ProfitEagle Demo – How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Funnel

ProfitEagle Demo – How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Funnel Hey everybody, dr Sam you Joey here Of course and super excited to do this quick demo for you Of the awesome profit equals software and and I came up with this because I really wanted to help entrepreneurs Who are just starting out and I know actually how difficult it is to get everything in place when you were starting your online business And after I started making money with it, and I’ve been around for a long time I wanted to somehow figure out a way of automating this entire process and also making it available to others so that they can succeed Perspect so this is what profit ebook is all about. It helps you build a list really fast It helps you store your leads into the system itself, and it also helps you monetize Let me give you products for that And the way to build lists is is to provide people with the lead magnet, which is something that’s available So we give you all these awesome lead magnets over here. These are info products and also valuable software products and you can go ahead and Share them wherever you choose to So you get templates of landing pages, so I’ll just use this one over here actually I can kept also open and when you use that you get a template like this and When you get into that template Weber is visiting you would give you their email address in return now You’ve also thought about traffic for you to get traffic to your department. So depending on your access that but you can share this on various social media platforms And you can share this lead magnet there and that’s another way of getting free traffic What I’ve also going to show you is a deep magnet delivery Thank You page. So that looks like this so whoever has received your Gift can download it and use it for themselves Now another cool thing that’s been added over here in this and this is totally customizable You can put in for additional offers that you can instantly monetize and all of them have your affiliate link in it So if you have other offers that you’re promoting you can add them over here and this uses a powerful Concept of someone who’s interested in your lead magnet might be also interested in your offers as well So you can customize all of this now you can get additional traffic with the my traffic option So when you’re in the system, you’ll be able to see the video and then you can get even more traffic than the bots They’ll be providing Through social media channels. Okay, your needs get stored in my leads So this is where all your leads will get connected You can import new leads if you want if you already have a list Or you can also export this to your autoresponder and if you keep updating over there Or you can just download all your eats as a CSV file and use it anywhere else. Now’s the cool part about Affiliate links and here’s where we give you the possibility to monetize in your entire system So what we provide you is a lot of products now Depending again on your access level you get all these products that you can promote with the profit equals system and You can go ahead and monetize your entire list that you’re building with these products So it become complete all you need to do is you just need to put in your affiliate link there is guaranteed approval from all the vendors that are Chosen over here. They’re all very well-known to us and they’ll definitely approve you when you apply using the secret code Which is there in the members area? But I won’t disclose it over here and the moment you put in your affiliate link over here. You’re good to go Now what happens is essentially is that for each of these products we give you swipes which are emails high converting emails that have worked wonders for us and What the software does is that it takes the emails that we provide? takes the affiliate link that you provide makes an email out of this and it sends it out so you could do that in the My email session so if somebody joins your list They get a welcome email message from you and thereafter you can start choosing the promos So let’s say the first product won’t promote his property good itself And all you need to do is just add it to the queue and the system will start sending emails out You can also download the emails and use them anywhere and you’ll find that they all have the affiliate links that you have Provided for the system and at any time we can always come back to the dashboard and you’ll be able to see Very clean-looking dashboard where you see all your lists and how many products you have approval for? At the moment your entry or if you did make it there and for the ones that you haven’t just as an example It shows red and you can’t promote it So the system also actually protects you from not promoting something that you cannot make any money out of so that’s a quick walk through through the Profit ecosystem which which I’ve created with a lot of passion to help you on your own and to give you a head start And I’ve been started making money online or taking your business to the next level. So this is awesome you Georgie signing off? I’ll see you on the inside

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