Restoring Dirt Bike Radiators To New!

I’ve got a fun little project I’m gonna
share with you guys here is the radiator set off of my Oh three cr250 and when I
started out with them they were completely mangled all twisted up dirty
and corroded so I’ve got him straightened out and cleaned up but now
I’m gonna see how close the new I can get him to look so the radiators
actually don’t look too bad they’re pretty straight and clean but I’m gonna
go through and straighten out some of these fins and I know I can get that
finish to look better and here is going to be my weapon of choice for cleaning
up the radiators a little dremel tool with brass and stainless wire cut at change of plans I came across these
scotch-brite attachments in the shop and I’m hoping that leaves a more consistent
shine the wire cup seemed to work alright but the finish is a little
spotty the scotch-brite attachments work a
little better but still not quite the finish I’m after and as you can see they
wear out pretty quickly but I’ve got another tried-and-true option I’m gonna
explore the good ol scotch brite wheel on the buffing machine this should be
magic that definitely did the trick however I
think the dremel tool with the Scotch by attachment would still work pretty good
in some of the tighter areas all right the next step is pretty
straightforward just gonna go through and straighten out some of these fins
using a small flat blade screwdriver should be able to get these sides
looking good but the back sides are pretty rough it is going to be tough to
get them perfect so I’ve got these things looking pretty
good really happy with the outcome and it didn’t take too much work either the
majority of the feds are straightened out but on the backside here like I was
saying earlier there’s some damage that just isn’t repairable shouldn’t affect
their performance much though I hope you guys picked up a tip or two from the
video like always all the tools and supplies used throughout the video are
down below so please go use those links and if you haven’t seen the video of me
straightening out these radiators yet it is pretty amazing just click this box
right over here to go check it out that’s it for today thanks for watching

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