Q&A: KEYWORD RESEARCH for Amazon Affiliate Sites, Project Management Tips

hey this Friday Q and a I’m gonna talk
about keyword research and affiliate marketing Amazon affiliate sites there’s
probably some project management questions in there as well
welcome everyone it seems like we have a pretty good crew in the house already I
tried to actually send an email out and tell people to attend and stuff like
that so we’ll see how it goes see if it makes a difference here thanks everyone
for putting the questions into the spreadsheet that did so we’re going to
go through those probably on the earlier side because that is super helpful for
me versus you know having emails sent in and that sort of thing and get a little
shout out too so if you’re unfamiliar with this new Google form that I’m using
there’s a link in the description in fact there’s a lot of links in the
description here so there’s a few things that I’ll describe to you before we get
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you’re in here we have anis we have Chloe Chloe and Arvind
we have Lance of course mark we have Josh Mike drew
we have Bob Jaron Wesley Brandon Justin Hydra the whole crew Aaron all Wayne
villain Alex and Brandon is already launching questions and Mystikal so cool
have questions I’m gonna try and blast through them because we have a lot to
get through today and quick note there were a couple like outstanding items
from like one of the other sessions we did so Hydra has been on for a few of
these great audience member appreciate the questions you were asking Hydra
about like super chat you were like hey we want to tip you and stuff like that
here’s why I didn’t do it before and here’s why I decided not to do it again
so they take 30% it cost me 30% and I was like that’s
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that’s cool but if not that is also fine if you are strapped for cash here’s the
other thing that you can do it will be slightly helpful there’s a video that I
put out the other day like five key word mistakes to avoid if you could watch
that like after this session like just make a note for yourself watch that
video leave a comment like it and maybe share it I’d be interested
see what happens if we have a handful of people go over watch the full video you
know watch the whole thing and leave a comment just say hey it’s a good video
you can say hey it’s a bad video whatever you want to put in the comment
is cool with me but like I said if you’re strapped for cash that would be
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okay had a lot of caffeine today and I got
another one queued up here so mmm that’s good
all right let’s get to the questions there were a couple I’ve got I listed in
the description already so have I ever used Pinterest for traffic generation
and do we all have any tips I’ve tried it just a little bit excuse me I tried
it just a little bit I didn’t like it so I would say my tips are to not do it
unless you already have good SEO traffic or if you’re looking at a different
model right my assumption is you’re trying to do like a Mazon affiliate
marketing and if you’re trying to do that then I would recommend don’t worry
about Pinterest it’s probably not going to convert as well I know there are
probably a bunch of other people who are saying you know Pinterest traffic is
fantastic it’s a search engine and they were really mmm I got a coffee er some
people really Pro Pinterest and my assumption is they’re probably listening
to someone and following the advice of someone who is big on Pinterest and
they’re getting good success from Pinterest so I would say I don’t have
much experience I would avoid it I personally avoid it it’s not my thing
all right next the more I learn about your approach the key word golden ratio
I’m thinking I could also use them to find related harder to rank LSI keywords
as latent semantic indexing keywords so I’d have a key kgr and related LSI on
the same page and that might help kgr but the kgr + LS I might even help me
rank for harder keywords question mark that is a statement with a question mark
on the end and then they say am i thinking about this right or do I think
combining a single kgr with a related LSI’s might dilute the power of the
original log kgr Vance so Vance is a student so you
know I don’t go deep into LSI because frankly if you’re if you just apply the
kgr Vance it’s just it’s going to be fine if you want to throw in some LSI
that’s cool I would start with the kgr first and
then you could branch out and maybe put a little bit of extra stuff after that
right so I wouldn’t worry about it and it may be interesting to test so if you
find 10 10 keywords right do five one way and five the other way just see what
happens as far as diluting the power I wouldn’t
worry about that too much most of the time these are lower volume keywords in
just less competition because of the way we’re doing the keyword research here
next what type of keywords deliver the best results to start with general
information base niche site keywords or comparison keywords you’re finding lots
of kgr so you need to narrow it down to make it manageable while seeing some
success I would say do a blend most of the time it’s not a just binary decision
here so do a blend do 5050 see how it flies and then make a call after you get
some results every niche every set of keywords is a little bit different and
your site may react a little bit differently right so I’d do 5050
all right and good questions coming in on the on the chat to them and hop over
there in a second once I get through these few here next
hello Doug I appreciate what you’re sharing on the channel you have a
question if you found longtail headlines should I put it in the title as it is
for example if I find blank needed for beginners should I put that as the title
of the post and write good content yes yes I feel like maybe there’s more to
that question more context that I don’t understand but you find a good headline
you find a good keyword and then you write good content that sounds great
yeah do that for sure now is this YouTube commenting work just
like blog commenting no not really not really at all so much different so
when you leave a comment on YouTube then it it basically just like gives a link
back to your like user channel on YouTube so not not the same at all 100%
different okay next see I need to answer some of the questions in the chat I’m
gonna try this like talking fast format to see how we do if you have the
opportunity by the way to hit the thumbs up that is helpful I do appreciate that
alright Wesley and Brandon okay I said hello to everyone alright alex says how
many posts do you recommend posting on a niche site however many unique right so
Alex you may want to rephrase that be more specific how many posts as many
as it takes hundreds or ten right which of goal what are you trying to do here
Brandon says what kind of keyword ratio should I use for a cagey article you
have 20 note 25 new terms and you’re creating one article for each but you
never hear anything on how to use them in the articles okay this is sort of a
blanket statement that should apply most of the time use them in the title and
then use them like one time in the post that’s basically it usually they’re long
phrases and less is more you don’t want to keyword stuff so Brandon
there are many caveats involved there but that’ll get you started
you’re better off under using it than over using a term okay
anna says you started a website a few months ago you have seven seven to eight
articles you’re wondering exactly you’re wondering when to monetize and should
you start with Amazon or Adsense cool okay
so number one I would probably just wait until you
getting some traffic you know 10 or 15 visitors a day and then you should have
you should have decided how you were gonna monetize it before you started
your site so here’s an analogy you could correct course right
maybe you’ve already done this but let’s say I’m gonna go on a trip and then I
just started I got on the highway and I started driving and then I drove for
several hours and then it was like ah where should I go like you should
definitely figure out where you’re going before you start on the highway and
drive for several hours or have your website for a few months so my
recommendation would be look at the keywords and if there are products that
are sold on Amazon go in the Amazon if it is a more informational type topic or
if there are not many products on Amazon maybe Adsense so it depends on like what
you’re trying to do Adam is on happy to be on the qat glad to have you here
John’s on nice Wyoming says does anyone here have experience using the kgr and
success did you build links okay and Wyoming I remember you you left a
comment and and I did answer this one and the answer is yes and then I pointed
you to this is awesome Wesley who’s here right so I pointed you to Wesley who
said he’ll it confirmed it in the next line and then Jaron also so that’s Jay J
and K I think in the in the chat here so like the people that are in this success
story are literally here with us right now
Oh vision associate is on I forget your name Tim that’s right Tim Tim what’s up
all right next we have let’s see Hydra Steven Lisa okay pollicis someone is
hammering your site with tons of blackhat follow links or spammy domains
and anchor text and it’s ruining your rankings what do you do you disavow them
negative SEO sucks it’s definitely a real thing
literally why I try to you know not share my sights and and try and at least
keep keep them under wraps right I know my friends income school gym and Ricky
