Pressure Cooker Vegetable Soup ~ Ninja Foodi Recipe

hi there and welcome to the salted
pepper where we cook for real life using real food and we keep it real simple and
today’s vegetable bean soup couldn’t be any simpler this is a complete dump and
cook recipe you’re gonna love it the taste is phenomenal so the first
thing I’m gonna start with is one cup of 15 bean mix that I get in a bag at the
grocery store now this bean mix comes with a ham flavored packet which I would
recommend saving if you’re gonna make a ham and bean soup but for this vegetable
soup we’re not going to use that now the reason why I chose 1 cup of beans is
because I feel like it is the right bean to vegetable ratio for a really good
and hearty a vegetable bean soup if you wanted to add more beans just keep in
mind that you will need to add more water I’m using four cups of water for
the one cup of beans so you would definitely need to adjust that up if
you’re gonna add more beans so we’re just gonna dump that in dump in our
water which is four cups of water now you could definitely use vegetable
stock if you like like if you make your own from vegetable scraps I didn’t have
any so I purchased something called miner’s vegetable base now I know a lot
of people are gung-ho with better than bouillon and they have a vegetable soup
base and they have I think I don’t know several other kinds well so does minors
and what I find is miners has a little less sodium content which I end up
adding a little bit of salt but I can be in more control of it and I just think
it has a better flavor that’s my opinion you can go with whatever brand you like
I think you can find the better than bullion on the grocery store shelves
this one you do have to order from Amazon it’s but it’s fairly inexpensive
and I will definitely link to it below so that you could check it out they come
in many flavors and I highly recommend them we’re only gonna put in 1/2 of the
tablespoon and that’s how concentrated it is so that jar will last a long time
so we’re gonna add that in and I’m just gonna give it a stir now it will
dissolve as we cook the vegetable bean soup but I’m just gonna give it a little
stir around alright now the next thing I’m going to put in is
one half of a very large onion so it’s about a cup of diced onion and the way
that I diced it was in half an inch dices I wanted little larger pieces
because it’s a soup and I like my soup to be a hearty so I cut them a little
bit bigger but that’s a matter of preference so you can dice them any size
you like I’m gonna dump those in we have one can of fire roasted tomatoes now you
could use any kind of diced tomatoes that you like but I do recommend giving
the fire roasted tomatoes a try if you haven’t they really do add another layer
of flavor to soups and all kinds of tomato-based sauces I highly recommend
them I’m gonna dump those in I’m just gonna scrape this out I want to get all
the juice that I can for the liquid component all right now let’s talk about
our seasoning so the first thing I’m gonna do is add in two teaspoons of sea
salt now if you’re on a sodium restricted diet you can certainly omit
this and then just salt and pepper to taste
after it’s done cooking that’s fine but I found this was a good salt amount in
this soup now for the spices what I have here is a half a teaspoon of pepper when
I first made this soup I used a full teaspoon of pepper and I loved it but I
thought it was just a little bit peppery so I backed it off to a half of a
teaspoon but if you love pepper go ahead and add the full teaspoon it is
fantastic I have one teaspoon of basil 1 teaspoon of thyme and these are all
dried 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and one teaspoon of onion powder now if
you’re gonna use garlic salt let’s say you have that in your pantry or onion
salt instead of powders that’s fine just omit the two teaspoons of salt and it’ll
be fine so we’re gonna sprinkle that in and then
of course the final the final thing are our beautiful vegetables here so what I
have is 1 pound of carrots that I just sliced up in about quarter inch slices I
have two celery stalks which is about a cup of celery
made those kind of big cuz again it’s a soup and I like them to be big
I have 12 ounces of frozen corn 12 ounces of frozen peas and 12 ounces of
frozen cut beans now you could use fresh if you’d like that would be absolutely
fantastic you can use canned that’s fine whatever you have I mean that’s the
beauty of a vegetable soup is that you just whatever you have in the
refrigerator throw it in these vegetables were chosen because they can
withstand the 30-minute cook time that the beans will take so if you’re going
to add in something that has a quick cook time like let’s say you want to put
