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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie Jackie Jackie ♪ So do you guys remember a time where people used to do things like favorites videos and empties videos? I feel like the only YouTuber that I still see do those types of videos are KathleenLights. And today I’m going to
be doing the exact same. Today I’m gonna be
digging through my trash. All of the beauty, hey, by the way. Please recycle your bags. Mhmm. Anyway, this is just an excuse for me to go through some of the
products that I’ve used up, thrown away in the trashcan or the bin, depending on what side of
the pond you’re from, mate. Yeah, I’ve been harboring
some of this stuff for months in my little bathroom
cabinet just for this video. So please give me credit for that. We’re gonna be talking about
the good, the bad, and the ugly of the collective synopsis of the products that I’ve gone through and what my thoughts were on them. It’s just a little mini
review on everything. Some from low price points,
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first person to thumbs down. I know some people go and do it anyway. Might as well be the first. So this bag is real heavy. It’s like 10 pounds. That’s an exaggeration. But we’ll just pretend that it is. I have two bottles of the
Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. This has been a game changer for me, okay? I don’t know why. I’m gonna stop being so violent. Cleansing water is definitely a step that has become very
crucial to my makeup game. The typical makeup removing
process for most people is usually two steps. I, being the very extra person that I am, I actually do three steps. I will pre-cleanse with a balm or an oil. I’ll completely cleanse my face with micellar cleansing water, then I’ll wash it with a face wash. I like this one in particular
because it’s really gentle. I don’t get any breakouts from it. Yeah, this one’s just been
the most consistent for me. I also sometimes use the Garnier one. I like the Garnier one because Miss Garnier
gives us travel sizes. Ooh, this hand scrub from Lush. Girl. Some people like to say Lush
does a lot of marketing, it’s a lot of fluff but the products don’t
actually do anything. I don’t know about all that. Okay, I don’t know about all that. I do like the Salted Cconut Hand Scrub. They actually sent this
to me in PR months ago and ooh, it smells so good. There is a scent there
but it’s not artificial. It’s very light. And I only use this for my hands. I only use this for my hands. My skin just feels so smooth
and lush after using it. Lush! You see what they’ve done there. Lush! Ha! As most of you guys know, I do my own nails at
home, my press-on nails. I have been devoted to
the press-on lifestyle. One of those steps in
rendering my at-home manicure is using a hand scrub. That’s something that I incorporate
every two to three weeks in my routine, right? Every time I change my nails. This stuff is just so bomb, I’m definitely gonna be going
out and purchasing more. Lush is cruelty-free and I believe they have
a lot of vegan options. I don’t know if they’re fully fully vegan. Please don’t quote me. They may just be vegan adjacent like me, like a little bit of vegan there, a little bit of vegan on Tuesdays, a little bit of non-vegan on Saturday. I don’t know. The SigMagic Brushampoo is the freakin’ best brush
shampoo in the world. In the entire world. Y’all remember when they came
out with the cleansing mat, the little hand squeaky glove? And it got roasted for months? I may or may not have contributed
to that public roasting but I remember being very,
“What in the gadzooks is that?” When it first came out. Now I do, oh, that was nasty. Just put it on my hair,
a little conditioner. (coughing) No one saw that. The cleansing mat combined with using
the SigMagic brushampoo has been pretty much my holy grail method of brush cleansing. This brush shampoo is so gentle. It works relatively pretty fast and this is actually one of my
favorite launches from Sigma, I would say ever. If you guys want me to do an IGTV video on how I clean my brushes, I would be more than happy to. You guys, I feel like I’ve
definitely come to a point where I’ve perfected how to clean my tools and fully fully sanitize them. If they ever discontinue this I’d be very sad and disappointed. I am still a Sigma affiliate. I don’t really talk about my Sigma code but it is jackiesigma, if you wanna purchase anything from them. I just think that they’re definitely one of the last really good brands, really really good solid family-owned. They just make good stuff. I have a Hangover, this
probably got more in there. It sure do! This is the Hangover RX three-in-one. I know RX is prescription, okay? I love this primary setting spray. This is one of the best, you can use it with makeup, you can use it as skin care. I really like beauty products
