Restoring Dirt Bike Exhaust To Better Than New!

And what’s going on guys so back here we have half an XR80. This is my girlfriend’s bike We’re just going through cleaning this thing up piece by piece turning out really good so far but what we’re gonna be doing today is something I’ve never done on the channel before and that is Exhaust ceramic coating so a high heat coating that’s going to cover the exhaust system from front to back Really durable coating and it’s gonna take the place of all the rustiness And crustiness that’s on the exhaust right now and by the end of the video This system is gonna be looking prime as you guys can see this exhaust is pretty old and crappy looking now It’s a nice exhaust system. It’s a full bbr setup and they don’t make it anymore, but definitely worth fixing up Wow cannot believe someone let this nice pipe get this crusty. Where do we even start? Just gonna pull everything apart. Actually it drill the rivets remove the can Pop off the end cap remove the packing take off the heat shield and just completely go through this whole system Alright we’ve got all the rivets drilled out see if we can wiggle this English, what are you doing rusty it’s coming now Wait Not too bad Does it look like that packings in too bad of shape, but we’re gonna have to go ahead and replace it Anyways while we have this whole thing apart Pop it off the core Mmm, and that’s about it for the muffler. Can I’m going to go ahead and Recoat this as well looks like the anodizing is pretty faded and scraped up. So that’ll look nice all cleaned up – ooh These heat shield bolts are a little crusty Stripping out on me. See you even get the front one out See they’re stuck in there pretty good guess I’m just gonna to drill these things out So I got one of the bolts drilled out I’m gonna see if I can spin the guard and get this other one loose Pretty frickin hot though That didn’t work so there’s couple drill out both of them actually Make it move you a little bit At least we got one of them Sweet now for the bolt that I had to drill out. I’m gonna drill a hole in the center of it Hopefully that relieves some of the pressure on the threads Then I’m gonna heat it up Jam a Torx bit in there and hopefully thread it out see if it works And now that I can get to the threads I’m gonna spray some penetrating lubricant on it Hopefully loosen things up in there. And now for the Torx bits. I’ve got this whole set here. I’m just gonna find a size That fits right inside of there Hopefully I feel like pounded in there That should work All right here is moment of truth Hell yeah, she’s coming out Always does the trick. All right, the exhaust is completely apart So the parts will be coating are gonna be the pipe itself a can a heat shield and the end cap So these pieces I’m gonna be be blasting Over here in the blast cabinet, and then the pipe is pretty crusty and rusty so off to use something more Aggressive like a scotch-brite wheel and then while I’m over there gonna clean that up with the wheel as well I’ll show you the wheels. I’m using over here This is a more rough type wheel it’ll rip right through all that rust and then this is a finer wheel and It’ll clean up the core really nicely And of course whenever you’re doing any sort of sanding or grinding you want to use a nice respirator. This is a 3m brand I’ll link it down below and a set of glasses and one tip I learned from one of you guys actually is When you’re not using the respirator throw it in a ziploc bag like the one I have down there That’ll keep from crap getting inside of there Everything is now scotch-brite, ‘add and be blasted ready to spray out, honestly I’m super tempted just to leave this pipe how it is. It turned out unreal those scotch brite pads really works magic on steel Seriously guys, if you do not have a set of those pads in your bench grinder you are way behind the times boy I will link them down below So I’m gonna draw up the same boss two pieces Into some acetone let them soak for 30 minutes and then wipe down the pipe with acetone this part I’m not gonna coat and then after the acetone gonna bake them through the oven at 300 degrees for an hour just for a gas out that ensures there’s nothing left on the part and Makes for a good bond with this Erica Now the seracote I’m using for the header portion of the exhaust is a high temp air dry and cobalt color so it’s like a dark charcoal and So I did some reading on the air dry product and seracote highly recommends applying it over a blasting surface So I’m gonna have to pop this pipe in the blaster and prep it up alright So now we’re at the point where the pipe is that? Sandblasted ran it through the oven for a gas out and we’re ready to spray So what exactly is the ceramic coating? So it’s a really thin hard coating that has great resistance against corrosion rust abrasion and chemicals you spray it out of an eight to be a P gun like this one here and To cure it you can either run the part through the oven or they have air cure options like this one here So the brand I choose to use seracote They are undoubtedly the leader in ceramic coatings tons and tons of colors on the website and their their customer service is unrivaled So it’s a no brainer now for the air care product indices to be shaken up really good Poured into the gun and it’s ready to spray really simple now The reason I went with a Eric here on this pipe is honestly I didn’t think it would fit in the oven So I just wanted to be safe and I bought the air cure product. However, I could have used an oven cure product as well Color is looking really good. So it takes about a half hour for it to tack up and to fully care It’s about five days. So don’t want to get the exhaust hot within those five days now for the muffler can I will be using a oven cure cobalt so that same dark charcoal and I’m gonna mix it at a Twelve