Product Review: L. Cotton Panty Liners – organic and chlorine free

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some stuff that you won’t see here let’s get started today I’m going to review the below pantiliners that’s right that thing that
US women need to use once a month panty liners now the company that I got this
time around is called oh I got this package at Target for $6.99 and it comes
with a hundred liners and they’re all individually wrapped bonus the company
itself L is actually a for women and by woman company which is really great and
they actually really know what you need and I’m gonna let you know why I think
so now the company has a great backstory check them out if this is and
you’ll find out more so like I said sent to you these panty liners are
individually wrapped and they’re actually really slim and convenient the
reason why I like when they’re individually wrapped is because the ones
that come open if you want to throw them in your purse or anything like that some
other stuff can get on them and then when you put them in your liner they’re
just not as clean or sanitary so this actually I find is a lot better they are
discreet you can throw them in your back pocket you can walk around and nobody
will really tell I have some friends some girlfriends actually like to store
things in the bra so they’ll easily fit in there too yeah also if you need to
throw a bunch in your purse at once because you’re going somewhere you don’t
know how often you’re gonna need to change it they don’t take a buck they
don’t actually take much room and they’re very light once you open them as
you can see they actually have or what I think is a really nice whiff to them
the thing about panty liners sometimes is when you have them on the bottom of
your panties if they’re too thin or if they’re too wide then they just don’t
fit and they move it moves around or it doesn’t get all the you know coverage
that you want so I really enjoyed this one the width was great and what’s
really nice too this is actually sturdy I know so good things to him about a
liner but it’s not flimsy some of the liners I’ve had that just feel like they
they fold too easily or they get bunched up this one stood really well in the
miners have to say I’m 6 foot 2 I’m really tall for a woman and this
actually gave you really good coverage so for the average height and size woman
which you know gosh know what that is anymore because we’re all made different
this seems to be pretty versatile which really made me happy I have to talk
about the content of this so it is 100% certified organic cotton this is good
news ladies because sometimes you’re getting synthetic products in the
conventional kinds this panty liner itself is actually BPA free pesticide
free and chlorine free that’s right norine that chemical that you throw in
the pool to kill all the bacteria is because you know all the kids are peeing
in there I think you do not want that you know in your in other regions so a
lot of the conventional brands you don’t realize actually contain all these
things and this one does not so I really really like this product for that reason
as well and the one thing that I really liked
um that I might just be crazy for being picky about it is actually the tape on
the back of it so the adhesive I from like here’s where the adhesive is
normally down the center and then you put it on your panties and then like
this sides fold in and it bunches up and it’s just not nice this one actually has
it all over so once you put it down and I’ll show you right here once you put it
down it’s not coming up I mean I went hard on that but it’s not gonna come up
it’s literally just a stays put so that’s great and as you can tell the
adhesive is pretty strong when it’s actually hard to take off so what do I
think about this product I think you’ve probably been able to tell by now is it
a keep it or a ditch it before I say that I’m just gonna actually say one
thing that I kind of bugged me about the product because it is certified organic
cotton I find that it peels a little bit so the cotton actually comes off it
leaves a little bit of a residue especially if there’s moisture and stuff
I can deal with that though because everything else just fits the bill just
right so the peeling really bothers you that could be an issue but if you change
it often enough you shouldn’t have a problem at all
so keep it or ditch it keep it really liked it I think he will too and
I got this pack again at Target for $6.99 hundred liners individually
wrapped you can get them at the pharmacy as well they also do pads they also do
tampons and they also do condoms but the liners is the one that I’ve tried and
that I really enjoy I hope you found this review informative and I hope it
helped made you decision whether or not you’re going to try this product comment
below if you’ve tried it if you liked it or if you didn’t and if there’s any
other products that you want reviewed let’s start conversation because I’m
here to do the research and to try the things before you go out and buy them to
let you know if it’s a keep it or a digit until next time guys keep on

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