that can be used as both. I can use it on bare skin
or I can use it on a full B, either or. I particularly like these when I travel because you know your
skin’s just a bit more, what is goin’ on with my hair? Can I get some volume on aisle three? What’s goin’ on, man? Hangover RX, honestly? This stuff is just so bomb. I definitely would love
to see Too Faced expand. Well they already are and I’ve been putting
this out into the universe for a while now. I would love to see the
Hangover line pacifically. Yes, around here in these parts. Pacifically is a word,
put some respect on it. I’ve been saying for a long time, I would really love Too Faced to dive into the skincare, the Hangover line was the
perfect preview to that. And now funnily enough, they are. They sent me a couple, I basically had to
threaten Jerrod to do it. But they actually sent
me a little early preview of some of the skincare stuff
they’re coming out with. Hangover now comes in a serum. It also comes in an SPF. I use a lot of products
that are very acidic. I do a lot of at-home peels. I’m a regular user of retinol. If any of you guys use any of
these products, BHAs and AHAs, then you know it makes your skin a little bit more sensitive. Sometimes your skin is a little
bit more dry than normal. So it’s really good to replenish
it with products like these because it just keeps your skin hydrated all throughout the day. And the fact that it’s travel sized, means you can put it in your Birkin, you can put it in your ASOS tote, you can put it in your Forever21. Whatever! Whatever you got, sis! Always travel with those
because they’re awesome. I love the way they smell. I love the way they make my skin feel. What else we got in here? (laughing) Oh, okay. So I have a, I have, I have a– (plastic rustling) I have a Too Faced Peach Mist. I have a love-hate
relationship with this product. The reason why is probably
not for the obvious. Problem is with this spray in
particular because it’s matte. What I think is happening is the formula clogs the little spout, the itsy-bitsy spider
went up the water spout, down came the rain and
the peach mist got clogged and I can’t use it anymore. Yeah. This is a great mattifying
spray but I can’t use it anymore because the packaging is not, it’s not working. It starts, it’s clogging. It starts to spray blotchy. I’m definitely not in
the percentage of people who use this spray and
I get the white dots. I don’t do, that doesn’t happen to me because I shake it up really well and I hold it far back enough. Now this is leaking. This is disgusting. What the? I don’t know why it does this? I honestly feel like it’s the formula not being compatible with the packaging. Maybe she’s too thick. I don’t really know what’s goin’ on. I’m not a chemist, I’m not in the lab. That’s what I suspect is happening and I feel like this happened to the last bottle that I owned. But I’m annoyed. I can’t fully use it or maybe they just need to
put it in a smaller bottle so that by the time it does clog, you have finished the product anyway. So it doesn’t really matter. Love the product, hate the packaging. One of my favorite combos
is the matte spray first and then I’ll finish it
off with the Hangover or sometimes I’m using one from Farsali. The point is you do matte first and then you kinda put something not dewy but something skin-like after. I’m not trying to look like
a ’90s R&B group, okay? Not all the time. There’s a time and a place for that. Speaking of Farsali, I did use the hell. I went in on the Rose Gold skin mist. This stuff smells so good. It just smells so good. It smells so good and so tropical. That’s probably the last spray. Look at that, look at that. It’s really empty, I swear. It’s empty, you guys. So this is a 24-karat gold
infused hydrate, prime, set. It’s one of their newest
products they came out with. I love Farsali. I just feel like they
just put so much love into the stuff they make. You can just genuinely feel the passion from every single thing that they create. It’s definitely another product that is good with makeup, good without. It just depends on your vibe. Very ideal for someone
who’s looking for a spray that isn’t going to be too
mattifying or overly dewy. Something that’s just gonna
maintain what’s already there. Oh, this is a fun one. This is actually a scar
refinement silicone gel from a brand called Silagen. I don’t know anything about this brand probably because it’s medical grade and this is actually the gel
that my plastic surgeon gave me after I got my breast augmentation. I did a– (loud slurping) It’s about an inch long
incision in my areola. That’s where they put the implants in. Of course, you’re obviously gonna have some raised scar tissue there. So for about six months I was using this. It helped cut down on the
texture of the scar of, why am I touching my boobs? It actually helped cut down
