– I was trying to make
myself look like a clown. (energetic music) (child screaming) – It’s finished, that is so cute. I think I might cry. (rock music) – Alright, I love you. – Dad’s leaving on a trip getting all the snuggles.
– You smell like banana ears. – Oh. – No you don’t you smell… – Nini – Yummy. – Do you wanna go give daddy hugs? – Aw. I’m gonna miss you. Don’t forget me. – You’re gonna be gone for a few days. (baby coos) – Alright and I’m going with my brothers and Blake’s coming with me. – You boys have fun. (band music) – We have a full van,
every seat is filled. We’ve got our cousins
Ali and Luke with us. Where are you Luke? Ah, there he is. And we are headed to Fun Run. We’re excited that they
can spend the day with us to make the time go
faster while dad’s gone. Are you excited? (kids talking) Yes, oh we’re so excited. Let’s go. (techno music) (kids yelling) Are you guys warming up? – Yeah. (techno beat) (kids screaming) (energetic techno music) (child yelling) (techno music) – We’ll we made it to San Diego. (techno music) – Here’s all my brothers. (men laughing) – It’s edited out. (exciting music) – The high is 96 degrees here today and I’m so grateful for an indoor place where we can come that’s air conditioned and the kids can get tons of energy out. (kids yelling) I’m hoping they go home very, very tired. – Hey sweet girl, I miss you. Oh look at her hair. – With you. – I love when you do her hair like that. – It has to stay on the orange sofa. – So when we get together,
one of our favorite games is we do trick shot horse and Granny Jo (group shouting)
just made an amazing trick shot. – Throw it over jump through
the (group drowns out speaker) – What? catch it on the other side. – What? (men shouting, talking and laughing) – I can’t fit through. (men shouting) – Oh, first try. He got it. (uplifting music) (men yelling excitedly) – I (mumbles) (men yelling) – He got it. – I’m still in, no letters. When I get together with my brothers, we do some tough stuff. (men laughing) – [Brother] Oh Brett has… (men laughing) (fun music) – Oh my goodness, what did you find? – It’s like a little house. – It is. There’s like a whole city over here (kids yelling) that you can play in. Oh, they’re in the play station. She’s just happy wandering around. I couldn’t find matching socks today, (baby talk) so we’ve got one yellow and one pink. (fun music) So the kids have created
an American Ninja Warrior course here and they’re trying it over and over again and it’s really fun. (rock music) – Do you want to go on the other slide? (baby yells) (kids yell) – It’s nice to have kids that are old enough to help with Janae. (group laughing) – Wee. – Of all the things here, I think this jumbo slide was the biggest hit. (kids screaming) They just keep going. Playing hard? Is that fun?
– Yeah. – Are you tired? – Yeah. – A bunch of tired kids,
mission accomplished. – Oh, you think we’re tired? – Yeah, we’re not tired. – Oh no. – K, we’re going for it in the bucket. – No. – [Men] No. – Can anyone get it in the bucket? – It’s one or zero. – Ooh. – [Men] Aw. – So we changed the game a little bit where we all do the same shot and each of use gets to pick one. (men shouting) I was the only one to
make this first shot. (men shouting) – Got to get a bucket in the bucket. – [Men] Oh. – Oh. – So mom just made the bucket in a bucket. It was amazing. (men yelling) – We’re cooking up some
loaded nachos for lunch. I just put Janae down for a nap so the kids are going to attempt to play quietly inside for a little bit. There is one rule, it’s
don’t wake Janaenae. – Corn chips – What are you going to do Caleb? – Make Muddy Buddies with Luke. – It’s a gluten-free dessert. We sewed two pieces
together we didn’t want to so now she’s taking it out. You win? – Or we learn. – You’re doing a great job Lisie. (kids talking) Alright, now we’re gonna stir those up. (stirring noise) Alright, now we need a topping. So this is a very
kid-friendly treat to me. Good job, load it up. – Perfect. – The dress is done. (kids talking) for the little teddy bear. (kids laughing) – Let’s do it. – Cousin fun. – Do you like being
with your cousins dude? – Uh-huh – Pop it in, right? – Pop it in. – Oh that’s… – We melted it down and
now we’re gonna pour it on top of here and stir it up. – He’s pouring it and I’m stirring. – K. – Here’s the final product. – It’s finished that is so cute. That is awesome. Good job Ali. – Ooh this is gonna be yummy dude. (mom and kids laughing) – It’s flopping. – It looks like chocolate. – It is chocolate. – I’m wondering if that was enough. – You think it’s gonna need more? We followed the recipe. I’m stepping in to help finish this up. Powered sugar would get
very messy without my help. Here’s the recipe in
case you want to try it. (slow motion squeaking and banging noise) – [Ghostly Voices] Oh. Perfect timing.
Wow (mumbles)… (slow music beat) – The saddest thing just
happened, I think I might cry. I just killed a baby bird’s nest and it was completely on
accident and I had no idea, but now there’s like all these broken eggs and I’m so sad, I just want to cry. So what happened is we
have this like shade thing and I opened it because
I wanted some shade cause it’s crazy hot out and I don’t want the kids to get sunburn. And as I was opening it,
it looked like there was tons of like twigs in it or like maybe some sort of a nest, but I wasn’t thinking birds nest at all. I was thinking like hornets or something. And I was like what is
that thing over there and so Isaac went and
grabbed me a mop handle. And I was just trying to
get the twigs out of it so I could open it all
the way and make sure there was no hornets or
wasps that we’re gonna bother my kids and so I knocked it down and it went sliding off and it crashed, I heard a shattering
and then I looked down and there are crashed eggs
on my little back deck. Oh this is so sad. I feel so bad for that mommy bird, like I just, I would never ever
ever have hurt little eggs. Oh, now I have to clean it up. (deep breath) Kids are moving the
trampoline into the shade. The water feels so nice (boy talking) cause it’s so hot. (water splash) – Watch this vloggers. (splashes water) – Whoo, that was quite the splash. (spashes water) – Whoo. (chiming music) What are you eating? – A peach. – Did you already have yours? – Mmhmm. – How was it? – I love them. – Snack time is peaches
and sugar snap peas. – What ‘cha doing? – Doing my eyebrows. – Pretty. – I’m going to do them
way better than last time. What’s blush? (makeup products banging around) – Helps your cheeks be bigger. I guess darker? – Sometimes I’m amazed how much life gets packed into a single day. Time to start making dinner. – I was trying to make myself (baby yells)
look like a clown. – Is that why you did you face (baby yells)
that kind of whitish? – But after we clean off the other stuff, I’ll just make my face white again. – Like a mime? – Yeah. (fun music) – (mumbling) No-no, no-no baby. – Goodnight (mumbles) – Did I do too much? (fun music) (splash in water)

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