they share their sights and that is I mean it’s great I wish I could do that
but I’ve seen way too much negative SEO and I mean really you need to you know
you need to pull reports from age rafts cross-reference with the Google search
console check out the links and disavow them it sucks you probably got to do it
every couple weeks Lance says you see a lot of other niche sites posting stuff
however they aren’t making useful infographics is just boring
pin text and that sort of thing okay yeah the thing is like I think if you
are active on Pinterest if you are interested in it like you could
definitely make it work I have some friends who they have more of a blogging
background I’m not an affiliate background and they have I mean they’re
huge on like Facebook and Pinterest and it took them years to develop a
following but it literally could I mean they could post something and get
hundreds of visitors in a couple hours and it takes management right there are
tools that you can use to automate some of this stuff but basically it takes
work alright Wesley says how hard is your content
hustle and your how much new content are you publishing on average okay so this
year not much right now I’m in a revision mode right so I have a lot of
content but I would say between the end of 20 I guess like 2016 and 2017
probably 500 plus articles a year something like that always says is edu
links ok to have yeah it depends on I would avoid these scholarship route at
this point but you links otherwise would be fine Bob is
asking Bob a fine student from five-figure niche site if you write a
1,500 word content would it be a good idea to put a comment section under the
article yeah sure you may as well just put comments on for
all your posts no reason not to it and by the way Bob in the course in unit 3 I
mentioned a few plugins that make it easier to manage this spam that will
happen okay seebik says you have you’re starting to work on kid you are articles
but you’re not sure whether to publish on an expired domain that you’ve had for
two years or buy a new one well if it’s a clean domain the expired domain may be
more helpful right you may rank faster or not here’s the deal if it’s an
expired domain go Google knows that it’s expired and like nothing happened on it
for years so it’s kind of like a resetting or it may rank a little faster
if you’re gonna use an existing domain you’re better off buying one that has
been like an active blog for the last few years and then like building on that
so there’s no way to really know and I have I’ve had a little experience with
the you know not an expired domain but like an auction site or something where
you’re improving it okay and Duke is going calling back to the LSI and kgr so
unless I may help you rank but the verdict is still out if you’re targeting
low comp keywords then they are probably not necessary and yeah so I wouldn’t
worry about it and see I see Lance deleted a message
okay cool cool nice Lance on top of it man all right as we’re going through
here I see andrew says what’s my recommendation and
gives you our keyword count a thousand words is what I like to do Billy says in
regards to the question about the post title should the kgr phrase be the title
of the post yes in the other videos I mentioned catchy titles how do you
combine the two okay so I would probably actually here’s a good one right if you
check out the video that I published the other day about keyword research
mistakes so I was like five keyword research mistakes and then in
parenthesis it was what did I say and how to avoid them or something like that
so that’s how to make it catchy I don’t remember what I titled it but it is a
good title I didn’t real didn’t realize it so yeah so it’s five keyword research
mistakes parentheses avoid these exclamation point right this is good and
I encourage you to watch the video if you want to do me a favor right if you
want to help me out this is how to do it watch that video like it and leave a
comment do both of those things and even share it if you have the ability to
would really appreciate it just curious what happens if I get you know handful
of people to interact with a video it’s like a little experiment so I’d
appreciate it if you did it next we have John is saying how can I get a hold of
the course is it going to be open again John okay so it’s not open right now but
I’m trying to work on like opening it up sooner all right so the the thing is I
have a lot of interaction with the students and it takes a lot of time so
like you may have noticed this weekend in publishes many videos I didn’t do as
much stuff because I’m busy I’m busier so John if you’re on the email list you
should be notified and shoot me an email like you could just reply back to one of
the emails that I send out and just give me a heads up sort of let me know your
situation alright next Bob says if you create a 1,500 word
article is it better to put it into a blog or into a post do blog articles
rank higher than post articles assuming they both have the same content I think
Bob you may mean post versus page the answer is it doesn’t matter and in the
course I generally recommend you all your review stuff just make it a post
just publish it as a post but Bob if you have follow-up questions the support
email address is the way to like get the specific stuff I cover all this in Unit
four though all right Duke says okay sorry people are just saying yeah KJR
works and it works yeah it works it works it works Lisa says what content
promotion methods are working best for you you’ve had success with Reddit and
you’re curious what’s worked best for me it’s the simple stuff of blog commenting
and then guest posting and I’ll mention that I haven’t done this but Duke has
mentioned doing Cora answers right so I’ve heard about that a lot and I know
some people recommended it but when I took a look I just didn’t put time into
it to be honest with you so I think Duke recommended something like 20 Cora
answers and to link to relevant posts and it was helpful for him actually you
know would bring in traffic so and those are generally on the SEO side I haven’t
had much success with Reddit personally but like for a niche site project I know
some people have written about my stuff and then link to it and then that
brought in traffic but it was no interaction on my own I lost my spots but we see your first
sights vision is saying your first sights ten weeks old you have 45
keywords in the top 100 for in the top 30 two of which are BIOS keywords
yeah that’s pretty awesome and Barney is asking when the course is gonna open
back up probably in about a quarter right so I usually do quarterly type
launches but like I said I’m working on trying to figure out how to you know
allow people to hop in if they’re ready to hop in okay I’m gonna try and catch
up on some of the questions Jess says some of my kids are post or ranked
number one when you search for it but when you’re checking out oolitic s–
your most popular post is nowhere to be found
followed by the kgr post okay that’s interesting if you have a question let
me know Stephen said you were in contacts contests before and then
submitted them to kind contest websites and you got good good backlinks from
that no interesting all right and then we have mr. glue you did 20kg our
articles they’re similar quality post lengths after two months only two are
showing in the Google search console for ten keywords any idea what might have
gone wrong so one quick check that you can do is like just google the term
Google the terms and see what shows up so for example if you google the term
and it’s like all ecommerce sites it’s probably a bad kgr term right it’s hard
to compete Google’s telling you that ecommerce sites are dominating or if
it’s like all YouTube videos then you know YouTube videos are ranking so if
you take a look you can quickly see like what Google is favoring so that’s one
aspect the other is you could have terrible you know no offense to you
mister glue power but the content could be bad right
it could be over optimized it could be poor grammar it
be you know too many keywords used right so that sort of thing could really mess
it up as well so those are like the two main things
Lisa is asking about mastermind groups and stuff like that so you know for me
mastermind groups were huge and you know I’m still in mastermind groups and chat
with people so for me it’s huge Lisa’s asking about people that are interested
D cards on joshs how much more percent wise would you say the auction domain
ranked better with the kgr versus a new domain I don’t know the percent and I
didn’t do a test but if I had to if I’m throwing something out it’s like a
sandbox of like six weeks versus like a sandbox of six months like it’s that
kind of thing in a quick tip on the mastermind stuff number one search to
the channel I did a couple videos with my friend Rob who is also in a
mastermind group with me and talked about like running the meeting finding a
mastermind group one very important thing is it’s pretty good to have people
of like a similar level so that you know you’re sort of working through stuff at
the same time so for example if I wanted to you know being a mastermind group
with Tim Ferriss it probably wouldn’t be super helpful for him and it may not be
super helpful for for me because we’re like dealing with totally different
problems I think I imagine we’re probably dealing with different problems
so anyway for me a mastermind group is a really good idea Hydra says a little off
topic oh this is random day Hydra so it’s all good and by the way I know I
