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ever since I’ve moved my table to be in front of this window, I just don’t get any work done, I’m so happy admiring this view all day long. And especially in the sunset; even though the sun is in the other direction, the sky -you can see the whole spectrum. just gorgeous obviously the colors move as it gets darker, so it’s so interesting to see different colors evolve, and it’s just like *sigh* the world is beautiful. I’m trying to look for some scarves, before I go out, because apparently it’s really cold. I’ve been working on the vlog, and some homework, up until now, and for dinner, I’m gonna go to the mall because I wanna get a mattress pad, I’ve been very uncomfortable. I gave my old one to my sister also just browse around, walk around a little bit. cause I’ve been in this room all day. kind of excited to get back into like, snowy season so fun to.. be completely decked out in… oh I don’t look good. we’re gonna go thrifting today! because savers has a half off event going on, and we thought we were coming early, but we show up and there’s like no parking, and cars are parked on the lawn and… it’s chaos. but we- i think we found a space. why is that lady backing up? -because she’s gonna try to take it but she’s not gonna take it
-oh okayy -because this person’s leaving and it’s hers okay I painted for around four hours, and now I’m gonna get to my other homeworks for academic classes. where’d you go again? -uhh the arts festival – in brooklyn *sigh* okay I’m gonna have toast for lunch., I’ve not much to say- just gonna go to class. there’s a 20 minute break, so I just got a bowl of salad. and I don’t like dressing, so I eat it with… Sriracha. the mood is so crappy today- it’s rainy outside, and I’m kind of sick still, so just gonna eat this and go back to class, only… around three more hours left… until I have to do homework all night I had to carry a lot of stuff on the way back. and I’m actually really surprised I was able to another browl of greens, paint bag… so heavy project here I bought this for the next assignment bucket of supplies, *sigh* so I checked out a few photos that had to do with crowds… and just masses of people here, hoping to develop some motifs and it was just a completely random decision, so… some random studies I did with free handing, I eventually drew this line drawing, and I want it to be repetitive, which means the edges have to line up. top to bottom, left to right, so you can use tracing paper to help you guide that continuous line and THEN, made another line drawing, that would help me transfer onto HERE, so now what I have to do again, is to put transfer paper on here, place that and then… trace it again. -you’re supposed to sit up when you drink *shhh* -did she die good morning… it’s not really morning because it is past 12:30. and I never wake up… anytime past 10. I’m somebody who gets kind of thrown off… when my sleeping rhythm does that to me so I woke up early morning, I kind of had a fever, so I was like “I’m gonna sleep for another 20 minutes” and take dayquil. I meant to finish the carving last night. and what you see here is… a setting of some frustration and tears, because oftentimes when I have a fever and I’m sick, and I’m trying to do work, that’s frustrating to me, I just start crying and- especially this one, where you carve, it requires a lot of arm strength, and my arms are just super sore cause sometimes your body aches when you’re sick, and I cut my thumb on accident, obviously… and this isn’t the first time this year, I had a fever like… a few weeks a- no- a couple months ago, and I was stuck reading a really long thing for a class, and I remember I was just like crying for an hour while reading, because I was like *sobs* it’s like a coping mechanism, and it actually helps me so I was just carving a crying, and afterwards I felt a lot calmer. I’m feeling a lot better today, but I’m- *sigh* hold on- I love eating spicy foods- but does anyone else get really light headed because of how much you inhale? my lips look like they have more color because of the spicy ramen, but no, because if you hear me cough, you can hear phlegm come up, and normally that’s near the end of your sickness. having comfort food- this is not the healthiest, but I had a lot of broccoli and spinach yesterday, because a lot of vitamins. the trick is to wait until your mouth is so numb, from the pain, that you can just eat it freely., that’s like *gasp* *sigh*. I think I am basically done. crazy board, that I completely underestimated, but once I started it, I knew I had to finish it, and it kind of turned into an obsession, with ocd so now that I’m done I kind of don’t know what to do with my life. kind of like a love hate relationship overall pretty satisfied, I’m still unsure how clearly it would print… When I finally roll paint on it, and how similar it looks to the original drawing that I did, but we’ll see. I think I deserve some chocolate. you know how I went to savers over the weekend, so I never showed you what I got first thing is this random peacock chair, I’m not sure if it’s for