Sambo E&C contributes to society by laying the foundations for great things to power progress to move people to advanced development and to connect humanity Sambo e’en sees core strengths are in the construction of diaphragm walls pilings roads and tunnels and now having companies in Vietnam Hong Kong Taiwan as well as Singapore assemble ANC is ventured into new markets such as South Asia and the Middle East all the while maintaining its commitment to providing the best total foundation construction services from its beginnings Sam Bowie and sees growth has been driven by a vision that has global expansion and customer satisfaction at its core and strengthening its position by constantly seeking the next generation of civil engineering talent thereby providing fresh perspectives to ever more challenging projects but at the heart of Sam Bowie NZ’s corporate culture is an efficient project management system that never loses sight that the core technologies are only part of the overall project samboni NC is a world-class company as evidenced by the numerous contracts and awards we have received in over 30 years of business from the coveted ISO 9001 certification bestowed upon us in 1998 as a company with a truly global reach samba en si has recently been honored by the Korean government at the 47th traders awards ceremony in recognition of the over 20 million u.s. dollars in earned in export revenue Sambo en si continues to develop itself as a world-class engineering company and some of its most recent projects show the diversity of its skills and abilities for example the si waha tidal power plant the largest tidal power plant in the world due to come online in 2011 it will generate two hundred and fifty four thousand kilowatts and supply the electricity needs of half a million people the recently completed incheon bridge is the sixth longest and fifth highest bridge in the world it is the first usage of cofferdam technology in korea which is a temporary structure designed to keep water out of the excavation when a bridge foundation is being built the Gong Cal resort will be one of the largest resorts in Korea when it is completed in early 2011 covering one million three hundred and seventeen thousand 387 square meters it demonstrates the broadness and diversity of sambo ANC’s capabilities after successfully completing the syn wall song nuclear power plant Sambo has refined its design to create the four reactors of the Singur II nuclear power plant which is being developed with research and technologies developed exclusively in Korea coming online in 2014 it will feature a radically new approach to reactor cooling outside of Korea Sambo E&C is putting the finishing touches on the downtown line subway system in Singapore using our own innovations such as couplers and shot cranes this line will run underneath intersecting train lines 17 metres below street level regardless of how difficult the site conditions may be Sambo en si has pioneered and developed proprietary equipment and refined technologies that can create stable large-scale foundations and retaining walls in any type of soil condition both on land and in a maritime environment in high-density urban sites our trench cutters can bore holes up to 100 metres deep with minimal vibration and ambient noise this is a very important consideration as newer construction projects are needing deeper foundations in tighter spaces our inventory of excavation equipment makes it possible to successfully execute Foundation and board pile projects in even the most extreme conditions Sambo en sees expertise built over years of Road building has also made it a reliable partner for the construction of rail projects which have presented challenges such as making vibration resistant foundations for high-speed railways as well as tunnels through soft rock and over as well as under bodies of water another area that Sambo ANC has proven to be a world-class company is in marine construction for bridges port facilities and platforms marine bore pilot is a specialized discipline and often the conditions of weather and tides pose formidable challenges Sam Bowie NC owns all of the necessary equipment Jaka barges cranes and hydro as well as vibro hammers to tackle the most sophisticated projects properly efficiently and most important of all safely both Sambo E&C is now a recognized leader in application of solutions for all types of foundation construction needs it is hardly any wonder then that it is continuing to grow in new markets enjoy leading positions and established ones and all the while laying the foundations for progress development and prosperity

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