mentioned it earliest earlier so Hydra already knows but the other people who
have been following along for the last two days or the last several days I
decided not to do any sort of super chat stuff because the charge is something
like thirty it’s 30% right so I verified it’s 30%
and I was like that’s too much I don’t want to give away 30% so if you want to
send a Amazon gift card I’ll probably use it to upgrade equipment in some
fashion just dug a niche site project calm or that’s my paypal thing too so if
you want to buy me a beer you can just say here’s beer money or
coffee you know alcohol is not your thing hydras question though was what
are my favourite themes that I would recommend and maybe must have plugins ok
themes I don’t really care about I I don’t really have favourite themes I’m
more have themes that I dislike that’s not really helpful so I’m not going to
mention that but my my thoughts on themes are I like fewer options right I
don’t want an all-in-one solution for something just in general and I like
simplicity so I don’t want to have to make a lot of decisions if I’m just
trying to write a blog post you know so less is more in most of the time you
know the simplest solution for a theme will be best for me as far as plugins I
actually like jetpack by automatic Akismet there’s one song called like a
site lock or something like that that allows you to change the login URL so a
few things like that I like to use and there’s one called gasp which is GA SP
and it helps reduce comment spam it’s like it creates a checkbox that you have
to check to leave a comment so those are probably those are the main ones and
then the other is a plug-in but it’s more of a backup system so I used manage
WP I know there are free solutions and stuff like that the manage WP is like $2
per month per domain and it’s a no-brainer
they host it off site you can like very easily change and migrate your hosting
right so you can just have a backup and then
move your site to another hosting company okay and next I see Charmaine
nope I haven’t gotten to your question yeah but I’m gonna hop back over do I
allow my writers to select products or do I do it myself yeah I allow them to
do it and I basically you know I work with
them a little bit first right so maybe for the first couple posts I’m like here
are four items to review or write if they’ve already worked with me some and
they kind of get it and I trust them that I’ll tell them to you know pick
four products make sure they have like a rating of four or more stars on the
Amazon and pick a variety of price ranges right I don’t want them all to be
expensive I don’t want them all to be cheap I want the range all right
mystical heaven says permalink best probably the category post instead of
just post right for the structure I’m sorry can you rephrase that
I understand all the words but know how they fit together I’ll try it one more
time permalink best probably the category posts instead of just post
right for the structure yet just I think it’s just the order of the words but I
can only think about certain things linear fashion here I’m a student and I
don’t have enough budget I find that most of the keyword research or paid are
there any free alternatives is it possible to find effective keywords with
free tools yes there’s one called keywords everywhere I did a video on it
using the kgr and keywords everywhere so check out that video it’s free mike says
do I start all my sites from scratch yeah basically and we recently emailed
about your phishing site that you bought and you’ve added ten articles cool cool
cool let me know how it goes all right Sharon’s on what’s up and then
we have Barry haven’t seen you in a while
when I’m outsourcing to pay fifteen dollars per thousand words doesn’t
include research yes Bob asks when using sir plug to check your rankings why
would the same page diminish from 60 to 90 with no content changes have been
made Bob probably liked your site’s fairly young so that’s the Google dance
it just moves around some so that that’s pretty much normal and by the way I see
we have like 60 plus people if you have the opportunity to hit the thumbs up
that is helpful I appreciate it helps other people find it and the other thing
is I have a bunch of questions that people submitted so I’m gonna hop over
there okay so Ville in I’m gonna give it
giving people shout outs to so Volyn says I have a quick question about the
kgr according to the experience can you find kids er keywords and low
competition niches or is it applicable to every niche regardless of the
competition well I only have in my experience it works really well
across the board but your question is an absolute one and it’s not a great one
Volyn so it says is it applicable to every niche regardless the answer is no
it’s not applicable to everything always so I don’t think that’s what you really
mean Ville in but it works well most of the time and I think if you actually did
research on like you know really huge sites then it’s probably holding true in
some fashion I can give you a couple of examples and I know right so medical
terms right if you look at medical terms and you see that it’s like WebMD like
very authoritative sites the Mayo Clinic etc like you’re probably not going to be
able to do kgr terms when people clearly want a more authoritative source so the
answer is no it doesn’t work across the word so you know you could apply that to
different areas max is a five figure niche site students
student and he says it seems like the days of building a super narrow niche
site are numbered for example best ballpoint pens calm and he’s saying sure
you could corner the market but someone will come along and outrank you am I
thinking right here yeah basically would it be better to start with best
ballpoint pen Authority calm even though you’re going after only best ballpoint
pens yeah so the in I cover this extensively in the course max but
basically you should brand your site in a general way so instead of going for
best ballpoint pen you go for like office products and then you would focus
narrowly on the best ballpoint pen and then you’d be able to expand as you wish
you don’t have to expand but you have the option to so what you don’t want to
do is paint yourself into a corner in that you know you said those days have
been numbered those days have already passed in my opinion can it be done sure
but we’re not trying to build a small site with a capped income we’re trying
to build a larger site and I walk you through it in the course max oh no
worries there yeah to him says how much do I pay for
content fifteen bucks for a thousand words
do i target any specific company to hire country to hire writers no I usually
just try and find native English speakers do I give the writer an outline
no I don’t they do their own research how much time do I invest to know the
topic which gives the writer let me read that again how much time do you invest
to know the topic which you give the writer as much as it takes I know that’s
not a helpful answer but you know I would at least have some background
knowledge in it so okay I’m gonna hop back over to the chat for a moment jas says you brain addict out of words
you wanted to know why the posts that are not ranking high on Google are
getting more than the ones that are ranked so most likely je s without
looking without knowing more of the actual like data to answer the question
I would say the post that is getting more views is probably ranking for
something that you’re not tracking so it could be something that you’re not
tracking at all or it could be something that’s like longtail keywords that are
just you know not going to be something you’re gonna be able to track very well
Barney’s asked what a my thoughts on other mentors like income school saying
not to do keyword research I think that’s fine here’s the here’s the deal
like I think if you are following a model right if you’re just starting if
you’re following a model and you’re looking to mentors like Jim and Ricky
income school great guys check out their channel very smart you should follow
their method right you should if you purchased their course or their
membership model you should follow what their they are telling you you should
follow that to the end so that you can learn that in the context which it
should be like used and then if you’re following me thank you by the way but
you should also follow mine and ignore the external inputs out there you should
just follow mine until you have an understanding of like the full model
there’s also a dozen other you know dozens of other people in the same space
there’s like authority hacker there’s Tung Tran over it cloud living there
Spencer and Mitch pursuits there’s a bunch of people doing stuff right Pat
Flynn uh you know doing still niche sites in affiliate marketing and
podcasting and tons of other stuff but like there are many different ways to do
it they all probably work well but here’s what doesn’t work Barney if you
were to skip over and income school you take a little piece
for me take a little piece from Spencer and a little bit from Gale and and Mark
and Perrin authority hacker if you’re a beginner right you may have picked the
pieces that aren’t as good from each one of us and then you ended up with some
kind of mess that didn’t quite work out so the point is you kind of have to like
follow something for a while and then you understand it and then you can mix
and match you have a little bit more expertise and then you could say boom
keyword golden ratio works well you could apply that across the board you’ll
