Resume Tips for Designers – HOW TO STAND OUT

we’re gonna talk about how to build a stand out resume for designers and out resume why is that important you don’t really need a resume to get a job in the design industry but it’s also very helpful just to have one in hand the first thing in the resume is to have everything listed out in reverse chronological order in some cases the most recent might be the most relevant right right okay and the next thing is to be consistent I think this is very key especially if you’re applying as a designer because as designers what do we do we organize information we make sense of things and we have to pay attention to details so if you get sloppy on your resume that’s the first impression that somebody’s gonna see in like mmm this person didn’t really think this all the way through they didn’t think their system out so it’s very important to be consistent in everything that you do as a designer and in the contact info you should be including your name website portfolio link your email and phone number those are the four key contact info and for education people often just put their college and university for education but this is also a space where you can put let’s say if you went to the Adobe MAX conference that’s something that you can include under the education section I think one key thing about this is even if you’ve graduated college and it shows that you’re persistently learning constantly learning at and another section that you should include in your resume is the awards and recognition and here you can put if you were featured in a gallery if you’re on a dings list if you received a certain scholarship if you were interviewed or you know featured on some website or anything that you’re recognized some of these things are actually quite nice especially if it’s a you know a third party if it’s outside of your school it’s kind of nice and there’s plenty of organizations compass competitions and things where you could submit your work so it might be nice to add a cup notches on your belt to show that you’ve been recognized by the design community at large and also the last section is your skills and here you can put your software skills or hardware skills so the software skills will be the things you know the Adobe suite cinema rhino or whatever and you can also put machinery skills like if you know laser cutting sewing book binding those are skills too and this is optional you can also put personal interests I wouldn’t list down all the things that you’re interested in but it’s just to show them foyers what you’re a little personality this is where you can just add a little bit of you in the resume and something I’m gonna talk about the do’s and don’ts so don’t include an objective statement so I guess the asterisk here is don’t put an objective statement that says I want to get a job right you don’t want to do anything to do like that but I think if there is something clear that helps make it a little bit more distinct about and what your goal is with your entry for potential employment then you could put something very very pretty out there and don’t include proficiency levels and skills this is what we’re talking about where they have a full bar kind of like zero to a hundred and they’ll miss down like right here at the Photoshop it’s almost to a hundred and it’s just confusing to me because I think there’s so much to learn in Photoshop especially After Effects there’s so many plugins there’s never an a hundred percent and also don’t be overly creative I put this in quotation marks because I have a certain definition for them they look like this where they kind of look like infographics they’re just it’s too many tricks in the resume all right all right so recap Emily what are the most important things that our audience should be walking away with today as they go and make their resumes I think the main objective is to keep it simple keep it consistent and also legible I’m for three key things that you need to overall should be in a resume right I think that’s the design aspect from it as far as them the content of it it’s very important to curate and edit down only show me what’s relevant and customize it for the employer because different employers are going to look for different things and don’t just send out a generic resume personalize it for that particular alright studio or agency that you’re applying for [Music]


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