Riverdale is a mess… (part 4)

So now that the Riverdale hiatus is almost over, it’s time to take a look at what’s happened so far and season 2B or like, whatever it is they’re calling it. Obviously, I’m assuming we’re all caught up now before the new episode starts, so nothing is off the table Or if you just here for the funny funnies, you know, just sit back, enjoy yourself! First off, we have to address the big eye rolling reveal and that is, of course, agent Adams the FBI agent! This is one of the most frustrating plot twists trope things like ever invented. Now first off, we’re introduced to agent Adams just kind of out of the blue like he’s been watching Archie and wants to take down Veronica’s dad because he’s in some kind of like shady business or whatever so basically he blackmails Archie into helping him that agent blast What did he want? Apparently the FBI is assisting in a crackdown on undocumented labor Stay the hell away from my dad! Scary, isn’t it? How quickly I could make things… difficult, for you and your father? You said he’d be protected, you gave me a frickin contract! Now initially we see Archie get pulled in a bunch of different directions like: should I help the FBI agent? Should I be loyal to Veronica and Mr. Lodge? Can I protect my dad? That kind of thing I love you, Archie, but we can’t keep dating unless you understand something about my family, about my father Look I wanted to protect you from this, but every day you’re getting in deeper and deeper and The truth is Archie, my dad, he’s… He’s a- A mobster I know Ronnie I’ve seen all those movies (giggle) What? You know everything about this cause you saw it in a movie, Archie? Doctor, the patient won’t make it. Pshhh, no worries, I got this! I watched like, three seasons of House once, we’re good Is this important by the way? But it turns out and spoilers if you’re not caught up, but like, at this point like, whatever, right? So it turns out it’s all a lie. The FBI agent was a FAKE! Planted by Veronica’s mom to test Archie’s like, loyalty or whatever.. Mrs Lodge, I would never, ever, Do anything to betray your family, I swear. So you’ve proven to me, these last few weeks. Hiram and I unbeknownst to our daughter Enlisted one of our closest associates to approach you, say he was an FBI agent investigating Hiram. Agent Adams isn’t real. ARE YOU SERIOUS? So you’re telling me that all the emotional tension and investment that I put into this story arc was for nothing?? This is like if someone asked you to prom and then they show up on prom night and just give you the finger. The old “HAHA just kidding” trick, but the point here It just ruins any credibility that the show used to have which let’s be honest wasn’t a whole lot going into season two But like whatever right? it’s the TV version of “Just a prank, bro!” If I wanted this kind of thing I’d just keep watching Pretty Little Liars, okay? A lot of TV shows and movies do things like this to make it seem Smarter than it actually is but really this kind of like Story trick thing is just lazy more than that though, this means that the show doesn’t have to take responsibility For anything that happens going forward. I mean with this twist I basically completely checked out emotionally, because Anything at any time could be a lie or a trick or a dream or whatever. Like, I get that this was supposed to show Archie making a choice between Veronica and her family versus his own sense of life justice or whatever and there are several much better directions They could have taken this whole thing But having the FBI agent turn out to just be some like community theater actor or like whatever like I’m pretty sure the writers of the show just Didn’t know how to wrap up the story thread so they just kind of pulled the old like Days of Our Lives Trick of having everything mean nothing, haha It was a trick bet you didn’t see that one coming cuz there was no hint Whatsoever because we actually didn’t plan ahead this far, and we kind of painted ourselves into a corner And we couldn’t quite figure out how to get out of it, so bad the other main sort of story point B plot thing is the introduction of Betty’s brother chick so the story goes that when they were younger Betty’s mom got pregnant and decided to give it up for adoption Unbeknownst to Betty’s death now fast-forward some years later and Betty and her mom track him down to try to introduce him back into their lives. It sounds pretty interesting, right? [Betty] Charles? Charles My name is Alice Cooper. This is my daughter Betty We’re I Know who you are The sisters gave me your address when I turned 18 When they kicked me out. We never really get into too much detail But we learned that Chic is some kind of like webcam streamer, dude or whatever But like the way they portrayed in the show is like it’s some kind of like sinister dark profession done in dirty hotel rooms But like had the writers of the show never heard of twitch or even like snapchat? People livestream stuff all the time! This is like the least surprising thing