think I’m really smart to come up with it you know but as far as other mentors
I think you know there’s plenty of room for a lot of different people to do many
different things okay and Justin says am I saying that the time in the sandbox
changes depending on what type of keywords you are targeting now I can’t
remember exactly what I was saying but for the like amount of like search
volume like if it’s a higher search volume usually the sandbox is a little
bit different in my opinion all right Sharon says what am i doing to become
compliant with general data protection laws I was just struggling with that in
the last couple days because it’s a mess I’m not gonna rant on it for too long
but for me the biggest impact is basically like my email list right and
the opt-ins to tell people exactly what they’re gonna get because most of the
time I send out an email once a week but sometimes I send out a lot more emails
than that and in that case basically I’m like am I supposed to put it like all on
my opt-in and say hey sometimes I will send you an email like several times a
week but it’s only like once a quarter like
how specific do I need to be apparently it’s very vague I was talking to someone
in a group that I’m in and she’s in the EU and she was like yeah like we’re all
sort of trying to scramble and it’s very vague and it’s kind of like the spirit
of the law like if you’re not trying to do anything bad it’s better okay Wesley
says oh and I’m losing I’m losing the battle on on the chat all right there’s
so much Wesley says in response to Barney telling someone that’s a do
keyword research is like telling someone who doesn’t cook to bake a cake without
looking at any recipes you got to do research if you want to come out right I
would generally agree with that new vision says do I have any experience
with turnkey e-commerce sites the answer’s no you’re wondering if it would
be worthwhile to buy one and add your own kids your content I would say
probably not but I don’t know why like you should have a what are you gonna do
with the e-commerce stuff are you doing drop shipping like what ecommerce is
this model vision says can you give a quick appraisal of your site if you send
the link so if you have some feedback that you’re on the right track you
signed up in April so vision I can’t are you in the course are you in
five figure a niche site if so use the support email address and yes you can
send me a link and I can take a look at it if you are not in the course I cannot
do that Duke says something okay oh and Derek is on what’s up good to
have you on buddy and it’s warming up here in Montana it’s gonna be like 70
degrees soon it’s wearing shorts and sunny the snows melted it’s like we went
from winter with a foot of snow on the ground to summer all right the wolf says
we’re ranking out to the number one competitor I know will absolutely never
outrank actually be helpful to get to position to potentially I have
I have no issue ranking to some competition if they’re a helpful
resource so I think there’s some validity in that in general Barry says
you’ve been trying to conserve data on your phone so you can watch the videos
on Wi-Fi at home cool cool all right I’m gonna try and catch up on the chat then
hop back over to the the forum and by the way I see we have even more people
if you have the ability to hit the thumbs up I really appreciate it we have
70 people on only 37 likes seems like a mismatch to me if you want to submit
questions for future sessions like if you’re watching the replay or if you
know you think of something later there’s a link it’s a bitly link and
it’s a Google Form it makes it slightly easier for me I haven’t mastered how I’m
gonna make this work exactly but okay and then e cloud ik stars says is and it
doesn’t even matter what it is but like is blank
Mitch saturated yet or not so I don’t know right so I don’t know that but you
have to do the keyword research to know my thought is for some niches it’s
probably like tons of competition right and I would probably opt for something
else for certain niches I would expect like new products come out every now and
then and there’s probably room there’s probably like new keywords and stuff
like that Paula says you’ve noticed a site had a lot of traffic for a couple
years and then the stats started dropping to almost nothing why would it
happen so the rank their rankings went down so there’s a couple reasons
one could be like maybe they had links that are now going away maybe they maybe
they bought links in the past and those links are going away for whatever reason
maybe if they were pbn links that you know the pp ends went away or the
effectiveness of those links could have you know declined if they got web 2.0
links the one that you’re mentioning in the chat here specifically I think they
did use like some PB ends into our some gray hat link-building the other
thing is like if there are better sights then they would probably like move down
right so if there’s better competition with more links and they’re getting
better interaction and stuff like that then this would probably move up in rank
higher next Mar yeah I think I’m pronouncing your name right says what if
the kid you are is great and the volume is great but there’s not enough material
for the 1500 to 2,000 words of text for example how to change a tire on your car basically figure out how to make it
longer tell a story something right so I would recommend taking a look at outdoor
gear lab or baby gear lab potentially some of my tear downs where I tell you
about you know they talk about the comfort of a boot for like four
paragraphs you would think you would just say the boots comfortable or it’s
not comfortable but you can elaborate on the material and the texture and how you
feel when you’re doing certain things so I would say figure out how to make it
longer and maybe you can only get 500 words at first and then you know you
have to step away for a little while and figure out how you could add to it later
oh and Chris is on good good to talk to you yesterday so this is Chris who was a
viewer and now he’s a coaching student so you’re curious if I had any positive
results powering up tier one guest posts with other white hat links I didn’t run
like many of my things I didn’t do a specific test but it is very common for
me to have a guest post in which I link to my other guest posts so generally yes
and the thing is like if you publish a guest post and you’re able to you know
put in one link to a money page hey that’s great
it may be pushing it if you link out to you know five of your pages and they’re
like all right dude that’s enough but if you link out to other sites which
may be like good reputable science they’re like oh yeah they’re linking out
to other sites that’s great it just happens to be one of your gasp
oh so the answer answer Chris yes go for it next cat says hello Doug I tried to find
up work freelancers using the template without success 14 invitations no
answers you trying to find new freelancers with private invitations
don’t use private and it’s invitations that’s my tip so you’re limiting the
reach at that point so you need to publish them just in a public way and
Yokohama says you started getting search engine traffic within one month on a new
site posting kgr articles and they’re bringing in traffic from keywords that
you didn’t focus on very cool and I’m gonna go back to the forum so I can
thank the people that did you know actually use the forum next is Ken who
says you found a key word with many modifiers for example replace my tail
light replaced my four tear light blah blah blah which have a search volume on
each car and make is it best to use them in a long post such as LSI or maybe in
separate okay basically if there are kgr terms I would probably go ahead and like
put them in their own post so if they’re kgr terms put them in their own post
there’s no like if it’s not specifically a kgr term then your finds have sort of
grouped them together and it may be worthwhile like if you can group some
together that makes sense it can all serve the same kind of user to group
them and then not where it’s actually distinctly different tom is in the
course and says can you tell me how narrow a good niche is generally not
so there’s some thinking that was out there years ago and it kind of goes back
to the question that max was asking as well it’s like these are not necessarily
like narrow niche sites like niche sites could have 500 post or whatever right so
it doesn’t really like you don’t want to brand it to narrow that you want to
focus narrowly early but then once you focus you can expand it to however you
want and let’s see here next key she says you started
implementing the kgr and an interesting thing happened
your kgr articles indexed by google but for some reason it didn’t rank for the
keyword which i would understand but two of the other post ranked at 120 for a
keyword just because there was a link in the kgr post in the latest post section
now those posts are not ranking anymore and the real post is still not ranking
basically and key she further says cuz he’s smart he says I will of course give
it time to see if it corrects itself but you’re wondering if we’ve seen that
before the answer is yes yeah yep that is totally expected and yeah I’ve seen I
see it all the time especially with a brand new site and a brand new post next
question and I’m going to try and blast through these he mance says I have a
niche site that made $100 but now it’s zero because some people did negative
SEO and you disavowed the domain and the search console but they killed keep
building links what should I do I think you have to keep disavowing them