a potted plant, or a doll but I thought it was really cute, so gonna somehow display this in my room i’m not huge on… collared shirts or button ups, but I love the embroidery here, and pearls, and this floral fabric as well, I just like it, so I wanted it of course a yellow sweater by ralph lauren, and a turtleneck. and then 2 more button up short sleeves, I’m pretty sure it’s for like eldery women, just by the… style these just remind me of the floral dresses I have, and when tucked in, they don’t look bad. especially this one, you can tell, it has like shoulder pads, and also the front has this tank top that’s attached to it so it reminds me of what a grandmother might wear a big plaid scarf that I thought would be nice for the winter then a couple more belts, they tend to be like one dollar, or three dollars and I think that the rest of these are just Tyler’s sweaters I think he got each of these sweaters for… almost four dollars? four/five dollars. it’s nice basics- this one especially. it’s really heavy- it’s from LANDS END so… hauling his sweaters and I’m gonna wash these I’m tired… but I’m in quite a good mood because it’s my last day of school before thanksgiving break, so… that just makes me happy. it kind of just… *sigh* I’m just studying… so… my table’s just covered with study material yesterday, I went to the- kind of like the library or collection area, of school, where they have free magazines, or media, and I managed to find some van gogh VCRS I don’t have a player here, but I do at home, so it’s pretty cool I can put them in. This one is a film, and this is a documentary this is just really pretty, I like the cover of it so, yay!! wow, this is 1989 i really wanna see Lady Bird, but I think it’s in select theaters right now, saorise ronan is one of my favorite actresses, I really loved her in the Lovely Bones, and Hanna- the movie Hanna was questionable, like the direction, but I still like her. and it has 100% on rotten tomatoes, which I’m surprised about and it’s rated R so yay ! I’m old enough to see it! -it’s the hedgehog thing!! -this one we can use when we cook. -yeah -and I got u this bich I’ve been meaning to get around to order them online and I never did and Annabelle got them for me thank you so much I love it *heheh* okay I’m finally getting around to test out the print block, and I’m first gonna measure out the increments, so hopefully I can get a good, matching print whyyy I hate it when this fucking pencil isn’t sharpened enough how much paint should I put? *gasp* okay… hold on… I think maybe I should shake that much better. that is satisfying. yeah, I’m totally crooked I just want it to come out evenly if anything pLEASE even worse!! somehow it seems that I miss the middle everytime okay… better… *laughs nervously* *hums* YAAAY *friends playing in the background* I tried out the blues from the palette I got my sister yesterday and I got a little gift from YSL, thanks so much to YSL for this, they sent me their “THE SHOCK” mascara, and I’m gonna try it out right now. in black, number 1, and I’ll see how it goes! wow it smells good I don’t know why, I always have a tendency to small my mascaras I love that it splits my lashes really well, it’s really nice as of now bristles comb through my lashes really well, it must be the spacing it might be helpful to wipe some off, so it doesn’t clump I don’t think I curled my lashes as well on this side I always forget to do the lower ones first I really like the brush and how it interacts with my brushes, but it seems to hold a lot of product, so you have to be careful when applying, don’t wanna accidentally put a huge clump of mascara on there, but overall, I like it I hope that once it dries, it holds the curls well, and overtime doesn’t smear when I blink throughout the day. the sun’s almost setting, and we’re about to go out to dinner, but while I’m waiting on people to show up, I’m gonna put on this tattoo josie maran sent this to me in the summer, and I never even got to use it I’m thinking my collarbone? I hope it worked…? I love how dainty it is… if anyone knows the constellation, let me know it’s 40 degrees out- and yes I’m having ice cream it was my first time at Ben & Jerrys, and they have a very good vanilla but their kids scoop costed $4.50, Which is… really pricey so… I don’t think I’m gonna go back there and yes, I always get vanilla I’m back from running errands, all I did was mail out my depop sales today is the start of my thanksgiving break, and I’m gonna start editing this vlog, which is why I’m signing off now I’m really grateful for you, and all the time that you spend here, for all the positivity, the love and kindness, that goes on in this community, it’s something that I think about, and I’m very very grateful for everyday after I get a good chunk of work done, I’m gonna go to New York actually and visit my boyfriend’s family and maybe, hopefully, see William it’s nice to get some relaxing time in thank you for hanging out with me- I hope you have a great rest of your day or your night, bye! *series of ridiculous sounds*


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