to one ratio for a semi-gloss finish so I’ll be using twenty four milliliters of the cobalt to two milliliters of the Catalyst and I like to mix it up in these little glass beakers here I think this color should look pretty cool. It’s like a shade under black and not quite grey So kind of a unique color, so if you guys are going to be doing lots of painting sanding or grinding in your shop I would definitely recommend getting a ventilation system like an exhaust fan So this thing sucks all those fumes and dust right out the side of the shop when you’re painting you literally can’t smell a thing and then Sanding here or grinding with the buffer here sucks all that dust right outside got a speed dial here on the wall Thing just absolutely rips just sucks everything right outside and during the summer it’s pretty nice having cool air come through the shop, too so I bought this one on Amazon and installed that a couple months ago pretty easy to install just how to wire it up and Cut a hole inside the shop, but for those of you that are interested, I will link it down below in the description So now I’ve had this sitting for 15 minutes and now it’s time to pop it in the oven for the curing process Now for the gun I’m using is just a cheap Freight one but whatever one you’re using make sure it has a point 8 millimeter tip and then when you’re spraying you got to make sure it’s going on wet if it You’re spraying with too low of pressure or from too far away It’ll end up with like a dry film and it’ll be super textured and uneven Now the last two pieces I’ll be coding are gonna be done up in burnt bronze So you guys are familiar with this color? One of my favorite colors and we’re going to be doing this at a 12 to one ratio as well What do you guys think It’s pretty cool color combo. I like it now to finish her up. We’re gonna need some four-stroke exhaust packing This is Lex brand snagged that from Rocky Mountain. I’m gonna need some high heat RTV sealant for the seams Rivet gun and some rivets now whenever you’re working with packing I would recommend wearing some gloves and a long sleeve You don’t want those fibers getting into your skin. So we’re gonna have to cut down this packing a little bit Actually, if I go this way should be able to uses out of it So I’m pretty much just gonna cut this right in half down the middle Now before we start rolling you want to make sure your core is clean and there’s not a bunch of carbon buildup on it So it’s pretty simple just start rolling it up and you don’t want to go too tight The purpose of the packing is to have some volume and absorb the sound if you pack it too tight It’s really not gonna absorb the sound too much. We’re gonna do about one full roll. I’ll overlap it a little bit All right till there Clearly I didn’t do a very good in art class. It’s not a very straight cut Just roll her up. And then we’re gonna use some masking tape to secure it Grab the muffler can we’re gonna make sure this isn’t too tight of a fit inside of there Once again, you don’t want that packing super super tight Yeah, that’s about a perfect fit right there. So we’re gonna put a little bit of sealant right around this ring here We’ve got a pretty roached out tube of RTV here. Come on. I’m on a budget don’t judge just Gonna press this setup together now Put a little sealant on this as well Slide these two together try to tuck all that packing inside of there Make sure these rivets are gonna fit in there Looks like the right size so For those of you that haven’t seen the workings of a rivet. These things are pretty cool. I’ll show you what’s up with them So there’s a pin in the middle and the rivet gun pulls the pin Through this outer casing and creates like a bullish end on this side and That’s what binds or holds the two pieces together that your riveting So you just feed the rivet into the gun and I’ll show you what it looks like when the rivet is coming together See how it’s getting a little bit Moist on the end pardon my lack of a better word for it so you can see the pin is coming down in the casing And then when you squeeze it, it’ll actually break the pin off inside Then drops out of there and now the rivet has a nice clean look on the outside with that pin sheared off and I get a hold of it with the Rivet gun and give it a little pop Wow pinch my nipple The felts of fresh hardware for the heat shield and end cap So let’s get this thing finished up and I’m gonna use some anti-seize so these bolts don’t get stuck like they were before Alright guys, we are a hundred percent done Now that it’s all together actually really dig that color combo goes well together So, let’s see how it matches up with the rest of the bike Dude it’s amazing. What a little elbow grease will do. I think this setup looks better than new So for you guys looking to do some exhaust coatings You can do this stuff on a four-stroke exhaust like we did here or on a two-stroke You could do it on the pipe and silencer and I think it would look pretty sick to have this pipe clear Sarahx coated to protect all that heat treating. I did really tempted to do it So yeah you can get really creative with all the stuff that seracote has to offer so I would recommend heading over the website and Checking out all the colors. They have I’ll link their website down below and let me know down in the comments section What color you think would look good on exhaust? Really appreciate you guys taking the time to watch the video and in the next couple videos You’ll be seeing the CRT 50 really pumped to get back to work on it You guys want to see a little behind the scene teasers of all the projects? I’ve been working on head over to Instagram and check out my page I’ll put the username right up here on the bottom of the screen. I’ll see you guys soon. Keep it Prime

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