in eggplant into your soup or zucchini and squash which would be fantastic I
would do not recommend putting them in at the beginning I would definitely let
the beans finish cooking and then saute put it on sear sautee and just sort of
simmer the soup while those vegetables cook they have a very high water content
and they cook very quickly and they would just kind of turn to mush after 30
minutes all right so let’s dump this in and we’re gonna give it one final stir
here just to kind of incorporate everything now these vegetables are also
going to give off liquid and that’s why the 4 cups is fine now I’m not sure
actually if I would recommend adding more beans because this pot is pretty
full and if you added more beans you have to add more liquid you could maybe
get away with a tiny bit more but not too much alright so there we go it’s all
stirred in it looks pretty and then we just put our pressure lid on and line up the arrows there’s two
arrows here if you line those up it makes it real easy to turn the lid go
ahead and set it to seal turn the ninja foody on we’re gonna go to high-pressure
and we’re gonna go for 30 minutes 30 minutes and hit start okay now it will
take this pot a while to come up to pressure because we’ve it’s a full pot
number one number two we have a lot of frozen vegetables in there so expect it
to take you know 8 plus minutes to come up to pressure then we’re gonna cook it
for 30 minutes and we’re gonna let it natural release for 3 minutes so we’ll
be back when that’s time okay so it did take a long time for this pot to come up
to pressure and I’m gonna guess that it took at least 15 minutes which really
isn’t surprising because it is a full pot we had a lot of frozen vegetables in
there so it did take quite a while so don’t get concerned about that we went
under pressure just fine we pressure cook for 30 minutes and then I was gonna
do a natural release of 3 minutes but time got away from me and it ended up
being 6 minutes that’s not a problem don’t worry about it you could even let
this go the whole – a whole natural release and then it’ll go to keep warm
so I have manually released the rest of the pressure and now I’m just gonna open
up the lid now make sure you do this away from you because you don’t want to
get that steam in your face okay I’m gonna give it a stir here oh my goodness
Wow isn’t that beautiful I mean literally it would take you all
day to develop the flavors in a really good vegetable bean soup or ham and bean
because you could certainly throw ham in here you could throw chicken you could
throw beef you can you know customize it any way you like
all right so it looks great let’s take a scoop out now if you like your soup a little bit
of broth e’er then go ahead and add in some more water and some more of that
vegetable base or you can add in some chicken stock you know whatever you want
to do I like mine kind of on the chunkier side so this is a good amount
of broth for me and I always like to serve it with a few little oyster
crackers it just kind of gives a little crunch or you know it would be delicious
is my homemade bread oh my goodness I wish I would have thought of that before
I started this video cuz I would have made some homemade bread this morning
that is super easy and I will definitely link to that video right up there but
check that out it’s super easy to do alright so let’s give this a taste I’m
gonna let it just pull off just a minute here I don’t want to burn my mouth it’s hot it’s very hot but it is very
delicious I like the texture of the vegetables and I’m one of those people
that really likes vegetables to be on the crest beside these are not it
reminds me of my mom’s vegetable bean soup
that’s simmered all day long and the vegetables were cooked and they’re soft
so if you like crisper vegetables then I would definitely add in those frozen
vegetables at the end and then just do like a 15-minute simmer saute to cook
those vegetables through and to get them softened a little bit but for me this is
perfect the beans are absolutely the perfect texture and that is sometimes
hard to accomplish I mean if you’ve cooked bean soup on the stove you know
you’ve got a socom or do a quick boil or simmer them forever because they take so
long in the ninja foodie 30 minutes and they’re done well really I would say 50
minutes because you do have to take into account the time it takes to come up to
pressure and then the natural release time so basically an under an hour you
have got this hearty vegetable and bean soup that is so so delicious this is such a fresh and healthy meal
and definitely if you want more ideas for fresh and healthy join our Facebook
group ninja foodie fresh and healthy meals we hope to see you there

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