Project 24 Review (2019) – My Income School Experience

hi guys this is Sophie and welcome to my
channel in today’s video I wanted to do do a review of project 24 from the income
school guys so Jim and Ricky. If you don’t know who they are check out their
YouTube channel it’s all about helping you create successful niche websites and
so they launched this program project 24 in I guess may 2018 and the goal of
this program is to help you replace your current income with money from passive
income websites, niche websites so it’s geared towards beginners but also
seasoned internet marketers and yeah it’s something that I can highly
recommend so keep watching to hear my review of project 24. What I like about
project 24 is that is really a project-based approach so they have a 60 step
checklist that you can follow along so step one is picking your niche. Step two
is creating your WordPress website and they really hold your hand going through
the whole process so you really can’t go wrong, it’s nothing to be overwhelmed about.
You just do it step by step by step take it one day at a time
if you skip a day that’s no problem you just get on to the second or the next
step and follow along until you reach to step 60 and so then you have a complete
set up niche website that is hopefully making money as they know what they’re
talking about they have created lots and lots of niche websites you can check out
their own website to see even what their sites are and this is not something that
every internet guru or so-called guru is sharing with you. So Jim and Ricky they
do share their niches, their websites they spill the beans they show their
income reports what they’re doing on the side so you can will your
learn from them and see what’s working and what’s not working. They tell you how
to set up a WordPress website and which plugins to install and which ones to
skip which is also really important because it can slow down your website
exponentially. They help you set up your site for SEO and so that Google will
love you they help you write the right type of content and to reliably get traffic from
day one and they show you how to write, what to write and how you can yeah just little tips and little tips things that can help you get snippets on
Google which is also really great and how to do research on your
competitors, all that fun stuff. They also talked about different income
streams that you can use on your sites like affiliate Amazon affiliate links,
which adds or add programs that you should join, online products that you can
create and sell to your website so all these things that will help you reach
your goal and so make income make good money from your website and be able to
replace your current income in the course of 24 months. Not only do you get
this step-by-step process in project 24 but you also get lots of other goodies
such as their project 24 community which has been really really helpful for
me I’ve been on there from day one and all the people who join the project 24
of course have access to that form it’s obvious discourse so if you have any
problem any question regarding to the program regarding to which you which niche to
pick or how to set up your website some technical difficulty that you might
discover you get your question on the forum and you will have all the other
members helping you it’s really really great. Jim and Ricky are also on there
all the time they have hired someone to answer people’s questions so
it’s fantastic there’s also a weekly Members Only podcast where they talk
about what they are doing on their websites tips and tricks that they are
not showing on the YouTube channel but that will make a very big difference in
how you can set up your website and to be successful and to earn money which is
eventually the goal what they also do is with you lots of other members their
websites so you can learn from other people’s mistakes when you start your
own new site and they keep on adding new features to the course all the time they
even have a vlog which is really cool I love these guys they are so
down-to-earth and you can sense that what they are talking about is its
truthful they will you want to help people and they do all they can to help
you succeed so go check it out I’ll put a link in the description it is
an affiliate link so if you decide to join project 24 I will get a little
commission so thank you for that and but hey that’s how we do it now let’s talk a
bit about my training I started my first website as soon as I joined Project 24
they launched it I guess in May or June 2018 so I immediately joined I picked my
niche I had just got a new dog a new puppy and I decided to get into the dog
nation so if you want to check out my website here it is it’s
type it in in google and you’ll get there and take a look at what I’m doing
with my site I have 95-ish articles on there at the moment it is a lot more
than the 30 articles that Jim and Ricky talked about but I decided to make this
my authority site so I’m putting all my time all my effort in therefore there’s
a specific way of writing and of structuring your articles and doing
keyword research so yeah all that is in this program and
so now I’m at 95 articles I’m starting to see good traffic coming in through
Google but also and mainly at the moment through Pinterest which is something I
never thought would be possible I was using Pinterest as a private user before
before but now that I started using it for my website it is bringing in some
good traffic and I have reached pizza day recently which was earning my first
five bucks from the website and now I’m getting ready to bring in the big cash
because once you are able to do that it is a sign that your website will be
making money in the future it just takes some time for Google to index your
articles and to set things up but once you are able to make even a few bucks
you know that it’s possible and this is what is really motivating me and keeps
me going and if I can do it trust me I know that you can too
I have been dabbling in internet marketing for a few years started a few
websites just didn’t know what I was doing but I and nothing worked until I
tried Project 24 from Jim and Ricky and so it is something that I would
really recommend to people check it out through my link so my conclusion is if
you wanna dip your feet in internet marketing and make money online know
that this can be the program for you what you should be aware of is that it
is not a get-rich-quick scheme it is something where you have to put in a lot
of work but it will be awarded in the end if you keep going at it if you keep
following the 60 steps step by step by step you will eventually get there it
might take you two months it might take you six months but don’t give up I
know that you can do it and I’m very confident confident that Jim and Ricky will be sharing lots of more things in their Project 24 to help us become
even more successful so hey this is a my review for Project 24 one more thing
that I wanted to mention I am NOT a native English speaker as you already
noticed but if I can do it you can do it too if you have a good basic English
skill then you can write some some articles you can also hire people if you
have a budget for that this is also what Jim and Ricky talk about in the program how to hire writers how to help you set them up and get them going
so check out project 24 from Jim and Ricky of income school it is really worth
it and I can recommend it to anyone


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