Reports and Payments

in this tutorial we’ll be doing a basic overview of our reports our reports allow you to keep track of how much money you are earning performance is the first sub tab you will see when you click on reports they will help you monitor daily clicks sales conversions and publisher commissions there are multiple options for populating our performance report depending on your need you may choose to run a performance report by website advertiser link or even by a specific action like widget or product for this example I want to see how well I’m doing with my advertisers for the past month additional filters allow me to drill down further and pick a date range as seen here I have a great visual with my graph that highlights my publisher commissions for this time period and I can save download or bookmark this report and even customize the columns the transaction report sub tab allows you to dive deeper these report options provide more details into the Commission’s you are generating and being paid for in this example I’m pulling a commission detail report to show all the Commission’s that have posted in the last month the last sub tab highlights your balance details which gives you a general snapshot of your balance and your current commission statuses Pat occurs on around the 20th the month but only happens if you’ve earned enough close Commission’s to meet your minimum payment threshold your count minimum payment amount can be found on the account tab then review your administrative settings for a quick look at your performance check out the performance summary on the home tab of your account this is a great way to see how many Commission’s you’ve earned for specific time frame this was a basic overview of your reporting options to answer more detailed reporting and payment questions please visit our support center we have a payment section located on the home page


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