Promote Veganism While Earning Money Through Amazon Associates

hey everyone
Michael Lanfield they were thank you for joining me so this view video is not
just for vegans but mainly for vegans in my book how to create the perfect vegan
life I talk about some ways on how you can make money by promoting veganism and
of course that should not be the first thing on your mind but really just share
veganism with as many people as we can because we want to live in and in a
topics world and the only way really is to become vegan as many more people
become vegan we start living in a loving and caring world and so here is one way
that I can make money but not only myself you can also make money now
some of you may already know this website Amazon Associates and the
website is affiliate – program dot Amazon as you can see right here if I
remember I’ll try to include it into the descriptions but here it is right here
highlighted so what this website basically is is that you can make up to
10% for anything that happens on salt so for example books will earn usually
three or four percent and of course there’s other products that will earn
you know different amounts but usually three or four percent for books now
you’re thinking that’s not a lot but if you think about it that is not a lot but
it’s at least something so if you want to earn money while you promote veganism
you can promote as many books as you want vegan
books while earning money to listen to survive now we must understand that it’s
not about the money really it’s about sharing this message with others that’s
the whole deal so money should not be in the forefront of this but in this crazy
world that we live in we need some money in order to survive in order to pay our
rent and pay for food and you know all our things that we need but it is like I
mentioned them in my book how to create the perfect vegan life it is best if we
start to minimize our expenses start to become a minimalist start to minimize
our lives meaning we don’t need those televisions new television new this and
you that only if we absolutely need to and when it comes to food let’s start to
grow some of our own food and stop relying on supermarkets so much let’s do
that let’s stop you know paying for things that we absolutely don’t need
let’s do that let’s stop buying things and paying for things that we don’t
absolutely need do we really need you know TV cable when there’s so much to do
I mean there’s so many like on internet there’s so many things you can do on
YouTube so many things you can learn so many you know free shows on there all
kinds of stuff there’s also Netflix if you want so you
can reduce your expense if you really don’t need a cell phone
get Skype calling you can call to anybody’s phone for like very very
little or even not have to pay for that and just call Skype to Skype if anybody
has Skype or Facebook to Facebook or whatever
I found that Skype is actually one of the best oh I mean it gives me the
clearest quality so that’s why I you know I talk about Skype even though it’s
owned by Microsoft so those sorts of things now I’m going
to show you just the basics on how to go by getting this program going and how
you can start to do this all this okay now I’m not going to go into the details
of how to do this or that it’s just basically how can you get an account and
start earning money with Amazon Associates how can you do that so I’m
going to show you right now so first what you need is you need it Amazon
account so you need to have an Amazon account join for free so click join for
free once you have done that it’ll take a little while to do that but once you
have done that you’re gonna go to login okay and here’s the login account for
Amazon so again you’re gonna go to the website that we previously went to and
we’re going to put in our email okay and then we’re gonna put in our password and
we’re gonna sign in please confirm your identity okay so I’m gonna have think
enough to send me a quote it might not work I don’t know but they’re gonna send
me a code to my cell phone which is which is really ridiculous I think in my
opinion but they want you really they really want to know if this is you or
not so send me the code actually this is going to go to my email actually so I’m
going to log in to my email something I log into my email so I’m
gonna log into my email and then I’m going to come back right after this so
I’m back and I have the codes I’m just gonna put the code in it’s just because
I’m I’m in a different IP address my IP address changes a lot so because I have
a VPN service so anyways here I am and you have to know a little bit about this
so there’s a lot that you need to do you need to you know hook up your bank with
all this information you know link your accounts maybe all
kinds of stuff that you have to do payment history account settings all
this stuff that you would have to set up before you do anything well and this is
not about how to set anything up how to do anything I mean if you really want to
know I can get you to information you can email me again I think the
information but it’s pretty straightforward once you have everything
done so once you get everything done and I think they have to accept you or not
there I think that they have to accept you and I think it’s within six months
you need to make a sale some kind of sale and if you don’t make any sells
then they kind of cancel your or delete your account I can’t remember I think
they just canceled your associate account if I’m not mistaken so what do
you want to basically do is now that you’re logged in you go to you can you
can do it here just click in for example my book our pub two three Michael and
he’ll for example go and my book is right here you just get
the code or you can go directly to Amazon let’s try this
so and from there it’ll have a little I like this better this way
actually and you can search for anything on Amazon and I’ll have this little
Amazon Associates stripe site stripe right on top which I like really like
and you you just put in whatever book our freedom okay search and here’s the
book sorry for slow computer holes like that I just clicked on it okay so it’s
going there give it a moment so here’s the actual book I know I’m not gonna be
able to buy it basically but how you get the actual link is right from here you
can get a text image just an image or just the text now the way I like to do
it is I like to put it on my website let me go to my website like to put it on my website just as a
link so I’m gonna copy the link the website link and I’m gonna paste it on
to my website simple enough okay so I’m gonna go to books category
or books menu and I’m going to go to your path to freedom and I have the
