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(light music) (typing) – You know, it just hit me. We’ve been on the road for a year now. – Yeah, that’s crazy. – We’ve definitely learned some
tricks of the trade though. – True, true. – Actually, do you think
we should make a video of all of the accessories
that have even helped us survive this past year? – Yeah, let’s list em out. – No, no, no, let’s do
a cheesy dream sequence. – Okay. – But what is it? – I don’t know, it’s like
our windows are sweating. – It’s on the inside. – I’ve heard about this
stuff called humidity and it’s like water in the air? – What, we don’t have that in California. – Uh. – Is it contagious? How de we get rid of it? (dramatic music) That’s better. Hey babe, you ready for lunch
after that long move in day? – [Jason] Yeah babe, that’d be great. – Alright, I’ll get it started. (rattling) I’m on to you today. (rattling) – Where’s the pepper? – In the cupboard but watch
out for the (rattling) spices. Alright, I’m gonna catch ya this time. (rattling) I’m gonna fix this once and for all. That’s better. Alright, ready to lose? – You wish. (buzzing) – Uh. (buzzing) Ow. (buzzing) Uh. There’s even one in my drink. (buzzing) Alright, I can’t do this anymore. – Now, let’s finish what we started. – Yahtzee! (coughing) – Alright no, I can’t do this anymore. – That’s much better. Cheers to not having smoke in our face. – I’ll drink to that. The ground looks a little
soft, we should probably put down jack pads. – Yep, that’s always fun. – Lower! – Okay. – Wait. – Huh? – K. – K? – K, lower. – What? – What? – What? – What? – What? – Lower. – Oh, go. – Oh wait. – Okay. – K. – Are we good? – This one’s good. Only five more to go. – Okay, only five more to go. – Uh, another muddy campground. – Yep but we have our snap pads now so we don’t have to deal with that. – Ready? – Yep, let’s hit the road. – Alright. – Oh no. – What is that? – One of the trailer tires is low. – K, well let’s look up someplace
I can fill up to 110 psi. – Yeah. I’m not finding anything. – There’s nothing around. – Should we call roadside assistance? – To fill up a tire? – We don’t have any other choice. – Alright. – Ready? – Yep, let’s hit the road. – Alright. – Oh no. – What’s wrong? – One of the trailer tires is low. – That’s alright, we’ll be back on the road in a couple of minutes. (playful music) Alright, ready to go. – Okay bye, love you. Bye, no, you can’t come. You can’t come today. Get back, I’m sorry, get back. Bye, bye, love you! Oh, you think she’s okay? You think Carmen’s okay? You think Carmen’s okay? Carmen woulda loved this,
you think she’s okay? – Oh, it’s 90 outside and our campground has had some crappy electrical this week. How do you think Carmen’s doing? – Let’s go back. – Whoa, it’s 90 out. How’s Carmen? – Let me check. Yup, Marcel says power
is on and temperature and humidity is in range, she’s good. – Alright. – So what do you think? – Yeah that was a little
cheesy but also pretty cool. – I thought so to. Oh, I can’t forget, I
need to add the bloopers at the end because people
say that they love those and we also can’t forget
to ask our viewers to like this video and subscribe
to join our getaway game. – We should also ask them
what their favorite clip was and if they have any other RV
accessories they wanna add. – Yes, totally. So I guess we’re done? – Yeah. – Alright. Hey babe, you ready for, sorry, I forgot. Hey babe, you ready for lunch
after that long move in day? – [Jason] Yeah. What else you want me to say, I forgot. – You’re aim (laughing) – [Jason] Well what do you think, you think I’m gonna be able to stay in this and your face over there? – I do. – I can barely fan myself. What is this? – None of your business, just drink it. Shut up. – Ew, it just so happens that (mumbling). – Oh God, I hear something big. Do it one more time, sorry. Hold it up. What’s your deal? – [Jason] Because that very end. – Yes, what do you mean? You know what, this is. – [Jason] This is torture and I feel like you do it on purpose. – I don’t do it on purpose. Another muddy campground. – It’s not that bad, who cares? We got the only permanent
jack pad solution. Thanks to our snap pad. (laughing) Another muddy campground. – Shut up. – What are we gonna do? – Why are you like this? Come on, I wanna get out of this sun. – You just suppressed my heart. – I don’t suppress your heart. – Nope, we have snap pads now. Oh yeah. – I’m such an idiot. Oh no. – Line. What’s wrong? – Just say, oh no. Damn it. Oh no. – What? – One of the trailer tires. Oh no. – What is that? – On of the tire trailers is low. I said it wrong again, didn’t I? Oh no. – What? – One of tire trailers is low. – Oh no! A whole entire tire trailer? – Shut it. – Whoa, it’s 90 out, how’s Carmen? Okay. – All good, power’s on and it. – Yeah, that’s crazy. – I forgot my next line. Of all of the accessories that have helped us even survive this first. Video of all of the
accessories that helped us. Of all of the accessories that have. – But also pretty cool. – I already forgot my line. – Right? – Right? Okay.


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