and you know back you
might have had it yeah they might have had it I mean sure they might have had
it here too back during that time a lot of people like kind of like believed in
that stuff and they practiced in it and had seances and you know that’s really
like the time period that’s like our favorite where we do a lot of
investigations you know who Dini was the during that time where he would debunk
spiritual yeah black sisters was the the origination of it you know and that kind
of stuff and you know all Lizzie Borden and all that you know HH Holmes all that
stuff’s around that time period so I didn’t know if you ever heard anything
of that over there in the islands where people were doing that back or on that
time yeah no I never heard anything of it but it might have had it who knows
yeah they probably might have had it that would have been interesting to know
if its prey right because a lot of that stuff happened in the UK too
you know it was not just them you know America Joanne says that we should have
forests do the history of span for us through the history of oh there’s a
video yeah so let’s see here ghost of Hawaii Oh Paki says
we have a Nana here it’s a Hawaiian black magic yeah why black magic
they put deaf curses on others and that also items belonging to the Hawaiian
people that are buried with the dead can be Hearst – cursed – so you said you did
some research into the the curse that was on your family what do you think it
stemmed from something like this probably might have it was either some
kind of goods from what I know but in my family bloodline from mom grandma so on
for back they were known as healers you know they like I don’t know if they call
them witch doctors or medicine medicine men I’m Indiana okay that’s my family
line so far as I know healers and I don’t know what might have happened
within the ancestral line but fall I know we were pretty much a curse from
generation to generation and just kept on going you know so I don’t maybe it
might have stemmed from something to that effect
or maybe one of my ancestors did something stupid to that person and that
person just you know crystal men yeah yeah kind of like definitely definitely
there’s a lot of that kind of stuff around southern united states like
Louisiana and and that kind of stuff with the you know the black magic and
Southern California might have some of Southern California yeah yeah yeah some
of the darker darker stuff darker practice Garrett stuff man
yeah it’s it’s interesting it’s just different beliefs you know like what I
was saying earlier you know you said your belief has changed as long as you
believe in something then you know it’s just different beliefs different
practices but – true so do you want to share any any more
details from any thing from your childhood that happened within your
family is you we kind of alluded to it but we didn’t really go change the
subject but she brought it up again I’m just asking if you wanted to share any
specifics some of the paranormal stuff if you don’t mean ParaNorman you mean
like when we were dealing with the demonic yeah your people like you know
getting scratched ghostly possession or demonic possession really from stem from
my sister for some reason these things took a liking to my sister and they were
always fighting us using her you know what I mean they would do some the
possession on possessing her and fighting us at the same time and certain
people in the family said you know you guys you guys can’t hit because that’s
you know that’s sister so you can’t really do anything whatever it’s inside
of her it’s not gonna feel anything you know yeah yeah there were a lot of
demonic possession with my sister that stemmed from my sister that went to my
mom and then two other people in the family pretty much you know then of
course these things would they would they would come to the family and kind
of like torture keep them up all night they can’t sleep they look like zombies
the next day very much so we’ve had a lot of gold demon possession
in our family and a lot of demonic torture so I would I would make the
assumption that that caused a lot of tension within the family too
oh definitely yeah and then with the whole thing going on with me and my dad
just kind of made it worse too so yeah definitely a lot of high tension in the
family now has as that the feel that that has been like
relieved or does it still exist or just find out how to deal with it or well I
for me i I’m relieved for me though for me I’m relieved of it but from what I
know room reports that my family tells me my parents and all they’re still
going through it a lot and then I have one brother who is who is living now
he’s going through it and going through you know that that whole demonic thing
but for me I’m pretty much relieved I’m haven’t been bothered since family’s
still going through it alright so your book deals with vampires how does that
tie in to this experiences from your childhood or is this how you turned it
into more of literary basically just a father-son father relationship between
the father and son vampire in the story they’ll constantly constantly fighting
constantly butting heads and constantly one is trying to always protect you know
like for me I was always trying to protect my mom from my dad and then
that’s when pretty much the fistfights would start and you know everything
