hey what is up guys, on this video we’re
gonna check out PUBG On the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a couple of you guys asked me to test it
out and let you know how well he’s doing so let’s go find out so if you guys
haven’t done this a couple of weeks ago I’ll show you how to you kit you could
make the node for little bit faster so I’ll leave the card right here so you
guys can go check it out but basically what I did is I closed all the apps I
went to the active applications and right now the note 4 that I’m using is
currently using one point four nine gigabytes freeing up little more than a
Zdenek gig that it’s gonna be able to utilize it just for the game so we got
the game finally came on login as a guest and I already have this game set
up to run of the lowest settings I already played a couple games in the
note 4 and and and to me they run pretty smooth the only thing I did notice is it
does get pretty hot as ventually after time the phone does feel pretty hard to
the to the hand and that’s really an indicator it’s not good if you don’t
want to be running your phone for a long period of time this is what usually at
the end causes the hardware to get damaged with the fact that there was a
lot of issues reported with the note 4 people reporting having issues with the
hardware again by keeping the the phone running up very slim with minimal
applications before I feel like this game can run smoothly now I’m going to
go do it test where I want to go have a bunch of applications running in the
background and I’m gonna try to play the game and I’m gonna see if I notice a
difference so I went ahead and I basically open a bunch of apps and I
want to test it out how is it gonna perform by just having a bunch of
laptops in the background which I want to simulate maybe many of you guys have
a lot of applications running in the background which may be causing the the
game to slow down so right now I am actually using two point three gigabytes
of RAM and that only leaves me about half the geeks or let’s test it out and
see how it does so I can already tell you that the phone it does feel like
it’s it’s slowing down a little bit I can tell it’s freezing a couple of
frames here and there now let’s keep playing and see if we can notice a
difference so so far been testing it up for a couple of minutes and even with
those apps running in the background I haven’t uh I haven’t noticed much of a
glitch where the phone is slowing down or crashing I mean I I don’t feel like
he’s freezing slowing down I was able to run around but I can see a problem when
this it’s really hot the defroster anistar
crawling down slowing down the game so it doesn’t overheat and keeping the dam
and the hardware from getting damaged if you’re just doing casual gaming if you
want to play this game every once in a while I think it’d work just fine but if
you’re planning on probably playing this extensively through long periods of time
I can see this been been an issue now for this third test we’re gonna try to
test it out using some of the more advanced graphics cards so one thing
that I noticed so for this particular test I’m gonna actually run on a medium
framerate and I’m gonna not run on just in the balanced graphics card so if I
try to do high rate for the framerate is not gonna support it for the phone right
now also if I try to do HD or Ultra HD it’s also not going to support it so
let’s let’s test it out I play the whole game under these settings and I notice
that the phone did started getting really really warm pretty hard to the
hand compared to the other settings with the lowest settings that I tested out on
the previous scenarios the game is still gonna be playable I did notice that
there’s gonna be a little little bit of lag when the other players in my team
were actually trying to talk to me or through the microphone I could I could
hear it was cut enough so definitely this is not gonna be a setting you want
to play on the note 4 again I do feel that you can probably play smoothly
using some of the lows for solutions but once you start getting into the medium
or balanced settings for the graphics card or if you have multiple
applications on the phone image slow it down a little bit alright guys so as you
can see I feel that you can play pub G on the note 4 and you’re gonna be able
to play a game but I feel like if you have a bunch of applications installed
on the phone and your phone is slowing down you may have some issues with with
the phone actually is slowing down and I’ve been able to perform very well
while using this game let me know in the comment section below how well it’s
doing for you guys if you have tested it out and if you have a note for consider
subscribing to this channel I plan on doing a lot more videos coming up in the
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I’ll see you on the next one you


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