Recovery update after tornado hit Carl Junction six weeks ago

RESULTS BACK. TODAY MARKS SIX WEEKD SINCE AN EF-3 TORNADO RIPPED THROUGH CARL JUNCTION NEIGHBORHOODS – AND WORK CONTINUES TO REPAIR THE DAMAGE. ACTION 12’S GRETCHEN BOLANDER JOINS US LIVE IN THE STUDIO. GRETCHEN, HOW IS THE RECOVERY GOING? ANDY, IT REALLY DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU ARE – SOME HOMES HAVE ALREADY FIXED THAT ROOF OR SIDING DAMAGE. BUT OTHER SITES HAVE BEEN DEMOLISHED DOWN TO THE FOUNDATION. AND IT’S NOT JUST BUILDING DAMAGE FOR SOME HOME OWNERS. Deb Davidson, CJ Tornado Victim: “Thank goodness for crab grass and weeds.” Gretchen Bolander: Not something Deb Davidson of Carl Junction would normally say. She loves her trees and flowers, or at least how they looked before May 22nd. Deb Davisidson, CJ Tornado Victim:heavy equipment had to come across the yard to take out 305 root balls, uh had to fix the sewer line 08 so that ripped u pthe yard 10 She stopping counting lost trees at 250 and knows even working through the summer can’t repair all the damage. Deb Davidson, CJ Tornado Victim: “The perennials, dogwoods, redbuds 40-50 year old oak.” Still Davidson is thankful it wasn’t worse. Her house sustained some minor damage. The next street over some houses had to be demolished – something that’s rare in this recovery effort. Steve Lawver, CJ City Admin.: “21 that qualify, only two or three that have.” So the focus is on the 317 homes needing some repairs.Steve Lawver, CJ City Admin.: “Lots of roofs have been repaired, siding, windows – garage doors are back in.” The city has spent more than 200 thousand dollars on debris removal and fixing a broken sewer line. And that’s causing some damage to city projects unrelated to the storm.Steve Lawver, CJ City Admin.: “We won’t be able to spend money on uh resurfacing asphalt. You know we had to use that street budget just to be able to get the debris out of the way.” THE CITY OF CARL JUNCTION STILL HAS SIGNIFICANT CLEANUP WORK TO DO IN CITY PARKS. ANDY, FOR NOW A COUPLE OF TRAILS ARE OUT OF COMMISSION, BLOCKED BY MASSIVE OAK TREES, THAT’S THE THOM STATION AND LAKESIDE TRAILS. THANKS, GRETCHEN. SAME SONG, DIFFERENT VERSE AS THE FAR AS THE WEATHER WAS CONCERNED TODAY.CHIEF

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