would get thrown out of out of course you know okay I can’t wait to read it
but it is in a in a fantasy world with real life your life actions in there well that’s pretty cool that you found a
way to kind of like have an outlet for there oh yeah ya know so let me ask you
that question like how did you how did you decide like to take that situation
and put it into a book format like like was somebody I don’t know I was always a
very imaginative and I always from 6 years old I started
writing short stories writing stories that didn’t make sense so from 6 years
old I already knew I wanted to write and you know try and write a book about
something there’s a guru older I knew that you know life was getting more real
especially with the tension between me and my dad and I’m like you know what
I’ll just write about that but put it in a fantasy world with humans vampires
werewolves and you know things that I love from the paranormal realm that’s
kind of cool yeah I am you know to be honest with you I I’m not that great
into English basically we call it English language arts whatever like I
wasn’t a row avid reader I’m not great at it
writer or whatever but like our first one that we wrote the the Christmas one
that we wrote I wrote in three days I was sick on the couch and I’ve always
been like you said like I’ve always had this inside me where I wanted to write
something I wanted to tell you their story or or something and then at work
I’m always constantly writing procedures technical procedures technical manuals
and it’s like so dry it’s like number one do this number two you know that
kind of thing so yeah yeah yeah so when I get into writing this stuff about the
history and about the paranormal stuff and about the you know even our
Christmas book which has nothing to do with paranormal it’s more of a fantasy
type world that we created you know that’s I mean I just got into it and I
just like I get sitting once I get on a roll writing I get to sit and just spew
out so much stuff but I have to have somebody edit it because you know some
of I go back and read it and I’m like that’s not what I was trying to say hey
though what’s that word why do I have that here when you go back and yeah yeah
so you know it’s something that’s there that I want to
do it’s just yeah and I feel so much better like I get that out of me like
when I sit down and write it and then it’s like the the first volume of our
haunted travels took what three years three years the first book that we wrote
I wrote three days and boom it was out on Amazon the other one I wrote in it
and it was done but it took three years because we couldn’t get we couldn’t
really get somebody to edit for us you know I tried like everything that we
would get somebody to edit and something would fall through and something would
fall through and something fall through and it finally we just we were doing a
conference or something we needed to have the book done and we just sat down
and went then it went through and finished up the final edit on it but
yeah it’s it but when I go and write that stuff I just get on a roll like I
wrote it in a month maybe write the book yeah just put it there better than me
yeah I think a year about the right but see he only does it when he’s sick so
yeah so it took you about a year to write your book you said yeah to write
this one about a year okay and a half year more to do the editing and the
process and everything I’m trying to find the publishers and all that
yeah so do you have plans to write more book number one I’m on book number five
oh okay oh you have them all written already
yeah I’m working on book number five right now that’s awesome so can can
listeners and viewers get all of them on through you or Twitter if they tweet you
all right yes yeah the other ones are not available yet just one of them is
but I’ll get to work on those and sending them into great space and
getting them published yeah very cool
very so basically Vampire Knight if like you
know Vampire Knight and werewolf slaves you know how it is right vampire and
werewolf basically what it is – okay it’s all in the fantasy paranormal so uh
ghosts of Hawaii Oh Pocky says that they actually know of
the process to break those generational curses
so Oh curse then maybe you guys can get together offline and yeah a little bit
gotten a bit yeah oh thanks awesome yeah he might have some information for you yeah that’d be nice to chat about that
one about that so they seem to be talking about some something in the chat
that they had seen they were all watching the same video at some point
they were watching a video well not like right now like all right you know
somebody posted one yesterday or something I’m all sure okay um but they
were that’s like extra stuff that’s happening oh I’m not sure I didn’t see
it obviously I’ve been sleeping for two days and I blame Shawn again for that
one all right guys if you’re still in chat
say hello real quick so we can see who’s in here we see 15 watching but when I
look at participants I don’t see 15 people so just say hello real quick and
check we’ll go through and do another shout out is everybody all right
so I hadn’t seen Gina beer – so hello to you and hell kitten says that they don’t
get scared easily by watching stuff they just in person that might not be the
same same thing as long as they’re not there when they are going to happen to a
person they’re okay with it all right good triple G you still have ghost