I’m not really sure any alternative but people will probably give up if they
keep trying to do something and then it doesn’t work so I would say keep
disavowing them John says 4kg our Terms everything sounds great the way I go
through information while teaching the question is do I use keywords with when
the grammar is not correct the answer is no number two
is when is the course gonna open back up so usually quarterly John and the cost
is between six hundred and two thousand roughly so the other thing John and I’ll
shoot you an email because I have it here is I’m trying to figure out a way
where if people want to get in off the launch period that I can allow them in great I’ll hit a couple more questions
here Zack says you have a site with two top kgr product list pages best blank
under 100 and best blank for a type of user each gets a decent amount of clicks
on the Amazon links but rarely see it purchased what are my tips to increase
purchases after clicks to solve this problem so first I would sort of
investigate you know those are buyers terms which is good so I would
investigate if there are other terms that are potentially ranking and
bringing in traffic so if they are bringing in like traffic it could be the
like a user that it’s not actually interested in buying additionally you
say a decent amount of clicks the rarely sees of purchase so the thing is you
probably need a hundred clicks to get like enough data and I would expect
there would probably be you know four to ten purchases something like that four
to ten purchases per 100 clicks so if you’re not getting a hundred yet you
don’t have enough data mayoral says my sites organic traffic is increased
significantly because rankings have gotten better but your revenue remains
the same you were thinking that if your conversion rate did not change the
actual revenue should have increased because of the large increase in traffic
do I have any suggestions to fix this discrepancy so it sounds like the
conversion rate didn’t change but it sounds like less people are clicking
over or the same number of clicking over to Amazon so luckily these two
questions kind of go hand-in-hand so I would say make sure you’re getting the
right kind of users if your rankings have improved and you’re bringing in
more general traffic that’s not fire oriented then that could be the issue
additionally you know you can look at like your calls to action there’s a
video I talk about conversion rate improvements if you watch that and go
through 17 different ones and potentially you can improve the
conversion rate by like following some of those stuff mark says do I think cash
back sites like eBay –tz– are threats to long term profitability of niche
sites I don’t think so in general but I am generally uninformed mike says do I
buy Amazon affiliate sites to get past the six-month Google sandbox if so how
has it worked out generally no I’m not I’m limited by time in a lot of ways and
I generally don’t want like more sites I want to like grow the ones I have
so I usually don’t do that however I recently took over a site and it’s going
well I am NOT sharing like any more information on it right now cuz I’m
still gathering data so hopefully in a few months I can share some information
and like show you some growth okay I’m gonna come back to the chat for a
second Duke says and this is back to the question about like learning learning
and other models that disagree or at least are opposed to the one that I
teach so Duke says learn one model when you’re starting out after you’ve seen
some success and know what works then you could experiment with other ideas
agree 100% Wyoming says you’re ranking number two
for a kgr they get seventy searches per month according to keywords everywhere
and so far it’s only brought in two or three visits it’s been – number two for
three days why are you not getting more traffic the answer is to be patient the
answers to be patient and number two I mean here’s the thing you’re only
getting two or three visits hey that’s something so so four
any searches per month and your ranking number – you’re probably I mean you’re
looking at like we’ll say we’ll just round up and say you’re getting like
three searches per day for that specific term so three searches per day about
40-ish percent of the clicks or I can’t remember but it’s like forty or sixty
percent of the clicks go to number one number two gets like some fraction of
that so 15 percent so if you’re bringing in two or three visits a day that’s
pretty good so just be patient and you’ll be all
right Marv Han says what if I have a keyword with something in all in title
is something but the keyword difficulty is something should it go with it or not
google the term Marv Han and see what comes up if it looks good and you’re
like hey I can compete with these other sites that are ranking for it go for it
generally the answer is go for it worst case scenario you publish
something and then you learned with that specific criteria whether or not it’s
going to work and the keep says can I suggest any free plugin for email
subscribers on an amazon affiliate site don’t worry about don’t worry about an
email list new business says amazon affiliate is my angle with the turnkey
sites okay I would say so new visions I would say if you’re buying an e-commerce
site you’re probably going to be overpaying a lot for an Amazon affiliate
site additionally and I know people that are on here right now have purchased
sites from done-for-you services people that have purchased those sites let me
know how it went in general and new visions I published
and stuff about it and talked about it in fact I had friendly debates with my
friends who have services where they sell sites I don’t think people should
buy premade sites usually it’s a big mistake and you know for me I’m selling
the course it actually works out great for me because people end up with sites
and they don’t know what to do with it and then they need help they get my
course so for me it actually isn’t terrible but I would say most of the
time you end but something that isn’t quite right
right that that’s the deal sorry to tell you that and the let’s see Sharon says
you need to be a lawyer to understand what the actual law says with the gdpr
or whatever it is so and the thing is I called aweber because they sent out like
information I’m like what we should be prepared for and I called in to ask some
questions and they were like oh you should consult legal counsel and blah
blah blah and I’m like I would just prefer like if someone doesn’t want my
free material to not sign up for the email list like this is very complicated I’m drinking um if anyone remembers
several weeks back well several weeks back
it looks like I’m drinking urine but it’s not it’s kombucha so several weeks
back I had like one of my my vlog videos and I had their people still paying
attention by the way did everyone hear me say that so this is some black pepper
kombucha I put some black peppercorns in there so it’s like a little tart a
little sweet and like a good black pepper kick really wicks you up anybody
drink kombucha out there well tart Mart says you’re in the automotive niche you
have products any car owner can use so your market is anyone that drives a car
how can you target your market the smart way um so I would say narrow it down so
my sort of point before to like who was it where are those questions I don’t
even know anyway the point is you should narrow it down so maybe right maybe what
you could do Marc is aim for people that drive
like small-sized SUVs first right start in the narrow area so you could actually
like focus in and then like slowly add people that drive minivans
for example domestic minivans right so just narrow it down and then you may
have a better chance to like develop a following in a small area and then you
broaden it from there right so once you have a base set of audience then you
could broaden it from there and I think that’s a good way to go I don’t know
anything about like what you’re selling exactly or you know like for me right so
when I’m looking at a niche site project I’m like oh and everyone wants to make
spare money right but if if you just if you’re that in general like it’s really
hard for people to relate so it turns out because of my background in IT like
I tend to attract like professionals other IT people so by the way let me
know in the chat or in the comments like are you an IT are you like an IT
director are you support or you a project manager a program manager
director a CTO or whatever like there’s a lot of people like in that area
because I kind of I kind of like speak to that audience okay bob says you’re in
the five figure insight course new highly recommend it thank you for that
really appreciate it vision says you you are in the course and you’ll be in touch
cool yep thank you Duke is asking does the gdpr or whatever
is called applied to sites that don’t have a membership or email opt-ins I
don’t know I have a feeling there’s like some impact but it is minor most of it
is around email lists and data or at least the the context of what I read so
it was like all oriented around that because of my Aweber
membership arvind says do i have a home page with categories or a ton of
interlink page post plus and about Us page neither one of those not really
either one of those it’s more like just a regular homepage Oh winces use a kid’s
yarn you ranked on page one within six hours for a term with 140 search terms
now you check the same posted ranking page two for another term of four
