Premium Planetarium Showdown: Flux vs DS1

Hello everyone my name is Mark welcome
to my channel where I review a range of products. Previously I’ve reviewed the
Flux planetarium and the DS-1 planetarium so today’s video (which has
been asked for a lot!) is the Flux versus the DS-1. Really interested to know what
you think of both products, if you have an opinion let everyone know in the
comment section below. I’ll put links both products in the comment section
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So first up we’ve got the DS-1 this is only available from the manufacturer
it’s quite expensive, it is a cylindrical design with the
constellations around the side and light up controls. That’s up against the Flux
which is a lower-cost option and nowhere near as premium but it’s widely
available via Amazon. The Flux is powered by a USB cable, the DS-1 comes with a
range of plugs to use internationally. They come with discs, they both use a
disc system, a round disc system, and you’ll notice they look very similar but
they’re actually slightly different in size, The DS-1 disc is a little bit
bigger and also contains a lot more stars on it. If you think this is
something you’re going to use a lot you can get a range of additional discs from
the manufacturer’s websites. One of the standout features the DS-1 has over the
Flux is its nightlight mode, I absolutely love it I think it looks spectacular. It
fades when the planetarium is turned on and there are backlit controls, the Flux on the
other hand is just very black object the controls are difficult to see in the
dark, but let’s get down to it, here we go here’s the projections themselves! The
Flux has considerably less stars when you get up close, it looks good but
nowhere near as good as the DS-1 stars, there’s just so many more! This is
especially noticeable if you get really up close and then pull away you can see,
but pull back and it’s a great looking planetarium but when you get up
close to the DS-1 there’s just so many more stars, pull back and it’s really
like a night sky that I’ve never seen before because I live in an area with a
lot of light pollution. Now of course this will come down to personal taste, I
think in person the DS-1 looks a lot better, you know you are paying a lot for that but it looks like an amazing night sky.
Both feature shooting stars and both can rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise and have
an auto shutoff. So which do you prefer? let me know in the comments below.
You certainly pay a lot more for the DS-1 but you do get a lot more stars and
extra functionality such as the backlit lights and that amazing
nightlight mode. The flux is considerably cheaper but as you can see you get far
fewer stars for your money, however if you just want to project something up
and laibach look up at the night sky while on your bed then maybe the Flux
will do. Really interested to know what you think, let me know in the comments
below. I hope you’ve enjoyed the short verses video, make sure to subscribe like
and share and I’ll see you on my next video.

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