Hawaii hosted by how do you say that Oh Bucky Oh Bucky Bucky huh Oh Bucky
hi skip I’m 0 for 1 1 it’s here hello kittens here triple G is cooking guys
know that Japanese know right Oh Bucky I think they said that at the beginning
that was ok for ghosts right Japanese for ghosts yeah they want to know if you
have any personal well many stories yeah no I don’t have any personal white lady
stories away never seen them so let me ask you guys you guys are saying white
lady do you mean lady in white because there’s a white lady right here and I
could tell you some stories but white lady in the living room there you go I
think they mean lady in white too because we’re not on I’ve never never
seen the lady in white I’ve only heard stories of where she’s located and from
those who might have seen them but I’ve never seen them personally oh good good yes good good good
all righty red eyes whoa lady and a what about white hair and red eyes that would
make me go hmm I definitely saw no make me go not sticking around that seems
like she would be an albino because they usually have pink or red eyes and very
pale skin very pale white hair so she could be her eyes go red when she gets
mad at you Shawn every time I take a picture yeah and I don’t want to take a
picture after when she’s mad I just it’s not that her eyes are red it’s more that
it looks like she’s okay so her eyes aren’t red it’s like how you been like
well red eyes like light up very nice and I’m like oh man not a woman is it
well see that gets to what I was saying to like a lot of the reports of the lady
in white that we’ve researched and talked about relate to something you
know like a bride who didn’t make it to the altar or something like that which
would explain why their eyes are red and why they’re crying and that kind of
thing you know just off the top of my head I know like they’re like three of
them an unfinished business right right like there’s a there was one recorded in
Gettysburg even of a lady who was looking she’s looking for her fiancee or
something around the cemetery was this son
oh wow no I think it’s a bride it was looking for a fiance there’s one now the
partner manner to the same thing at foreigner Manor they see a lady in white
up on top of the thing and the hotel Conneaut hotel Conneaut has a lady in
white there was a fire that took place there that the night of their wedding or
something you know that’s all there’s there several different ones you know I
thought about that I thought about not videos but I don’t want to be like
you know like creepypasta stuff I mean these are like reports to location so
they’re kind of mixed in there with ghost stories and folklore like they’re
hidden in there but it’d be kind of cool like the cross and you know cross
section them where there’s like a lot of the same type reports you know it’s kind
of interesting stuff it is to me but I think yeah these guys that come and
watch our videos I think it’s interesting so it’s interesting but for
me I need to be at a distance I can you don’t want to go out to these places and
see what you could find for yourselves I’ll go I’ll be between you and and
Maryann and I’m like you guys don’t move from here on the islands out there and
we’ve got the big big island covered and I don’t know where go so why is from
there probably from a lot have there been any reports about any type of
cryptids or cryptid the zoology you know like strange creatures you know
Bigfoot’s Bigfoot go away they’re asking about the yeah I’ve heard about that one
yeah on Oahu I’ve heard about it in I think it was the fire department they
had that uh they had their problem with the choke net ghost
what was the choke ghost doing just basically I guess kind of like pressing
down on them you know suffocating them okay just like kind of like holding the
neck and chest and just was this while people were sleeping yeah I think why
the fire man was sleeping there they would go on and press on them and choke
them out huh was this happening at like a firehouse a
fire station I think it was yeah I think it’s a fire department one of the five
departments in a while it was happening wow I think maybe
he can correct me on that one but I know to prison one of the prison houses on
Oahu is also pretty haunted well mostly prison guards there most
prisons are there’s something going on there because that’s a lot of tragic
energy in you know kind of stuff I think we’ve been to seven haunted prisons six
or seven yeah yeah yeah there’s a lot of stuff that goes on in prisons so labaki
says that it was attacking people at fire houses and homes in Hawaii Wow dang
home school oh my god grant T lease to ward them off T loop trees well I’m good
I got lots of two nice trees by me Ward oh ma so the you know on your channel
not too long ago you were doing some vlogs and stuff about trying to find a
bigger house going house hunting how’s that how’s that going you guys still
into that still looking for a bigger one there oh yeah going give it up to get my
big house right let me invite you guys down and fight booster Studios down
everybody else Oh Bucky hunter from have some spam on the fire like you know have
one of those little fire pits I guess that they have it well this is Hawaii
they put a pig in the by as far as yeah I should make a shit like
that is bad yo both are giant beings so how do you pronounce that co-op good