hundred searches awesome congratulations and Arvind I would recommend taking a
look at a few of the tear down videos I talked about like home pages and what’s
good and bad and stuff like that and I would say just don’t have too much stuff
on there Barry says you’ve had success using the kgr and the tech side it was
originally on page three or four to start with but with time it’s ended up
on page one yep awesome Diana says when I recommend creating a narrow niche site
the answer’s no Hydra says why would someone do that buy links from spam
sites use someone else’s sites other competitors trying to sabotage you yeah
exactly oh and Diana says Oh welcome Diana you
just discovered the course and you would have loved to join in cool cool
yep and Diana shoot me an email a Doug and Mitch site project comm like I said
I’m trying to figure out how to alleviate the launch issues that I’m
having where people want to join but like they just you know they they missed
out Barney says can I provide a couple niche site examples you’re looking for
sites that I would recommend to follow you’re new to this so generally Barney I
don’t do that because it’s unprofessional to out someone else’s
sites right so not cool to do that I do have site teardowns in which some are
good and some are bad as far as as far as looking at the site structure I
wouldn’t worry about that and if you mean structure like architecture I
wouldn’t worry about that just publish everything as a post keep it simple
right don’t if you try and like plan things out I’m a project manager right
like I like to plan things out if you try and plan it out
you’re gonna end up building something that’s gonna change in the future and
you really don’t get a huge benefit from it so don’t worry about it
but there’s a there’s two playlists where I do site tear downs and if you
just search like a niche site tear down our amazon affiliate site tear down on
my channel you should find like tons of examples Barney and it’ll be hours of
stuff for you to watch I recommend 2x speed just so you can get through it and
check them out I think those will be really informative for you cuz I look at
bad sites and I look at really good sites I look at small ones and bigger
ones all-4-one says you built a new site with
kgr and it’s working well your question is you want to translate translate this
site should I build a new one with the same content or should you put laying
flags on top of it I’m not sure I don’t have any experience with doing that so I
would say do some research on any sort of duplicate content I don’t think
you’re gonna get a duplicate content again double check but I don’t think
you’re gonna get a duplicate content issue with a translation so go look at
neil patel site and he has like I’m pretty sure the same content and in
other languages so I don’t think there’s an issue with it I also expect that he
probably talked about doing that Barney says did I develop keyword Keg no but
one of my readers did are those numbers more accurate than other keyword tools
I don’t know you came across Keg keywords as an add-on keywords
everywhere gotcha so they they are like part of the same
company keywords everywhere I’m friends with those guys but I’m not affiliated
they don’t have an affiliate program but I’m a fan of the product and they’ve
been getting like big shout outs and stuff like that and actually here’s a
cool thing on keywords everywhere if you go to the I think it’s the bulk keyword
checker there’s a link to a video go check it out
I think you’ll be interested in the video so anyway
keywords everywhere and keyword tag they’re part of the same company so like
keywords everywhere leads into keyword CAG keyword CAG is a great tool I think
it’s the most economical right now just call me see says this is the first
time making one in the live video awesome usually catch the replays and
you’re watching on the Roku so you can’t comment from there Oh awesome thanks for
hopping in and let me know really appreciate it
palaces from an SEO perspective is there any value masking affiliate links no
don’t do it just for me okay so you’re asking a specific question from an SEO
perspective is there a value in masking links not that I know of and from a non
SEO perspective I would just say I’d rather just tell the visitor where
they’re going to then to try and mislead them mr. Glueck power says that drinking
kombucha but it’s on your short list for niche sites you did research on kombucha
Oh have I ever done research on come bucho focus niche sites no I haven’t but
I did do a lot of research before kombucha so I have some info on that
okay so some people were had now Barry’s leaving SIA Diana thanks for hopping on
bob says maybe you weren’t listening but there is there a program to find the
keywords that other sites are using yeah SEMRush is what I recommend there’s a
link in the description Bob and it’s my affiliate link but it’s a little bit
expensive but super valuable so a lot of times for a tool like that I’d say like
just get it for a month I mean you get a seven day trial but I would say get it
for a month and you can get a ton of keywords and in the course bob like
there’s some good information on like what you can do with some rush actually
one of the videos I’m planning on adding do to just request is to go through my
process of like looking at semrush and then getting kgr turns out of that and Chris says a full-time professional
here you’re planning on doubling your salary with my help
awesome yeah I’m looking forward to it I think I think you can your biggest
obstacle is time I totally can relate to that Barney says you thought masking
links was to stop people from stealing your affiliate Commission’s I should I
recommend you check your source cuz that doesn’t make sense to me at all so
here’s here’s like if you cloak your link right let’s say it goes to
Clickbank you cloak your link someone can still click it and then they can
just get that link right it eventually will redirect to wherever you want them
to go they can just snag that right so they could find it if they wanted to but
the thing is if someone got your affiliate link and started using it all
over the place you get the Commission’s that them right so it’s like backwards
from whatever you’re thinking barn Barney all right and there are a couple
questions here that were sent in John says what’s the process to determine
which article you will add kind extra content to a published post basically if
it’s ranking well then I’ll had more content to it your definition of well
may vary to you know whatever fits your site but I was gonna say you know if
you’re looking at you know anything in the top 20 you know is probably a viable
thing all right Dustin says what’s the best way to determine the overall
competition of the niche so it’s very difficult to determine the overall
competition and the waited you would do it is to like
look at all the keywords that you are targeting in the niche and then use a
like competition research like analysis sheet I have one in the course and it
sort of walks you through like in a systematic like data-driven way so that
you can compare two niches both with like like quantitative and qualitative
data so part of it is like sort of your impression and then part of it is like
literally data of you know number of links amount of content where they’re
ranking stuff like that so your question of like
overall competition is difficult to answer
it would take a very long time in general you probably don’t need to know
the competition of the overall niche you just need to know for the keywords that
you’re going for that’s why you would just check those Adam says you love the
content and your remember if I figured niche site awesome thanks for the
support and I’m having trouble making wordwrap work for everything here okay
while building your sites do I have any tips for the best way to supplement your
income by doing some article writing or SEO on the side so I think what I would
recommend Adam is I think right now actually I know it’s profitable is guest
posting service right so I used to have a guest posting service and decided I
didn’t want to work with clients they were mean and they they would try and
beat you up on the price but it was edging on like a six-figure business
right I mean it was like it was edging on that for a portion of the year which
I was like working on on the service and that top-line revenue like profits so
the point is guest posting is very profitable I literally get questions all
the time what guest posting service should I use
so Adam if you can do it effectively then you you know you can make some
money on the side with it so that’s what I would recommend as far as an article
writing like you know if you if you’re good and you’re qualified then you could
you know make that that work to make some some money from it so okay next
poll says is someone is hammering your site with tons of blackhat follow links
from spammy domains and exact anchors and it’s ruin your rankings what do I do
disavow them and thanks Powell for asking that art says what’s the
recommended monetization strategy for the first 10 to 12 500 word articles had
since Amazon Clickbank primary and secondary basically I wherever you’re
getting that strategy you should follow that person and ask them so I would say
don’t do 500 word articles do 1,000 words and then whatever keyword right so
I’m changing your question so that it’s more useful so you should figure out
your monetization strategy based on the kind of traffic that will come to your
site so if it is if you’re reviewing products so you could buy an Amazon
