Reach Right: 5 Tips to take your Affiliate Email Marketing to Next Level.

Hi I’m Sunil Gupta & head Reach Right vertical
@ Octane – A robust alternative to the current genre of Spam rich Affiliate Email Marketing
in India. Because of its massive reach & cost effectiveness
compared to other digital mediums, Email Marketing has evolved rapidly as an effective means
of direct one-o-one communication. But, unlike in countries like United States, Canada, and
Australia etc., there is lack of strong Anti-Spam laws in India. This provides safe haven to
Spammers who own non-opt-in subscriber bases & use them for email carpet-bombing.
Digital Marketers under the burden of on-going ROI optimization on their digital spends,
tend to go ahead with such spammers who offer dirt cheap prices. It has been impacting organizations
heavily with Brand reputation going for a toss. In many cases, unauthorized, deceptive
email communications are sent out by spammers, to generate fake leads, leading to brands
loosing face in front of their prospective customers & impacting their reputation.
Reach Right is an initiative by Octane to help advertisers reach out to opt-in email
subscriber bases, offering highly segmented campaigns leading to effective engagement.
As Email Marketing specialists, we would recommend below practices to help marketers explore
full potential of good affiliate email marketing. 1. Understanding your Target Group – Not
every product is meant for everyone & in many cases, the end consumer is not the final buying
decision maker. Understand your TG & break it down into realistic attributes like demography,
behavioural, financial affordability etc. so you don’t end up reaching out to subscribers
who were never your prospect. This would help you save money & at the same time prevent
you from the agony of subscriber who would find it irrelevant.
2. Choice of Email Publisher (owner of opt-in email base): With TG in place, look out for
publishers which would provide most relevant subscribers. Always inquire about the source
of opt-in email base from publishers & avoid ones who own bought/stolen base. In case of
agencies, try inquiring about the publishers which would be used. In most or rather all
the cases, agencies tend to not reveal the end publisher’s name. Choose agencies which
are absolutely transparent in terms of disclosing the name of publisher or buffet of publishers.
This would help you choosing the ones which would go well with your brand & show compatibility.
3. Email Communication: Even the most promising prospect would fail you if your email communication
isn’t drafted well enough. • Have multiple subject lines & multiple
versions of creative. Employ A/B testing to choose the best performing one for continuous
optimization. Sometimes, a simple text mail works better than a swanky looking HTML design.
• Keep the email creative crisp & as light as possible. Remember, email communication
is a great way to arouse interest in the subscribers so they click on the creative to reach the
LP for a more detailed insight & convinced enough to click the required action button.
• With majority of audience going mobile, Responsive Mailers is a must.
• Personalize your email communication to the extent possible. It helps get the initial
level of trust & connect. • Tracking Pixel/UTM tags is recommended
as it helps marketers analyse campaign results on real time basis & optimize future campaigns.
• Do ensure that before the email campaign goes live, it is thoroughly tested on your
seed list to check for any rendering issues or going to spam box. 4. Execution: Timing your campaign is as critical
as the above points. • While there are preferred Time & Days
for executing email campaigns, it varies between industries. Employ A/B testing & review analytics
to figure out the most prospective day/time for future campaigns.
• Additionally, instead of going at full throttle, phase out your campaign as it gives
you leverage to optimize for better results. • Multi-Channel Approach – e.g. SMS along
with Email is another options which can help your campaigns perform better 5. Follow-up: Follow up your campaign with
re-targeting strategies. Do remember, frequency is extremely critical as you may not want
to annoy your prospect/client by over-doing it.
We hope the above practices would help you do your Affiliate campaigns the Right Way.
Do remember, Email Promotion should always be vetted by both the original opt-in email
list owner (Publisher) & advertiser & they mutually agree to do it only if it adds certain
value to the end subscriber. Underlying Statement: Email Marketing no more
remains just a lead generating channel but if employed well, can provide cost effective
alternative for Brand Building.

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