pre-order on Amazon Kindle or even up here I have this and as you can see it’s
going to a bitly link and the bitly link is basically I used that so that
websites they don’t accept Amazon for whatever reason they don’t accept Amazon
website links this will be able to be accepted the bitly link so badly bit
Ellie is basically a website where you can have shortened link links so if you
have a long link anyone will shorten it it’s gonna be bit dot Ellie slash
whatever the name you want to put in there if that of course that name is
available so what I did was I put in bit dot LD / our path to freedom
so the actual link it’s linking this is linking to this whole link right here
actually not this whole link no because I have your Michael landfill all that
stuff here so basically it’s linking to this text that I’m going to show you
right here it’s linking to this full link actually
right here so there’s full length as you can see here it’s linking to and there’s
a code in here this code right in here I don’t know if you can see a code we are
interconnected – 20 so we are interconnected – 20 is the actual code
and if you want a short link here the short length but some websites or some
places don’t allow Amazon links to be linked to their website so they’ll still
know that am Z and T oh is an Amazon link and so they don’t like that so
that’s why I redirected this full link to the bitly link as I showed you and
using bitly is very simple oh not but Li bit Li
or Bentley calm also so bid Lee is basically URL shortner it’s one of the
most popular ones there’s a few others as well like google howl one and you
know some others but bitly is like really great because you can sign up and
you can post all your legs and you can see how they are doing so for example
even if you have a short link but you want to be able to see how many clicks
or how many views you get to that actual you know website or that page then you
would use bitly because it shows that now you can shorten a link just like
that or you can log in and actually save all your links and you can see how they
are doing they give you a little rundown on the how many visitors and how many
things so there’s some statistics when you sign up and it’s free to sign up
there might be there might be paid you know accounts and things like that but
the free one is fine I use the free one so that’s really all you need
okay so once you do that once you get the link you can get the big link or get
the short link whatever like for example in some law books that are going to
they’re like ebooks and they’re you know I got some links in my books for e-books
and I don’t want to add in Amazon links because they don’t like that so when I’m
adding my book – I don’t know Barnes & Noble or some other services they don’t
like it when I have an Amazon I was on links in the you know in the back of my
book and so this is great when you have bitly because they don’t know they don’t
know they don’t know where bid they don’t you know the bit Donley slash our
path to freedom is going to they don’t know where it’s going to it could be
anything so that’s the great thing about these euro shorteners like bid lee and
what else can I say so if you want an image you can have it just as an image
you can specify you can even change the URL I’m sorry the HTML code so this is
the HTML code that would go into the website you would need to know this is
the store ID so store ID is the same for everything and then the tracking ID you
got a few tracking IDs but this is the one that I mainly use we are
interconnected – 20 the – 20 is automatically there I don’t know what it
means but and then there’s also text and image so if you want some text an image
like that that’s what you would add to your website now I just do simple and I
use this text it’s very simple this is all I use I actually use the full one
and just redirect it again redirect it to my bindi and add it to my website as
you can see right here so that is how Amazon Associates works and you can make
money off this let’s take a look at the even though we’re not focused on the on
the money financial part let’s take a look on how much money can you actually
make and don’t forget that all of this depends on how many sales you’re getting
and of course because you’re only making 3 to 4 percent of cells you would need
to make to sell a lot in order to actually make decent income and for
example and the beginning of course like always you’re not going to make that
much it’s gonna you’re gonna see that it’s it’s pretty slow it’s pretty
it’s not that great you know you’re gonna see that maybe even after a few
years you still don’t get anything but this is something even if you get twenty
dollars in the mail every month that’s something at least that’s something and
that helps me out because I make a little bit something and you make over
something so the more people that I have and others have other vegans then they
make money you know and we both win it’s a win-win situation okay so for example
let’s say you sell now it really depends I’m not sure about the Kindle version
how much you make on Kindle but I think it’s the same they do have a Kindle
affiliate program with try I don’t know if this associates works with Kindle or
doesn’t I’m still you know figuring all these things out even though I’ve been
with Amazon Associates for a while now there’s so much to learn and it’s like
you need more hours in the day to figure all this out but anyways let’s just say
it’s a paperback and the paperback is fifteen dollars okay that’s just yeah
let’s just say fifteen dollars and let’s say you do make it’s almost four percent
so let’s let’s say four percent from from fifteen dollars so that’s sixty
cents not much now I’m not sure if it is if it is four percent from fifteen
dollars or from I’m not sure what is the 40 what is the four percent from if it’s
from the actual retail price I’m not sure so let’s just say it is from that
retail price from so for if your book is fifteen dollars on Amazon that’s what I
believe going to happen I didn’t really look into this so I don’t really know
but let’s just say it’s sixty cents and you are making sixty cents from each
box so how many books on $15 would you have to make to make decent amount of
money don’t forget that this is US dollar so you’re promoting products on okay now I’m pretty sure you can do it
through other Amazon websites like that see a Canada and you know the ones in
Europe and so forth but this is specifically for comm I’m not sure about
the other ones haven’t looked into it but most people buy from com so let’s
look so each book is 60 cents is what you’re gonna make now there might be
