Press 1 Cash Review | Must Have Affiliate Marketing Tool 2019

hey guys how you doing it’s Dan Froelke
and I’ve got a great video lined up for you today because I want to share with
you a brand new affiliate marketing tool that I’m using to help me get sales in
my business and here’s the thing no matter what business you’re in this is
gonna help you get sales absolutely for sure all right so you know our prospects
are mobile right they sleep with their phone they wake up with their phone they
check their phone 150 times a day on average so how can we capture instant
communication with these prospects well the answer is right here it’s called
press 1 cash and I’m certain that you have not heard of this before because it
is brand spankin new and I’m just going to share this with you right now so this
is my press 1 cash review it’s gonna be really short because it is super simple
and and again it will help you get more sales in whatever business or product
you’re promoting alright so let’s get to my press 1 cash review so what exactly
is press 1 cash well it’s a brand new Auto texting platform created by mr.
Paul Farman and his software development team and if you have been
online for a while you know who Paul Farman is because he’s created some of
the most iconic programs in software over the years in our work from home
niche and just the name up for you go ringless go ringless extreme and the 297
club all those programs help people get leads in sales and really that’s what
Paul is all about helping people like you and I get leads and sales in their
business and I’ve known Paul about four years and he’s really a stand-up good
guy. And press 1 cash will work with all programs out there whether you’re an
instant cash solution, copy and paste ads, easy 1 up, Exitus Elite, fearless momma 2.0,
funnel X ROI , big profit system and pure profit Pro any home-based business out
there press 1 will help you get sales and this is
just a perfect tool to add to your marketing arsenal and here’s how it
works prospects call a unique SMS phone number
and that’s mine right there and what I’d like you to do is just to write it
down or you can stop the video right here but it’s 763 – 325 -1721 and what happens they listen to a short 45 second pre-recorded
message where they are instructed to press one for more information and
here’s the deal this pre-recorded message is very generic okay so after
they press one they are automatically sent a text message right to their cell
phone with a link to whatever you want to promote okay so that’s the key you
can market any business just change out the link you want to promote at any time
and this is also a self-contained business all right you can share this
with others you can promote press one cash and sell it as a standalone
marketing tool and earn two hundred dollars per sale okay and this system
comes with its own Press 1 Cash replicated site a back-office training
resources genealogy tracking in your own unique SMS phone number in a hundred
free SMS credits and it has a traditional one up compensation plan so
everyone passes up their first sale to you and here’s how much it costs okay
there’s a one-time admin fee of $97 plus $200 for the system and you’re gonna get
a hundred free SMS credits and in here’s a credit so every time someone presses
1 that’s one credit okay you can purchase 1000 SMS credits for just ten
dollars very very very cheap just a penny a piece and there really is no way
to complicate this at all the system is very easy it’s already set up for you
and what I want you to do now I want you to call this number or if you couldn’t
write it down and call it right after the video but call this number I want
you to see firsthand how this 45 second message will help you make sales or
so right now I want to jump to the back office and show you around a little bit
okay I just logged into my back office there and as you can see it’s kind of a
no-frills back office because you really don’t
need a complicated back office with all the bells and whistles and this is just
the way I like it here very very easy because to be honest with you when you
first create your account the majority of it is already set up for you okay
because when you do create your account it automatically generates an auto text
messaging phone number and it goes according to your area code you know
like all programs out there you’re gonna enter your cell phone number well it
goes according to your area code in this they auto-generated that for me so it’s
already in there I have my own replicated website which I’ll show you
in a minute if you decide to promote this as a standalone tool that’s awesome
because you’re gonna get $200 over and over again and remember it’s a 1-up
compensation plan so you’re gonna get everyone’s first sale who joins you and
that’s pretty powerful alright now here’s where here’s the beauty of it
right now I’ve got my instant cash solution capture page URL in here that’s
the system I am promoting you can change this out at any time all right so you
can promote one business one day change it out promote another business the next
day and that’s how cool this affiliate marketing tool is and I am getting sales
by using this tool alright so you can accept any payments that you want it’s
your business you can do PayPal stripe you can even put HTML code in here like
I did so I’ve got authorize net so I created HTML code for my button you can
do the same you can do the same for stripe PayPal all you got to do is put
your HTML code here and click update changes and your button will appear for
everybody or you can simply write instructions in here if you just want to
get paid cash you can write the cash app instructions in here or if you
want to do Walmart to Walmart you can write those instructions in here and
click update changes and again you can put HTML code in here which is really
really cool all right and let’s see this is what the calls look like now as
soon as a person calls its logged in okay even if they don’t press one even
if they hang up these calls are logged in real time right here and if you want
to you can download the CSV file of this and you can follow up with these people
however you want to. now I told you before the outgoing message is very
generic right so let’s say if you have a product or you just want to have it
rerecorded I don’t know some other opportunity well our old friend Paul
farman has this website this service where he can design an outgoing a
message for you and record it because he’s got a great voice
okay he does voice overs as a matter of fact I’m sure you’ve heard his voice
because hits on a lot of opportunities out there and he’s also the voice of our
opportunity instant cash solution alright so he has a website it’s called
vide voice he’s very reasonable very responsive and he will create an awesome
outgoing message for you okay and over here
this is your downline here and as you can see I’ve made oh about $1,000 or so
and I’ve only had this just a few days okay so it’s just another income stream
for me I can share these with my team members and if you’re in any system you
can share it with your team members and have another little income stream as
well. very easy to confirm people and as you can see right here real easy to
understand how to do it but again you can confirm your own members okay and
this is where you can purchase your SMS credits right here whoops I’m at the
bottom here let me move this down alright and for 1,000 credits now every
time a person presses one that’s one credit okay and as you can see how cheap
they are they’re one cent apiece okay I just want to show you my press 1
cash replicated site here and it’s really a nice looking site all right
it’s explains everything it’s got a great explainer video and incidentally
this is Paul Farman right here alright so I’m sure you’ve heard Paul’s voice
before he does a great job on those explainer videos on those of VSL’s and
if you want one for yourself he can create one and shoot one for you as well
at his site vide voice and I’ll show you that in a minute he can also record like
I said before if you want to redo that 45 second outgoing message he can do
that as well and whatever your product you’re promoting he can do that okay so
this is the site and it’s a it’s a great little site okay and that’s what you get
oh so incidentally there is not a capture page that comes with this alright
however if you join me in this I’m gonna give you one of my capture pages I’ve
got three and they are very good so again there is no real capture page with
press one cache but and you know if you decide to just to promote this yourself
and you want to capture page I have one for you so all you have to do is join me
you can get a capture page I’ll host it for free
alright so I want to show you Paul Farman’s site right here it’s called
ready voice all right that’s the VideVoice that’s he offers a lot of
services right here he’s a like I said he’s a stand-up guy
and if you need anything recorded or you need a VSL he’s your man cuz he he’s
got a fantastic voice as you can hear and you can hear it on my instant cash
solution website too and I’ll have a link for you below on how I’m making a
lot of money with that system and I’m sharing this tool right here with others
how long the way okay so there you have it that’s my press 1
cash review I appreciate you watching this video I’m gonna leave a link right
below so you can check this out for yourself also if you have any questions
I’m standing by to answer any question you may have okay I appreciate you
watching this again this is Dan Froelke have a great marketing day


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