Proof-of-Payment on the TTC

Brad: Hi I’m Brad Ross, Head of Corporate Communications for the TTC and with me is Andy Byford, the
CEO of the TTC. Andy, today we’re talking about proof of payment or POP. What is proof
of payment? Andy: Put very simply, it is a proof that
you’ve paid your fare, the transfer if you like it’s your receipt. So you will need
that if an inspector gets on and needs to see proof of payment, but you also need it
as the easy way to get around the TTC system and the various modes that we operate.
Brad: So proof of payment is for people who pay by cash, token or ticket, what about pass
holders? Andy: Well pass holders, Metropass holders,
weekly passes, daily passes; you don’t need a transfer because your pass is your proof
of payment. But for everyone else please make sure you pick up a transfer, it’s the easiest
thing to do, just pick that up wherever you pay. Brad: OK. We are rolling out proof of payment across the entire streetcar network by the
end of this year, so all 11 routes will be proof of payment, why then are we on a bus?
Andy: Well, first off we’re rolling it out across the streetcars because it will make
the passage of the streetcars that much quicker but equally it’s important that you have
that proof of payment with you because you will need that to demonstrate that you’ve
paid but also as the easy means of transferring between modes, so whenever you enter the TTC,
whichever mode you use, pick up a transfer. Brad: All right. Speaking of modes we are
going to head down to a subway station now where paying your fare and obtaining a transfer
is of course different than it is here on a bus. Brad: So Andy we’re here at Christie subway
station. What is the message for customers who begin their journey at a subway station?
Andy: Basically it’s the same message; make sure you’ve got a transfer. So when you
come into the station if you are paying with cash, with tokens or a ticket drop them in
the fare box like you usually would then go over to the transfer machine, pick up the
transfer and make sure you keep that with you at all times on your journey because it’s
your receipt, it’s your proof of payment. Brad: So the simple message really is no matter
where you start your journey, no matter where you pay your fare, always get a transfer which
is your proof of payment. Andy: That’s right, nice simple message.
Brad: OK Andy, thank you. We’re now going to board a new streetcar where obtaining your proof of payment is different than on a bus or here at a subway station. Brad: We’re on board
one of our fabulous new streetcars which is fully proof of payment because the operator
is in a separated cabin, you don’t get your transfer or pop receipt for the operator.
So those paying by cash, token or tickets, what do they do?
Andy: They use this machine. So let’s take for example if you are using a token. All
you do is come up to the machine, press the icon there where it says token, put your token
in the slot and the machine will automatically issue you with the transfer. Similarly if
you are paying by cash, you just push the relevant icon on the machine, put your money
in and again make sure you pick up a transfer, that’s the most important thing so that
you’ve got your receipt, that proof of payment. Brad: And these fare vending machines are
also available at our busier stops around the network and will be rolled out across
the entire streetcar network throughout 2015. Andy: That’s right; we’re progressively
going to equip more of our busiest stops so that again we can keep the streetcar network
moving and you can get your ticket before you board the service.
Brad: So this machine is for tokens and cash and soon in 2015 debit and credit for single
payment fare. Andy: Yes, we want to make things as easy
as possible, so you will notice the machine has already been equipped for credit and debit
as soon as possible we’ll get that up and running. Brad: So students and seniors who still use tickets, there is a ticket validator machine,
how does that work? Andy: Very simply, you take the ticket, whether
it be the student or the senior ticket, put it into the validator, you’ll hear a little
beep and the ticket is actually stamped with the time that you stamped that ticket so that’s
your proof of payment and again shows that you paid your fare.
Brad: So Andy that’s the new car, the old cars will be going proof of payment by this
year. The same applies, you pay your fare at the fare box, you get a transfer.
Andy: That’s right, so as you board the streetcar just drop your token or your cash
into the fare box but make sure you pick up a receipt. Now clearly if you’ve already
got a pass such as a Metropass a daily or a weekly you can get on any door and you don’t
need to pick up a transfer, your pass is your proof of payment.
Brad: Finally Andy, with PRESTO and PRESTO card users; what do they have to do differently
when boarding one of the new streetcars? Andy: Very simple, they get the PRESTO card,
as you board the streetcar just tap on the reader that you can find next to any of the
doors, and then come over to this machine, tap where it says transfer, the machine will
automatically issue you with your transfer in other words with your receipt, your proof
of payment. Brad: So Andy with proof of payment on streetcars
comes fare inspection. How does fare inspection work? Andy: Well we’re recruiting teams of fare inspectors who will operate across the streetcar
network and they will board vehicles to a) assist customers but b) just to check that
everyone has paid their fare, and when an inspector does ask you for proof of payment
you do need to produce either a Metropass or other kind of pass or your transfer as
proof of payment which is why it is so important that you pick up a transfer, it is your receipt.
Brad: So with proof of payment and all door boarding we can speed service up across the
entire streetcar network. Andy: Well, that’s why we’re doing it.
We know that customers want a quicker more reliable service, so these are key elements
in our modernization of the TTC. And just making the system easier and quicker to use.
Brad: Andy, thank you very much, and thank you very much for watching. Remember, when
boarding the TTC always get a transfer, that’s your proof of payment. For more information
about this, please visit

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