on the scar tissue a lot. I think I should repurchase this. As a matter of fact, let
me take a picture of this ’cause I’m not gonna remember the name but yeah, let me write that down. Shout out to the titties, to the titties, titties, titties. This is probably my newest, my newest guilty pleasure and it’s gonna hurt
talking about this one. It’s gonna hurt because, you guys, I really don’t find joy
in recommending products that are super bougie expensive because guess what, I too,
I too have to buy them. I get PR but I don’t get that much PR. This lifestyle’s a monthly
expense for me as well. So the product that I’m gonna talk about, I definitely have a love-hate with ’cause it’s very expensive. But if you’re at a fork in the road and you’re already thinking
about splurging on it. I’m here to tell you do it, do it. It is the Laura Mercier Bath and Body, the Almond Coconut Milk Sugar Scrub. Oh, oh my, oh my god. Oh, don’t do it, oh my god. Raise your hand if you knew Laura Mercier had bath and body products? I did and it is probably the worst, probably the worst thing
I’ve discovered all year. It is, it really is. It’s a problem. This is their body scrub. Laura Mercier’s body products are just, in my opinion just the
ultimate lap of luxury. They just exude over-the-top extra. Oh! Everything is just put together so well, packaged beautifully, the products feel super luxe, super good quality. There’s a ton of moisture in this scrub which is why I like it because sometimes scrubs can kinda, you know how when you feel like, you know how you might feel a
little dry after a body scrub? You towel off and you dry down and then you’re actually physically dry? I appreciate some of the scrubs that actually put moisture
or oil in the product because then I’m not left feeling like I scraped off
the dermal layer of my skin. I’ve also noticed that a lot
of the scrubs that do that and are really hydrating,
tend to be more expensive. Not sure why. This one in particular, I
wanna say is like 50 to $60. I promise you, you do not have
to go out and get this one. I’m a really big fan of
the Soap and Glory scrubs. They have balm scrubs and they’re probably $12
each, I think they are. But this one in particular is just wow. Now as far as the scrubbing part. The only gripe that I have with this is the scrubbing part. There isn’t enough granules in there. I am left feeling like
I take a little scoop and I’m feeling like I’m still scooping to get the scrub part. That’s the only thing. But does it make my skin feel soft? Oh, you bet your bottom dollar, she does. Y’all still with me? I know I’m a lot but just,
we’ll get through this. Let’s see if we got any dislikes in here. Hmm. I don’t have any dislikes in here. First of all. This ain’t no damn sponsored video. Fiji ain’t payin’ nobody bills. One thing that I go through
faithfully and religiously, the Fresh Sugar Lip Wonder Drops. When I first tried this product, I actually liked this product. I didn’t know I was going to love. I didn’t realize I was gonna love it. Think of this like a chemical
exfoliant but for your lips. It is a, I’m not even kidding. I’ve probably, since first trying this, gone through five of them. I swear to you, I’m not exaggerating. Sometimes when I’m not
properly moisturizing my lips or if my skin is really dry, it will start to peel and I’ll, I like to bite on it. It’s really annoying
but sometimes the scar just really protrudes and
then it starts to peel and it gets really kinda ugly. Especially for us liquid
lipsticks wearers. This definitely a big huge massive game changer for my lip care routine. It’s not a moisturizer. It’s basically like a serum. It disappears into your skin and the new stuff to hydrate on top of it. But when I tell you, I visibly notice the difference and I feel the difference in my lips when I’m not using it. I think the longest I’ve
gone without using it is probably a month. And see, the bad thing is you start to, it’s different when you stop
using some of these products. This stuff keeps them
sealed, keeps them smooth, ’cause it is an exfoliant. Brah, brah, if you buy anything,
anything from this video, I’mma give a shout out to
the Sugar Lip Wonder Drops. Give it two months and actually
visibly document your lips and see, once you see the difference. And if you don’t, girl, you may need something else. You may need a prayer
circle or something, girl. You may need to put your lips in a prayer request or something. Curly hair alert, curly hair alert. curly hair, curly hair, curly hair alert! Everything from the
Cashmere and Caviar line from Curls is fire. I had already been a lover
and a user of the brand. And I really like the stuff. So I was like, let me just try this. Instantly noticed the overall hydration of my hair had changed. Sometimes I feel like
when I use hair products, it’s soft the day that I apply them, then the next day she’s dry again. You know what I mean? Like the moisture isn’t
