Sambucus Elderberry Syrup AMAZING COLD/ FLU FIGHTER

Hi, I am Quinn CJ, and thank you for stopping
by my channel. In this video, I’m gonna be describing to
you the benefits of Sambucus elderberry syrup, so make sure you stay tuned. Elderberries are the actual fruit from a plant
known as the Sambucus plant. It’s also known as the elder or the elderflower,
and it’s located particularly in Europe, and in North America. There’re many reported benefits of elderberries. In this video, I’m gonna be talking specifically
about the Sambucus elderberry syrup, which is derived from the plant. How does it work? There’re many health claims regarding the
Sambucus elderberry, but the ones that have been proven are the fact that it has been
shown to boost immunity, decrease mucus production, and aids in fighting the flu and colds. Elderberries are rich source of vitamin A
and C, which is crucial in helping maintain optimal health. What does that really mean? Well, it means due to the vitamins that are
inside of the Elderberry syrup, it helps to fight off cold, and the flu, and if you already
have symptoms of a cold or flu, the Elderberry syrup can make the symptoms way more tolerable. It’ll decrease the mucus production, and decrease
the length and severity of your symptoms. Studies have shown that patients with the
flu that were given the Elderberry syrup recovered an average of four days faster from the flu
than those that didn’t take it. The actual Sambucus berry, it looks like a
really dark purple berry, and the syrup is also the same dark purple color. It doesn’t taste awful to me. I take it, and I give it to my children, and
in my opinion, it tastes like a very strong grape juice. Not the sweet kind, but the 100% natural juice. I take one tablespoon, three or four times
a day, or however long I’m feeling bad. For the kids, I do actually put the table
spoon in water, about four ounces of water, and I give it to them twice a day, so usually
in the morning and at night. Now, there are some precautions, and one of
the precautions is against taking it for more than 12 weeks. That will be taking it every day for more
than 12 weeks, don’t do that. Now, there’re also saying to not take it if
you’re pregnant, or you’re breastfeeding, or if you have a non-autoimmune disease. There are also some drug interactions, so
you all make sure you talk to your doctor before you start taking the Elderberry syrup. This is my bottle of Sambucus, and as you
can see it’s been well used. I actually pick it up at my local health food
store, but it’s also available online at Amazon. I was able to find this particular brand,
it’s the Nature’s Answer. I’ll go ahead, and leave a link below this
video in the description box, so you can pick it up if you’re interested. I’ll leave some links to where you can research,
and find out more information about the Sambucus elderberry. Myself and my children have been using it
for three or four years, and for us it definitely works. When we start to get a sniffle, or a runny
nose I start to give that to the kids, or I take it myself, and like I said in a couple
days we’re all good. There are so many benefits of elderberries
that have been talked about, and researched, so guys empower yourself, make sure that you
check those links under the description box, so you can find out more of the information
in a greater detail than I explained in this video. If you have questions for me make sure you
leave them down in the description box, and I’ll make sure I answer them. Thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope it was helpful, and you learned
something. I appreciate you again for watching. Make sure you subscribe for more information
like this, and I will talk to you in the next video.


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