person I don’t know I’m making it out afternoon hoon cannot get new new e
I come akka and I cannot guess okay is it new new new e both are jeans are
they hairy beanie beings like Bigfoot come on uh muy muy okay this is kind of
cool Paulie I meant last night we connected together but it’s the first
time we get to speak back and forth live I don’t know I like that I like that
better than just turn the type fashion hey what I guess so sometimes I miss
people in the chat it’s like oh my god I had a feelin sorry guys that I missed
you I was type P I guess stay here for hours and hang out with you or just have
fun it’s good I like it are you guys having anybody on tomorrow
or now we only go we really only go live once a week on Saturdays live at 5:00 so
anybody on yeah because we kind of October 1st is coming up so we’re
kicking off that Hawaii or we’re kicking off the Halloween thing we’re kicking
off the b-roll thing so we kind of really don’t know what I’m doing how
what you already think you need to know it’s fun get the crap out of me I was
like what the hell if you’re mature she go it’s kind of like playing it by ear
we’re gonna see what what comes out you know see what happens what are you guys
are looking back I was like why are you guys looking about doing that here in
the screen well I was watching that book go from one shelf to the other that’s
all the life you probably would do – gonna crack with the book so we have
some characters that’s going to be coming out on our videos this month so
yeah I don’t know I don’t know what we’re gonna do next week live at five
don’t know yet don’t know yet we haven’t played a game in a while maybe we should
play a game or something next week we’ll see we’ll see what happens interview
bottle-cap the camera will be catching him – here
yeah you be blocked out and catch him on it here yeah it’d be scary though he’s
he’s you know he would find something – want me to make a location to go with
wait a minute wait a minute what did you say what did you say about your last
phone I got bottle caps in the in the last vlog when I was shopping at Target not the real bottle guy was making fun
of them oh I got him at Target I told him I told him that you had a couple
times if he ever made a video showing his face it will go viral that’s right I
know I’ve been telling him I don’t do shows you say he’s never responded to me
he just keeps saying he’s gonna steal my chickens and take it back with him yeah
apparently he loves my chickens that’s okay we love bottle caps great times
I sold this light but no I’m just kidding just kidding so hi Skippy wants to know if you
graphed your licky tree they’ve tried to grow from seeds but they’ve all died
they haven’t had any success you have any tips or anything like that yeah that
one I don’t know my grandpa guys and my uncle guys uh kind of came and did that
back in the day so I don’t know how they did it or what they did to make it girl
but they’ve done that kind of useful on that one
I mean useless on that one that’s all right so how many a moles do you have
there on the Polynesian vlogger farm oh wow I think I’ve got six dogs indoors four dogs outside forecast outside one
but two birds and one goat and a whole bunch of chickens Wow
I bet you you buy a lot of food right Oh Mandy go through it like crazy
I hear the roosters yeah they run all over the house there I mean they’re
outside the house running all over the place have you ever been to Key West in
Florida no on Key West never chickens and roosters are free ranging throughout
the whole town really oh yeah yeah it’s a Cuban thing it’s something with Cuba
and there’s actually a law in Key West you can’t harm the chicken can’t touch
the chickens you can’t harm him you can’t do anything to the chickens and
like would be what we were walking down the road and heard the rooster and look
up and they’re up in the trees and stuff yeah so there goes the food first thing came to my today all food
yeah and then on grand turk they have free ranging don’t donkeys really yeah
and actually that was the same trip were on that was the same year that was a
year we took the cruise we’ve I like donkey we went we had we went to Miami
and we we rented a car drove around Miami and then took a cruise we went to
Eastern Caribbean stopped at Puerto Rico and then went to Grand Turk was one of
the stops and well he took like the city tour of Grand Turk and we’re driving
along like in a in the taxi I think it was a taxi or something out to the
lighthouse and we’re looking there’s like these donkeys everywhere I’m like
dude what’s the deal with the donkeys here because yeah they’re free-ranging
donkeys if you take one home and feed it you have to take care of it if not you
just let it roam free and then when we got to the lighthouse and got out like
you can’t feed them as a tourist you’re not allowed to feed them because that’s
the law then you have to take it home and take care they all you know oh yeah
I’ll be bringing them all back to Hawaii with me guarantee then that then that
when we got back we got another car and drove down to the keys and there’s
chickens and roosters everywhere it’s like what’s the deal with this yeah up
here in Ohio we have like cats that kind of roam around and squirrels you know just like Hawaii chickens dogs cats
running around hi Skippy wants to know if you grow any of your animals to eat
no you don’t eat your chickens I’ll bet I’ll pretty much fat how about
