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Welcome to an overview of affiliate marketing and the best affiliate marketing software available – Post Affiliate Pro. In the next two and a half minutes we’ll explain how affiliate marketing programs work to increase your traffic and sales. And why Post Affiliate Pro is the most effective solution for creating and managing your very own affiliate program. By the end of this video the choice will be clear – Post Affiliate Pro delivers results! Affilaite marketing rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Typically affiliates place links on their web sites that direct their visitors to your website. Once visitors reach your website they will take some desired action – usually purchases of your product. Business owners only pay affiliates when they deliver results. As such it is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate increased sales. Further, whenever your affiliates link to your website these links help boost the overall SEO of your web site, helping to generate even more traffic for in-search results. And more traffic equals more potential sales. Setting up an affiliate marketing program is easy with Post Affiliate Pro. The software takes care of all the heavy-lifting automatically. It runs your entire affiliate program from top to bottom. This is how it works: first year affiliate agrees to place an advertisement of your website on his or her website. This advertisement has a special code assigned to it by the PAP software. When a potential new customer looks at the ad on the affiliate site and then clicks the ad PAP tracks the click and the potential customer goes to your website. Some of these potential customers will make a purchase on your website. Whenever one of them does buy something PAP tracks the sale and awards the comission to the proper referring affiliate. But this is not Post Affiliate Pro can do. Here’s some of the great features that make Post Affiliate Pro the best affiliate marketing software available. Easy installation – and if you need help our support team will perform the installation for you at no charge. Flexibility – you can customize Post Affiliate Pro however you want. Extendability – it’s easy to add more functionality via plugins and so much more! From an affiliate standpoint Post Affiliate Pro offers an easy-to-use control panel, integrated affiliate link cloaker, channels and subid tracking and a whole lot more! Want more info? Check out the website to learn about all of the great features of Post Affiliate Pro. Take charge of your affilaite program with the best afiliate marketing software available – Post Affiliate Pro! Go to now!

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