probably Amazon if you’re reviewing products that you could buy on Clickbank
Clickbank and if it’s more random than perhaps Adsense kerew says is language
learning a good affiliate niche I don’t know I’ve never worked in it but my
thought is probably it’s probably you know a good niche because people want to
learn languages so if you’re in two languages then you probably can do
pretty well a good question but I have zero experience on it sure and says
maybe you could do a video on the gdpr I have a course on it yeah you know what I
think then you’re like legally roped in you’re like giving advice on stuff I
have someone actually sent me I think there are some free courses
where they walk through like what what to do Joran says when your website start
getting good traffic do I look to had other relevant affiliate products from
websites like Clickbank or ShareASale you’ve had some good success with it so
far if it makes sense to write so if there are relevant products but I don’t
spend too much time on it actually but I think it can be really useful next oh
yeah and Derek my man says don’t forget to give Doug a thumbs up thank you for
all the awesomeness he’s bringing us appreciate it yeah oh and we’ve tipped
up over fifty three by the way I know a lot of people you know you’re like hey
wait I want to do something for you Doug but I don’t have any money
I appreciate the live sessions and all that there’s a video that I published
the other day and it’s called five keyword research mistakes avoid
these I again I published it just the other day and the cool thing is it’s
getting some good traction and I want to do kind of a little experiment and I
know if you’re watching this if you’re hanging on right now and we’re already
an hour and 20 minutes in or so you must at least kind of enjoy the content if
you could go to that video after this go to that video and watch the whole thing
right I think it’s fairly short watch it and then leave a comment and a thumbs up
and potentially even share it if you have the ability to like share it on
Twitter or Facebook or something like that I’m really curious if that will
help that video to be shown to more people I’m very interested in sort of
like the click-through rate of some of the analytics there’s like new analytics
data coming out on YouTube right now it’s more similar to stuff that’s on the
Google search console so if you’re not on the YouTube side you may not
be as aware but it’s very interesting the data that we can get in fact I think
this video is probably one of the recommended videos on this one so if you
scroll down it’s v keyword research mistakes is like the thumbnail it’s a
green background and my bald head there can’t miss it
like I said watch that video leave a comment really and I’ll let everyone
know like how the experiment goes I’m just trying to see if like more views
and more interaction and all that stuff that everyone says is so important like
actually boosts it up if it’s shown to more people so ok I’m sure this is
thankful for the answers you’re welcome Hydra says don’t you need to already
have an established website or brand to do a guest post mind giving a quick
overview of guest posting sure generally I mean you need to have a website to do
a guest post yes but established not necessarily I
mean if you have 10 posts then you’re good to go
as far as the quick overview of guest posting here’s the quick overview do
some blog commenting interact with a blogger maybe send some emails share
their stuff on social media in some manner maybe send them some emails don’t
ask for anything this whole time just be a good audience member and then maybe
after some time maybe like 2 to 4 weeks or something send him an email say hey I
was about to publish this post I think it may be great for your blog let me
know what you think and then see what they say at that point you’re not like
some random person asking for a favor alright you’re not some random person
asking for a favor you’re someone who reads their blog and they know your name
and they know who you are and all that stuff so that is the general outline and
it’s a little slow it’s a little awkward when you’re first starting out you’re
gonna get rejected probably I don’t know 50 to 80 percent of the time something
like that so just keep that in mind but if you do this high-touch method you’re
gonna get a better success and next Justin says wanted to find
students from Fivefinger niche site what’s the ratio traffic to sales that I
shoot for for example 100 visits should bring in one sale that’s about right
that’s about right about a hundred visits bring in about one sale Powell
says would adding Adsense and another affiliate program in addition to Amazon
hurt your rankings probably not so there are other factors in there but I mean if
you ended up putting too many affiliate links on the site that could be a bad
thing but just in general then should be alright and Duke says it seems that
comments on YouTube videos help with rankings just anecdotal observation yeah
and like the the word on the street right other videos that I’ve watched
it’s like the number of like the amount of watch time per impression so when it
comes down to it it’s just a conversion rate and it goes through a funnel just
like anything else so like if you find and I see Derek says add the link to the
video I will add the link the other thing is like it may actually be more
valuable if you find the suggested video because this is what I want right I want
this particular video to be suggested to people outside of my audience so
probably if you watch several of my videos you will see many of my suggested
videos either on mobile or on desktop and if you find this five keyword
research mistakes and you click on that that impression right became a
conversion and if you actually watch the full video that becomes like a great
metric to have and then on the back end if you actually interact with it leave a
comment like it share it like I think all that will be sort of
it’s like a compound effect right so I think the comments are helpful but if
someone actually watches the full video that’s a really good thing in fact maybe
watch it a few times I don’t know that seems like a good thing I’ve watched
videos multiple times when they were good justice says is the Google search
console a good way to track keyword positions the answer is not really it
gives you interesting data but the number of impressions and the rankings
make a difference so if you hop on the Google search console and you see you
ranked number one but there’s only one impression that means they tested you
out for a particular term at number one one person saw it and then they you know
something happened they clicked on it or they didn’t click on it so they test it
and that’s part of the situation there so as far as tracking I recommend Justin
sir plaid coat UK it seems to be like you know the cheapest most effective one
to use there you get like some hundred odd I think key words that you could
check out I’m not affiliated with them or anything like that okay Omar says hi
Doug I have a question I’m just getting started you’re confused about content
how much should you budget for a thousand words as you’re a beginner your
budget is medium so you should budget whatever your budget like light is right
so you should you should follow your budget not my budget but I could tell
you I paid 15 bucks for a thousand words in fact I did a video like just a couple
days ago where I said how much I pay for a thousand words and you may find it it
was a live stream so I recommend you check it out
it says how much for one thousand words I go deep into it 15 bucks is the answer
save yourself an hour just call me see says how do I feel
about using Walmart into our target instead of Amazon do I think Amazon is
overall the best way to go generally yes I die would just stick with the Amazon I
think Amazon has a bigger like market share at this point however I’m very
interested in Walmart because they’re obviously a big company and they have a
similar program to Amazon Prime actually it’s a little different right you don’t
have to join a program it’s just two days shipping and there’s like thousands
of Walmart’s all around you can like I’ve done this for years
you could order something on Walmart have it shipped to the store for free
and then you just go pick it up right so I’ve done that for quite a long time
already and I think Walmart in the coming years could be interesting could
be interesting to see how it shapes up and you know people do ask like hey well
what would you do if like you know Amazon completely ended the affiliate
program I don’t think they’ll do that by the way but what if they did well if you
have traffic on your site you’ll probably be able to like monetize in
some way Walmart would probably be like my number one choice to try out if that
happened all right and Duke is mentioning using Walmart
Sears and overstock for price comparison you’re finding that Walmart doesn’t
sorry the Amazon doesn’t always have the best price totally true and I think if
you have the ability to do that it could be you know a good way to serve your
readers better to give them a better better price all right oh yeah and
Stephen mentions just do kgr Walmart optimized articles and then you know
have the Walmart links there and Nick oh what’s up Nick I I didn’t know you were
on here Walmart is pays 4% but it’s a three-day cookie so it’s pretty
interesting so it’s a lower percentage but a longer cookie yep right cool so we’ve been at it for a
while any other questions out there let me check the spreadsheet and sometimes
