Product Widgets: Best Practices

In this tutorial, we’ll be covering
product widget best practices. From the home page, click on the widgets tab and this is where you can create your widgets. We will not be covering how to
actually create a widget in this tutorial. We have some great training videos that cover that topic in the Support Center. Since the launch of our product widgets, Publishers have been finding creative ways to use the tool and we wanted to highlight a few today. The most popular widget is our store grid layout. There are many ways to incorporate a store grid into your site. Here is one example from one of our Publishers. is a great site that created a shop tab to highlight some of their favorite products. It’s an easy way to share a shopping experience with your users and display a larger number of products in a grid format. Another widget option is a slideshow layout. This is where you can pick from any IAB banner size, and choose products to put in a banner that will rotate in a slideshow. Here is an example of a slideshow on a great fashion site called She used the widget on her right hand rail and included some text with a call-to-action to help engage users. These widgets can be used in place of traditional banners or as additional image to break up copy on a web page. Our last product widget option is one that we’re really excited about and it’s our collage option. It gives publishers lots of creative choices for different layouts. Here’s an example from a really cool site called The products are laid out in a very stylish way and match the overall look and feel of the site. There’s also a rollover option for users to highlight the text. Here are a few suggestions on how to utilize your product widgets: showcase seasonal products, recommend product favorites, create a shopping tab or gift guide, put together an outfit or highlight a group of products using a collage. We hope these widget examples were helpful. If you have feedback on how to improve them, feel free to share on any feedback tab that you see in the Account Manager. If you come up with a widget you’re proud of, please let us know at [email protected] We’d love to see it. For any additional information regarding widgets, please visit the Support Center.


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