Pregnant Lady Thrift Store & Target Shopping Haul // Jamerrill Stewart

– Hey guys, so what I’m
gonna today is share my very small Target haul and my very small thrift store haul. I wanted it to be a huge
haul, they just didn’t have anything I was interested
in in the thrift store. Not too terribly much, I
did pick up a few things. And then Target had
what I was lookin’ for, but of course that took more of my budget. So I’ll show you what I got. So, Liam and I, the other
day, we had gone just to the midwife for an ultrasound, and
did lots of runnin’ around. I wanted to go into
the thrift store to get more maternity clothes
for my growin’ belly. All the thrift store had,
and this is a thrift store I’ve had good luck with in the past, and again, energy-wise I felt like I wanted to go into Target. Didn’t feel like I could run
through several different thrift stores lookin’ for what I needed. But I did find two maternity tops. This is a Motherhood maternity top, and it’s got a nice, nice armline. I like this top a lot,
it has ties in the back, somewhere here, and I
just thought I would get a lot of use out of this. It was $3.79, and then this top was another $3, and it’s
just more of a old style, traditional maternity top. But I figured, well, spring
and summer’s comin’ for real, and I would get use out of it, ’cause I needed to add to my collection. The only other thing I found in there that was interesting, that we needed, I got two water bottles for a dollar, I got, this is someone’s
souvenir cup from Disney. We’ve been to Disney a
couple times, hopin’ to go possibly next year, so I thought well we’ll just get that and add that. We always need cups,
especially plasticware. And then this is four Tupperware cups. So you know Tupperware, it’s high-quality, plastic, excuse me, and
I don’t sell Tupperware, but if I find it at the
thrift store I pick it up. These four, these were a quarter each. So we will definitely be
able to wash these cups up and get lotsa use out of ’em. So that’s my little thrift store haul. It came to a couple cents over $14, and really, I liked this shirt so much I would have paid that
just for this shirt. So, was happy with the haul
even though it was smaller. I have hit the thrift store before and just have really
been able to get a bunch of maternity stuff, and again,
they just didn’t have it, and I didn’t feel like really
shoppin’ around to find it. So at Target, I got myself
one of these belly bands. It lets you wear your pre-maternity pants and it’s just a band that
goes around your waist. It was 18.99, and this shows different ways you can use it. Early pregnancy you can
use it with your pants when you can just barely get ’em buckled. You can use it in mid to late pregnancy, and then you can use it post-partum, whenever you’re still, you don’t fit into your regular jeans, and
you’re still in your maternity jeans, but you need
to help tighten ’em up some. So, lots of different ways you can use it. I hadn’t actually had one of these before, but I’ve seen ’em, I think
I’ve seen ’em for as low as $15 before, but I just got it
’cause I figured I needed it. Okay, box of Band-Aids, needed those. Liam had picked out a treat for everybody, and this ball, let’s see
if I can get it to do it. (ball clunks on table) Guess I have to bounce it on the ground. This ball has another ball
inside of it that lights up, and Liam picked this out for Daniel to bounce around outside. Then he picked everybody
else up, he got the big boys some gummy bears, and he picked
Naomi, Gabriel, and himself and Amelia out just like a
little wand with bubbles in it. It has Easter theme. And as a treat for the
family, I got Doctor Strange, and we’re gonna watch this tonight after our Philly cheese steaks. So for myself, I ended up with one maternity
shirt from Target, and this was 14.99, and I like it because on the sides it has these ridges so it
has room for expansion. And then I got two new
pairs of maternity jeans. I really needed maternity
jeans, I had checked in a Target when Jadyn and I went on
our trip to California. Their jeans were 40-some
dollars, and they were all that skinny-leg, jegging-style jeans. I am still, let’s see I
graduated, I was supposed to graduate in ’98, graduated in
’97, so I’m a late ’90s kid, and I like wide-leg jeans, so this Target actually had some. These were, let’s see, there ya go, boot-cut
denim, that’s my style man. That’s the different
ways they can be worn, and these were 34.99, so I will definitely get lotsa good use out of these. And then these maternity pants again, boot-cut denim, they were
slightly different though, in the belly band. This one has the under-belly, and this one is the full belly. Let’s see here, and these weren’t as long, I’m a short lady, and so one
pair I’m gonna have to cuff at the bottom and the
other pair fit me fine. These were 34.99 again. Again, I hate to pay full price, but sometimes you just need whatcha need and you don’t have time to
shop around or wait for a sale or whatever, so that was fine. I had taken $200 cash that
evening, that also included I bought the family pizza and brought home and Liam and I had
eaten out at Chik-fil-A, we did lotsa little things. I was just hopin’ to get
a bigger maternity haul, but I’m very glad I
ended up with some pants. ‘Cause I needed those,
’cause as I keep showin’, I’m wearin’ bib overalls,
all my other pants are dirty, and I really needed some more
maternity jeans to mix in. So that’s my haul guys, thank you so much for watchin’. This is really quick, thank
you guys for watchin’, and I’ll see ya next time
with another brand new vid– (new-age electronic music) (new-age electronic music) (new-age electronic music) (new-age electronic music) (new-age electronic music) (new-age electronic music)


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