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Hi everyone this is Raj from paypercallexposed.com
and today what I want to do is actually show you a real walk through of my accounts from
the pay per call network accounts to showing my actual campaigns to showing my campaigns
in Google ad words plus Bing ads and showing you how you can make money with pay per call
and show you it’s all real. I reference a lot of screen caps on my site like this
one here that lies behind it. So let me go to my first account, so this
is a live pay per call account, again today is February 22nd 2016 as and per my calendar
here. I’ve chosen here for every first to 22nd of 2016 and here is my account, this
is one of my many accounts. Pay per call and what I want to talk about today is these to
programs, these two campaigns. These are appliance repair for all of USA I believe its 24 hours
and what I want to show you is what I’m running with this and the profit I’m making
and this is by the way set it and forget it, I have not touched these campaigns for quite
a while. I just exhaust all the calls they have and then it turns on and then I turns
off back again. So let’s go to the first one here is green and you can see all the
greens here, is my Google campaign so I drove 800 calls, which 281 were paid, I made 1800
bucks. I reached conversion 35%, not too bad. So let me go to my Google ad words account,
let me show you so it’s highlighted in yellow here, I spent $800 and I made $1800. The other
thing to take a look at is my conversion rate, 6%, pretty high, not bad, you can figure out
what the conversion are because these numbers are actually not accurate. So this is 265
meanwhile I actually got 281 calls converted so forget the conversion rate for now. My
average CPC is 131 so this campaign I’m actually running pays out 625 I believe so
that conversion is very good and, ok let me go to the next one, Bing. So this one here
is Bing, drove 601 calls, 209 paid, made $1200 and 33% conversion, not too bad. Let’s go
to my Bing ads account, this account here highlighted here and you can see I spent 887
and I made 1200 so again not too bad. So the great thing here is if you look I only paid
a dollar one CPC. It’s very low and 15% clickser rate so this is you know been optimized
and high quality calls accounts for this and all these great things. This is my sneak peak
to show you that the screen caps I have and I’ll do more of these, I have to block out
a lot of these because I have certain pay per call programs that I get preferred rates
so to respect the network so I don’t get in trouble I had to block out a few items
shown in here. But if you want more information on pay per call, how can you get money, how
can you get passive income, hit me up on paypercallexposed.com, I am launching an online, somewhat of a tutorial,
it was an eBook but I’m converting it to an online to make it a little more accessible.
If you go to the member’s area right now you can actually see all the content that’s
going to be available. If you purchase the membership, it’s only a onetime fee so you’ll
get access to it. So take a look, browse around, contact me [email protected] if you
have any questions I will be more glad to help. Thank you.


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