the eggs need the eggs the eggs no Daisy the hands are usually setting on those
eggs to get baby so we’re like ah they’re fertilized we need eggs we just
let them go and reproduce alrighty I don’t hear that let’s hear that rooster half of the water we do hear gunshots
every now and then sometimes I’m like one there’s the shot my rooster was a
rooster make you wonder my rooster go you can go ahead and color I don’t know
they’re still here they’re good they’re okay so ghost of always says tell them
about saddle Road shadow Road yeah there’s been a lot of a lot of stuff up
there shadow Road that’s the road that other locals used to go over the
mountain and we go to Kona oh and like Waikoloa and that’s where the National
Guard military camp is also location is stationed at its shadow world but I’m
there’s been a lot of creepy stuff going on up there people have seen some some
stuff going on really a lot of people have died up there on that road because
the way the road used to be you know I used to be the big and people sometimes
swerve and go and make the turn too quick and they end up you know in the
goats dead or something so there’s been a lot of deaths and accidents up there
in Santa roads I know there’s a lot of activity and people have said they’d
seen some football people walking on the road they turn back to reverse the car
to go and see them that person is gone and it’s like not for me thank goodness
I’ve never seen anything up there but yeah I’ve heard a lot of stuff up there
so Wow most of all ie is correct win some
stuff up there so let’s go for you do you know any more any more about scatter
or other than what I just elaborated so haunted trucking says what footlong rats
and four inch rotors is famous in Hawaii yeah we got Mongoose oh yeah they’ve
been in my yard as of recent trying to get my chickens but they mostly come
around for the eggs used to come around with the other chickens run around and
be going to eat the eggs but they’re not much of a bother
they’re pretty cool so do you see that question there that just came out from
hi Skippy what was that do you see the question that just came out from hi
Skippy yeah yeah I was reading reading his question good I don’t have a Makua
it’s it’s like a macaw it’s like family guardians for the Hawaiian family mine
was with the Refresh Hawk I believe from what my graph well my grandma have told
us ours was with the hawk and the fire I
don’t know what the correlation between the two is but it was a family of
warriors and healers basically which is you know they come I have on my
polynesian blogger page the warrior with the helmets yeah that’s that’s the fact
that’s kind of like my family line that’s a good question hi square G
that’s pretty cool pretty cool to know that and the animal I McCoy was the
Hawaiian hawk from what I got some family members very cool alright hey you know what would you mind
not too good on hi Skippy I didn’t think about that what he just said right there
that’s a pretty neat way of looking at it I didn’t think about that very cool and that’s my career as a
massage therapist that’s what I do you’re a massage therapist oh man I need
I need to come over again I need to come over get it I need to get manhandled by
Paulie we got a date bud I’m good come on down all right I know I battle it all
right so we’re about it at the two-hour mark and I think what we’re going to do
is wrap it up could you stick around for a couple minutes while we close out this
one all right so before we let him go if you wanted to uh I can’t send the thingy
right now but I will post up we posted it a few times
his Channel please visit his channel and say hello to him and subscribe if you
find his vlogs exciting his links down and down below me which is Hawaiian
massage with hot stone and make sure if you are interested in his books that you
tweet him as well and see if you can get a copy and I guess that’s about it thank
you so much for coming on and sharing with us and and telling us all about
these cool places and all these stories great time alright so stick around for
just a few minutes and we’re gonna wrap it up and we’ll come back okay folks I’m just going to go over our
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b-roll Smackdown we’re hosting it this year there is a link down in the
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second thing I want to say is we’re taking a break from our location videos
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mm-hmm alright absolutely so we’re gonna be back live for sure we might do it
again before next I don’t know we’re playing it by ear we’re gonna have fun
tour is gonna be different yeah a little different on our channel then
we’ll get back into the regular schedule program in November but we’re definitely
gonna be back live next Saturday 5 p.m. Eastern right here on panic D videos for
let’s talk paranormal don’t know what we’re gonna do yet might play a game
we’ll see talking about something about Halloween don’t know yet we’ll see we
want to thank everybody for joining us in a live stream we want to thank our
guests Polynesian vlogger had a great time tonight yes thank you for joining
us and we were very excited to have you with us tonight do you have anything
else you would like to add before we say goodbye just a reminder that we did send
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