being retained sometimes. And with this line, I feel like it’s the opposite. I feel like I actually get
way more moisture retention. By the way, I’m talking
about my natural hair ’cause I know you guys
are used to the wigs. What the hell is that? Curls is a black-owned brand. It is available at Target. Alrighty, in other splurgy-splurge news. This expensive SK II
Facial Treatment Essence. done change my life. I don’t think I’ll ever
go without an essence. Actually let me not say that because people will try to clock you for stuff you said in 2006 and I’m like damn, can’t I change my mind? I really do like essences. I feel like they’re more of a
splurge than they are a need. I don’t remember where I got this from. I mean I remember buying it. But I don’t remember why
or on whose recommendation. Seriously, seriously, seriously. The obsession with Fresh. I need to be stopped. This is the Rose Deep
Hydration Face Serum. Basically all my serums do something and they treat something. And I wanted a serum that
was just like a regular serum for everyday maintaining, something that I can use. Fresh is definitely a
little upper echelon, a little bougier, and so far I’ve loved
pretty much everything that I’ve tried from the brand. This is definitely a good serum for someone who maybe has sensitive skin. Maybe you just want something nourishing, something that’s not
really going to irritate or treat the skin. Some of my favorite products
from Fresh are their masks. This is the Rose Face Mask
and the Vitamin Nectar Mask. I will say a girl likes what she likes. And the Rose line has
been my tried and true. It’s the most gentle and I think it’s the best for maintaining. So if you are considering
dabbling in anything from Fresh and you don’t know where to start. Rose Face Mask in particular. She’s real good. Oh my god, my skin just feels so– (lips smacking) Soft after using this. And the Vitamin Nectar Mask, it’s chunky. That sounds disgusting, I know. Definitely smells edible. In fact, if it gets in
the corners of your lip, I’m not saying you should eat it but I’m also not gonna tell you not to. I know it’s really weird
and now you’re judging me. But you know what, I feel like you guys
have judged me for worse. So here we are, we’re a family. Now sit down. Vitamin Nectar Mask, I like to just take a big dippy scoop, mash it up in my hands
’cause it feels like, it feels like chunky applesauce. And it really does taste good. But you didn’t hear that from me. And I just like to
massage it into my skin, then I jump in the shower. I let the steam really just
activate it and make it really, dress it up, make it real for, my skin just feels so soft
and so plump and hydrated. The Rose Face Mask kinda
does the same thing but Vitamin Nectar I go
for, for more brightening. Whenever Jackie Aina uses
the word brightening, I don’t mean skin lightening. It’s usually just like a radiance, natural radiance boosting. That’s what I mean by that. So if my skin’s looking a little dull, I’ll go for the Vitamin Nectar Mask. If my skin needs a little
plump pick-me-up and soften, I’ll go for the Rose Face Mask. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Shoutout to Yaa Harriott who put me onto a couple
Philosophy products. I discovered her channel
because I randomly came across a review of a product from
a brand called Philosophy. Based off of her
recommendation in her review, it prompted me to try
Philosophy line of products. Now the body care, I got off of Gabi’s recommendation, Gabi DeMartino, another YouTuber. And she was talking about
this fresh cream fragrance and the way that she described
it was just all me, sis. I think she said it smelled
like cupcakes or something and I just was like, before
she even said cupca, cupca, I was already on the website ordering. There’s just like a half squirt. It’s done, it’s over, it’s done. And the body lotion goes really fast. I’ll go through this in a week. Oh, another fragrance that I really like. Eau de toilette. Is the coconut perfume. Now I buy these on a website
called Sunday Forever. This stuff is fire. I’m a big fan of layering my fragrances. So I’ll wear one and then
I’ll wear another on top. If you think I wear these
alone, you’re wrong. You’re completely wrong. If you’re layering fragrances that come from the same family, they don’t have to be
from the same parents. Maybe one got a different
step-daddy or something like that. They’re going to smell good. They’re gonna smell good. And then you know what? I just feel like fragrance is so personal and I wanna be the only
person who smells like that. Why do you get to smell like me? I wanna walk into a room, no one knows what the hell I’m wearing, and I wanna be the only
person who smells like that. These are all serums that
I get from my esthetician. She has a medical grade line of products. I do have quite a bit of her serums that I go through constantly. The first one is the