other things that come into effect that lower that but most likely it’s gonna be
60 cents for book that’s $15 okay might be a little less might be a little
more just all depends but 60 cents let’s just work with that number right here so
if I sell 10 books that’s gonna be $6 there and you’re thinking that’s not a
law for some 10 books it’s not but at least it’s something
and the more books you sell the more that and don’t forget that you don’t
have to sell just one book one specific book you can sell anything on there you
can sell anything even that are not ebooks you can sell anything on Amazon
okay but I’m just telling you what you can do to spread the vegan message so
spreading the vegan message through my book for example and earning money so
you you I make money you make money that way you’re supporting me and I’m
supporting you at the same time so instead of giving that four percent
again the song or to whoever it’s getting that money you make that
money that’s why I’m telling you this and I want you to make money so you can
promote veganism and earn a little bit of money okay now again I’m not on all
like that’s not my main priorities to make money but we need to make money in
order to survive and unfortunately not making many sales and so I would love
for people that really love my books really love my message to help and share
this book with others and at the same time you make money okay so in order to
make let’s say you want to make five hundred US dollars every month
so you divide that by 0.06 I’m sorry you divide it by 0.6 and you get eight
hundred and thirty three books that you would have to sell each month to make
five hundred dollars now you’re thinking 833 bucks like but if you start you know
sharing that bitly link around everywhere on Facebook and Twitter and
YouTube and all these other places you know so many different places guess what
that number can’t get close to this you can you know you can get two three four
hundred five hundred eight hundred thousand books sold you can do that
Never Say Never you can do that it mason you may start
off slow may start off at one five books a month ten books twenty books but
that’s a start that’s a good start and that helps me a lot and that helps
others as well and the whole thing is that we need to help each other to
spread this message so I know that people are sharing this message you know
through Facebook and through the website by you know using sharing links and
sharing with their friends through email and all that
but wouldn’t you want to make money at the same time by sharing
yeah sharing is great but wouldn’t it be great if you can start making some money
so you don’t have to work in that job that X you know is exploitive in some
way and so you’re like wasting your time I talked about this in my book how to
create the perfect perfect vegan life and so if you really want to know more I
highly suggest getting that book how to create the perfect vegan life I’ll post
that book down below but you can do this and even starting off at $100 hundred
dollars a month let’s see how many books you would have to sell so you would have
to sell hundred and sixty-six books if the book is $15 now my average books on
Amazon are somewhere about I think about ten ten twelve dollars u.s. something
like that ten dollars u.s. average if you calculate the Kindle and paperback
and all that let’s see how much at four percent so it’s 40 cents so 40 cents
let’s take $100 divided by 40 cents so you would need to you would need to sell
250 books per month to make $100 now you think that’s a lot and in fact it is but
if you haven’t if you had a website it’s selling a lot of books vegan books hey
you can be selling a lot of vegan books and you can be having you could have all
those you know I have these Amazon associate links and you can tell people
hey come to this website you help support vegans check out all these you
know links or whatever if you have a website and you should have a shop
section or a store section and start promoting other people’s books doing
that is amazing and there you make money so then you can
start eventually quitting your job or at least working part time how did that
sound everybody you helped me out you helped other vegans out and at the same
time you earn a living at least extra money so don’t forget if you want to
learn more about this not not specifically about Amazon Associates but
learning about how to make a little bit more money learn how to reduce your
expenses minimize your expenses then my book our path sorry not that book how to
create the perfect vegan life is that book that you really want to get because
it really goes into information on how to do it on how to reduce our expenses
how to make a little extra money from from this this is just one way how to
make money and the reason I’m saying this and the reason I go into this a lot
about how to make money why to make money is because I feel that there are a
lot of people that aren’t jobs that they just don’t like anymore and they want to
figure out how they can make money to earn a living
while promoting vegan it veganism at the same time and of course again once again
I stress out that this is not just to make money this is a secondary thing the
money is a secondary thing it’s really to promote veganism to share the message
and of course the money is there so we can pay our bills so we can eat so we
can pay rent all those things so get how to create the perfect vegan life I’ll
post it down below and our path to freedom is really my latest and
think complete book that really talks a lot about all these issues that I’ve
been discussing 500 of my videos which is really includes a lot of governments
and politics and anarchy or a narc ISM nonconformity and all that so that’s
about it everyone thanks for watching and I will see you soon don’t forget
that if you’d like this video please share it around so more people can you
know support my work and they can earn a living as well at the same time or make
at least make a little bit extra income and we can all win win at the same time
we have to help each other we’re all vegans here and we all have to help each
other to create a vegan world because that’s what we want so share the video
around with all your friends and family with that everyone you know put it on
your website do what you have to share this message and I don’t forget to like
that video as well like it because it is powerful when few more people like it or
people share it and don’t forget to subscribe
describe subscribe to my youtube channel and click that little bell icon to get
notifications that’s about it thanks for watching everybody I’ll see
you soon

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