people submit them as we go yeah I think we got to mull and you know a little
behind the scenes for all the friends that are hanging out for you know push
in an hour and a half here the submission form just gives me new ideas
for questions right so people ask questions so I can just do a video and
or a blog post just like that right so it’s pretty cool and I could tell
everyone sort of like what I’m what I’ve been working on here so I have I have a
couple things coming up so one is I’m doing planning right so for a while I’ve
kind of been on a treadmill of producing content for a while was blog content for
a while it was YouTube content a little over a year actually published a lot of
videos of growing the channel from about I think it was like 600 or so in early
2017 and now we’re in the like mid six thousands or so small modest channel but
for me a lot of growth and if you look back at some of those videos from not
even that long ago they’re terrible they’re just terrible it’s pretty funny
that it’s actually a video on my list to make just to look at how awful the
videos are from back then but I kept at it stubborn I persisted I kept making
more videos I got better a little bit better and I’m sure when I look back a
year from now I’ll think that these videos are awful but you know I’m
growing and I’m learning the point is um sort of planning ahead a little bit so
that all have you know content banked up I’ll have a buffer so I’m probably going
to not publish as many videos over the next say six weeks
yourself and it’s not gonna be crazy right I think I’m going to still do like
one to two live streams per week and maybe publish one to two videos as well
so we’re still talking like three you know maybe two to four videos per week
in general but I’ll be able to plan out a little bit more and I’m having
Mackenzie my assistant helped me with more pre-production work so I could be
more effective on like the stuff that I’m better at versus trying to you know
spread myself too thin so I’m planning a bit trying to get ahead of the ball here so that’s interesting
and you know part of that is like just working ahead a little bit more and I
hope what that coughing didn’t help it so basically I’m looking forward to it
because an interesting thing happened and if you were around in the February
timeframe you know that I published McKenzie and I published me McKenzie is
my assistant there’s a video with her that where we talked about this stuff
but we published like 60 videos in February and it wasn’t that bad like
especially looking back but like each day we knew what we were gonna work on
we planned ahead for like 10 days before that and like we were less stressed out
when we were doing that then like afterwards right so March and April it’s
been a little bit more of a scramble there’s been other stuff going on of
course but the point is like planning like remove the stress and I’m I want to
do that again so looking more at like hey what videos are coming out this
quarter or what are we doing so pretty excited about that and then to that end
I know a lot of people watch Alex at WP Eagle right give give me a shout in the
chat I see some questions I’m going to come to in a second but if you’re a fan
of Alex at WP Eagle planning on doing some collaborations here pretty soon we
have some pretty cool ideas so we’re emailing back and forth
and I’m excited to work with him again it’s been great just doing links back
and forth and likes sharing the audience and it’s a great it’s a great audience
that he has at WP Eagles so keep an eye out for that probably be coming out in a
few weeks this is a little wrench I’m throwing into the mix with all the
planning but I was like this is a great idea Alex I can’t wait to work on it so
I think it’ll be really cool and everyone watch out for that
okay Pierre says do I have any recommendations regarding a guest post
service generally no no I haven’t used the service from the Hoth of which I’m
an affiliate that’s the only one I mentioned so I know they I’ve heard very
good things about it and then I’ve heard mixed results from it the Hoth in
general great service fantastic service really well done
they’ve just been growing and growing adding more and more services and
they’re very good so that’s one that I would recommend as far as when to try
out as far as the recommendations for like getting a service for guest posting
like anything I’ve used I wasn’t really happy with it to be honest with you
Omar says do I have any recommendations for content writing the Hoth has one
that’s pretty good other than that there’s a bunch out there I prefer to
hire my own folks just generally so no Curtis says have I considered doing drop
shipping no I haven’t and Bob our seven Eagle says alex is great
the Eagles hang together that’s right yeah and if you don’t know WP Eagle
check it out he’s more on the you know WordPress side but he has a ton of
content on Amazon affiliate stuff really smart guy
and he does WooCommerce of WooCommerce implementation for Amazon affiliate
sites which I never I’ve never messed with it but it
seems to work well for him and when you put like my strategies together with his
will reminds more content heavy and then his with an automated WooCommerce if you
keep it under control I think you can you know blend the two together this is
one of those deals where like when you blend the right ideas you can get
something really great pratik is on and i think things are winding down a little
bit so so if you have more questions let me know
pratik says there is a problem Google many times is showing zero results for
all in title now do you mean is showing like there are zero results or just like
no results and you know to be honest I haven’t checked in the last couple days
here but to my knowledge it should be an issue I haven’t heard any other people
complain about it alright cool or not you know shooting some videos in the
last couple days trying to get ahead for this this little stretch of the next
four to six weeks sort of sort of planning planning to I take a little
time off the other part with all of that in bob’s asking if he should tell lawyer
jokes yeah I think I think we’ll are will be alright Brandon says thanks and
Prateek is saying that my keyword playlist is not a proper link thanks for
letting me know I probably copied and pasted it and wrong Evans on what’s up
Sharon’s out of here have a great weekend yeah you know what it looks like
those list didn’t get done right so sorry about that folks
I must have copied and pasted it wrong it’s kind of funny the how these links
work so okay quick note I know it’s sort of winding down if people are just
joining up one favor you could do for me if you’re interested in doing
favours there’s a video that is probably recommended it’s called five keyword
research mistakes if you have the ability to and you want to do me a favor
if you can watch the video watch the whole thing and then leave a comment and
like it and maybe even share it that would be great I’m sort of doing a
little experiment and I may ask some more people to do this a little
experiment to see if you know like me just literally asking people to like
give a little love to a video will help it be suggested more it has like very
good metrics on my end from what I’m measuring some of the best that I’ve
done and it’s it’s interesting because YouTube is releasing more like analytics
it’s like in a beta format but it tells us like the click-through rate and the
amount of watch time and stuff like that for a particular video which is really
close to some of the data that we can get from the Google search console but
now it’s on the YouTube side like I said it’s new they’re just rolling it out
like we had no knowledge of this stuff before so my my thought is you know can
we boost this can we together work on this thing so let you know if you’re
able to do it that’ll be awesome to help yeah I appreciate it thanks alright just
call me see great to have you on and Brandon said you’re gonna check out the
video thanks man appreciate it Powell says do I consider web 2.0 links is a
grey hat method the answer is yes yep the reason why grey hat implies there’s
a lot of black pepper in this Khumbu – you’re really potent so grey hat denotes
something that is against Google like webmaster guidelines and building links
to improve your rankings is against the guidelines thus what 2.0 would be grad only
see card smart saying there are some problems with Google data centers that’s
maybe why there are no results in the all in title and they’ll fix the problem
soon I think D card is on top of it current events
data centers and stuff like that okay it does seem like it’s winding down thanks
everyone for hopping on and I’ll just I’ll do I know there’s a little bit of a
delay if there’s any any other questions from the folks that just joined up like
Evan or or maybe um pratik or or anyone else
any other questions awesome alright and I think everyone have a good weekend it
looks like there’s not gonna be any snow for at least a couple days here so
that’s that’s going on which is good so sunny and warm wearing shorts right now
Evan says you have a philosophical question maybe for next week alright
sounds intriguing feel free to submit it in the form the bitly link that one
actually does work thanks everyone for hopping on appreciate it we’ll see you
next week although there may be a slight schedule
change next Friday maybe taking Friday off maybe we pull
this in to another day so I’ll let you know I’ll schedule it as alright
everyone have a great weekend see you next time


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