Copper Complex Peptide, the hyaluronic acid. This is my all-time. If you try anything from her line, start with this. It is amazing at controlling
the oil of my skin throughout the day. I never knew I could have
normal balanced skin. This is as good as it gets for hyaluronic. This is top shelf. The luminance serum is
an azelaic, azelaic. Look, don’t clock me. Azelaic acid, salicylic
acid, and kojic acid serum. It smells a lot like licorice. This one I use at night and
this is amazing, amazing. For those of you guys
that have acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, it’s pretty strong. So if you maybe want the
benefits of using retinol but don’t wanna commit to retinol, don’t wanna do the peeling, you don’t wanna do the ultimate dryness and all that stuff, use this. The Phyto Calming Serum, it’s
arnica, cucumber, aloe vera. This is a product that I use after I’ve done something really abrasive. Sometimes I don’t even
use this on my face. Sometimes I’ve used this on my body. Last year I went to Bermuda and I got a really really really
terrible terrible sunburn. Think of this like neosporin but your face and for your body. So I use this, maybe I got a burn mark, maybe I cut myself from shaving. Immediately, immediately put this on top. I finally went through
the Olay Total Effects seven-in-one anti-aging moisturizer. This is one that I would
use as a night cream. I’m actually very very impressed with Olay and I feel like Olay doesn’t really get talked
about a lot on YouTube as a more luxe brand at the drugstore. To me it just feels like good quality whenever I put on this moisturizer. And this is the one that
I use as a night cream. They have a day version
that has SPF in it. It feels the exact same. It feels the exact same. I have two cleansing oils
that I use pretty regularly and probably maybe the third one-ish from Dermalogica I’ve gone through. I’ve been using the Boscia
ones a little bit longer. The PreCleanse from
Dermalogica smells amazing. It smells really good. I’m gonna smell it now. It’s kinda citrus-y. It smells like oranges. The PreCleanse is watery-er compared to most cleansing
oils like this one from Boscia. This one’s very thick. I have the NARS Pore and
Shine Oil Control Primer. It is definitely a bit more
on the mattifying side. NARS’s foundations are really unique. I feel like NARS foundations only work well with NARS primers. I don’t know what it is
but I can’t mix and match. So I just stick to the NARS family. I think the Oil Control
and Pore and Shine primer really kinda creates this
nice slick and matte base for whatever you put on top of it. But it doesn’t dry out my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin until I put a product on top of it. I’ve actually gone through a lot of these, maybe like four or five of them now? What in the extermination
is happening outside? Okay, I got time for one more product. So the Farsali Skintune Blur. I’ve gone through probably three of these. Look, it’s all crusty
and stuff on the top. Eww. Look how dirty it gets. But let me tell you something. For those of you that have oily skin. Maybe you have large pores. Maybe you have a lot of texture. This is going to be your best friend, your best friend’s best friend. Your idol’s idol. I have turned so many
people onto this product. I’ve gotten the Tweets, I’ve
seen the comments from people. Farsali is definitely
a little bit up there. She’s a little upper echelon. She definitely a little bankruptcy. There’s so many different
ways you can use it that it’s worth it. I like mixing this with my foundations. I like using this,
pre-foundations, as skin care. Denis has used it before and
really loved it on his skin. It almost kind of haves
this suede velvety finish. So when you go on top, oh. Everything just blends really nicely. It blends so beautifully. Mix in foundations especially. Maybe you have a foundation
that you like the finish, maybe it doesn’t stay as matte as you’d like
it to throughout the day. Bloop, one drop here. Bloop, one drop there. Bloop, one drop there. Blend it out with your brush. It is skin care but it’s so nice that I just prefer to
use it with my makeup. That is everything in my trash. Would you look at that? Oh my, geez. Thank you guys for hanging
out with me on today’s video. Let me know what you thought of this. Kinda switched it up a little bit. You have any questions
about any other products? I will do my absolute best to get to them in the comments down below. Get your comments in. Get down there. Hope to see you guys on the next video which I mean while you’re here you might as well just watch another one. It’s right here. It’s already here. It’s already here, you can’t go nowhere. Why aren’t you clicking it yet? Why aren’t you clicking it? I’m waiting on you, waiting on, I see that mouse hoverin’.


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