he could be doing in 2018 something about Chic and his narrow Do well profession is so enticing to Betty especially now that she’s getting into her dark alter ego Or like whatever that she wants to try streaming to which is fine I guess but again the way the show portrays this is just so weird like just watch this. We’ll start with why I webcam One of the reasons is to make money the other reason is to escape [Betty]To pretend to be someone else. [Chuck] It’s a way of getting away from the darkness I feel inside me, too Can You show me how to do that? Well scary music Dark lighting fog machine cuz like you know why not? Can you show me how to stream online? Sure, I mean I was just gonna play some League of Legends on Twitch like I don’t know what all this is for besides if you Make the room too dark No one could see how your gaming swag behind you to prove that you’re a real nerd and then Betty start streaming but again it’s like I mean the fact that she streams online is really just one of the more believable things that happens in this show and Even the fact that she puts on a wig and dresses all sexy or whatever like that’s actually pretty accurate to be frank Hello, but like the way they package it here in the show It’s like okay, so Riverdale’s target demographic is young people OBVIOUSLY right? Teens to young adults But the way the writers write the show sometimes It feels just like those local news stations when they try to talk about like what teens are doing nowadays even though they feel like No idea what they’re talking about at all Approachable attractive people giving you the news you already saw on the internet like eight hours ago. It’s the local news Coming up are your kids spending any time at all on the computer like ever Well you thought the black hood was bad news get ready for internet live streaming If you want to show betty going down a dark path towards Lucifer’s Lollipop have her start making musicllys there’s no turning back from that now on a slight tangent I’m just gonna call it right now. Okay, so Chic is gay. This is pretty obvious at this point they’re hinting at it really strongly and Sometime by the end of season two he’s gonna be accepted into the friend group and he and Kevin will start dating. Place your bets now kids! So things were starting to finally get a little bit interesting in the second half of season two But like they totally just shot themselves in the foot by having the last several episodes mean nothing a huge Chunk of what’s happened so far with Archie, Veronica, and her dad and all that it just basically wasted all of our time What’s going on with Betty and her brother still has some potential to take us to an interesting place. Maybe but like between you and me I’m not really holding my breath here. You know I’m saying hey everybody. Thanks so much for watching Just to clarify a couple points here as I watched this video back And I realized maybe it wasn’t so clear on a few things the reason why this agent Adams thing Upset me so much is because it’s I mean it’s really common in like the teen drama world something important happens to them Haha, just kidding There was a lie like that kind of thing it really bothers me because it means that there’s no sense of Permanence to anything like anyone’s actions or anything that happens in the story like at any time can be taken away so What that means is that there’s no weight to anything? There’s no meanings like any event can be retracted at any moment So it’s like why should I care what happens then because at anytime you can just take it away from me the other thing with Chic, I realize he’s not actually streaming on twitch I realize he’s doing something different But the point I was trying to make is just like you know in today’s world Live streaming doing Internet video like like me hello I mean it’s not like so so common like everyone’s doing it But it’s relatively common like it’s not really that rare of a thing now to have someone do live streaming or even Webcaming whatever like it’s not that shady. You know secret of a thing like a lot of people do it I feel like you know the way. They show it in the show It’s like this like the darkest evilest thing like oh man Betty’s really going down the drain But it’s like I mean she’s doing something that like lots of people do Just for fun And so like I don’t know the way they’re showing it is kind of Disingenuous to how it actually is I feel like but anyway. Thanks so much for watching Don’t forget to subscribe follow me on Twitter tweet at me I try to respond to everything I get send me a message Tell me what you’re thinking Follow my dog Charlie on Instagram Charlie meets pumpkin check out the Patreon if you’re interested it’s just 5 bucks a month you get behind the scenes stuff you get early drawings You know it’s just to help support the channel you get early access type of stuff You know if you understood check it out, above all let’s have a great day everyone. I’ll see you all next time

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