Reiki Store Affiliate Program

welcome to our reiki store affiliate
program my name is Gary Malone the Reiki store affiliate program is run in
association with Clickbank the online retailer if you already have a Clickbank
account and ID you can get started straightaway by clicking on the adjacent
get started button now you will need a free Clickbank account and a Clickbank
ID in order to promote any of our products and earn Commission on the
sales generated from your marketing activities so if you do not have a
Clickbank account and Clickbank ID at the moment please go to
and click on the create account button to set up your free account now once
you’ve set up your Clickbank account and you have your Clickbank ID you can go
ahead and join our free affiliate program by clicking on the adjacent get
started button now if you’re already a reiki store affiliate member you can log
in below using our members login form once you’re logged into the members area
you can access all the affiliate marketing tools and bonus training by
clicking on the image below finally if you need any help or support please
contact us via the contact form below please bear in mind we’re based in the
UK so depending on your location and your time zone we will normally respond
within 24 hours Monday to Friday and 48 hours if you contact us over the weekend
thank you for your time if your interest in promoting our Reiki store products

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