Pretty Link Review Best Affiliate Link Cloaker URL Cloaking Plugin – Spencer Coffman

Hey everyone here’s a review for an amazing
plugin called pretty link what this does is it allows you to cloak all of your links so
it’s a link cloaking plugin this is great because if you have anything on YouTube Facebook
Google+ any social media site and you want to post an affiliate link normally you can’t
do it or you can and then it’s a chance that you’ll take and you might get Bandar the link
will get removed basically this allows you to take an affiliate link and make it into
something else so you can post it somewhere and it won’t be an affiliate link it’ll be
your link for example right now we’re on Clayton if I want to take a link from an
Amazon iPhone and send somebody to it but I don’t want to post that amazon link I can
make it Clayton Thorson dot-com / iPhone to get started all you gotta do is go to your
plugins and install a plug-in called pretty link put a space between pretty and link and
you’ll be on your way you see I’ve already got it installed you have a little quick create
link right down here you can just paste in your target URL and choose your Lincoln it
create that’s kind of basic what you want to do anytime you create a new link is go
right over here and just click pretty link all these other options are here they’re available
for you but don’t worry about it now they have a great tutorial video on how to do it
right here so you can watch that or you can just go ahead and hit add a pretty link ok
then you’ll decide whether you want it to be a temporary director permanent redirect
I personally always do a permanent redirect because the web crawlers will see that and
they will remember that link and they will keep sending people to that link so unless
you’re forwarding a website and you’re going to have the website reconstructed a little
while that would be the only reason to use a temporary otherwise just always a permit
so we have a permit right there you have a target URL so let’s just say we’re going to
send someone to Google so you put in HTTP and then now are pretty link can
be whatever you want it to be here your your wrist domain clicking so we can put
this as Google and or we can put it as deals we can we can send it anywhere so we’ll just
say search and then you can have a title for your link so this is for your reference only
this is so you can identify the link so we’ll just put search then you go down here you
can add it to a group if you want so let’s say you have an affiliate story and you’re
referring people to amazon to eBay to ClickBank maybe Commission Junction links you could
take and create a group for each one of them you could say on amazon group and eBay group
a commission junction group and so on and so forth and you could add this link to be
a part of that group that way when you’re viewing all of your links you can just select
on view links from certain groups so that way you can get your statistics you can put
a no follow on this link which means that it won’t be indexed that’s you know unless
you want a private link track to hit this is pretty cool because it tells you how many
people click on the link which is what you want to know then simply hit create and here
you go now you have the link name the ability to copy your link right here so this hit ctrl
or command sheet and here’s your target URL Google com we’re gonna open up a new tab we’re
going to paste in clayton / search enter and look at that and redirected your right
to Google so pretty link is a really cool plugin this is the free version I personally
use the paid version it’s amazing it’s a hundred bucks one-time fee and it’s yours for life
to get that just click on the link below it allows you to do all kinds of amazing things
more tracking more options you can see they have a little thing right here pretty link
pro will take a look at it you can log in and then it’s yours forever you can do all
kinds of other stuff with pretty link pro to enable close to matter refreshed JavaScript
pixel pretty bar direction upgraded to pretty link pro now you can get away with the free
version you can add as many links as you want you can redirect you have all your own links
so if you’re not too serious yeah 3 original work but if you really want to see what you’re
doing and you really want to track your links and you really to make the most of this get
the pro version this is one of the few plugins that actually does what it’s supposed to do
and it does what it’s supposed to do very well therefore the pro version is worth every
penny because you are going to be supporting an excellent producer and excellent creator
alright that’s pretty link and pretty like pro get the pro version will see you next


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