Samsung Galaxy Apps 2017 – Top 5

what is up guys my name is Mario and if
you own a Samsung phone you should stay tuned because on this video we’re gonna
check out five of my favorite apps from the Samsung Galaxy Apps 2017 platform on
number one we have the animated gear the animated gift is an extension to your
camera it is comparable with the front-facing and rear-facing camera that
american feature will allow you to take real time gift image using either one of
the cameras this feature is great if you want to post an animated image in one of
your social media platforms or send it in a text message it is very easy to use
you just need to open your camera app swipe the screen to the right hand side
using your finger select the animated gif feature press the button to take the
picture without letting go once you’re done you just let go of the picture
button and it will automatically save the recording as a gift image well
number two we have the Weather Channel app for Samsung The Weather Channel app
is a very well-known app but most of the people downloaded through the Google
Play Store I have used this app for many years before realizing that there was a
version dedicated to the Samsung phones after installing the Samsung version I
realized very quickly that it felt much smoother and the user experience was
very crisp the colors and the overall panels feels more fresh and updated
while you still get the same layout functionality and features when I
compare them side-by-side there’s not much of a difference when it comes to
the layout or the widgets themselves if you’re currently using the weather app
on a samsung phone I highly recommend that you go and download the samsung
version and let us know your experience number three we have the optical reader
the optical reader app is a very underrated feature to have on a phone
this is one of the apps that you don’t need until you need it and when you need
it you may not have the time to look around to find one what this app does it
allows you to take pictures of multiple documents and combine them into a single
document it also allows you to scan a document by itself which you can save or
send immediately you can also extract the text from a physical document and
edit it in one of the word documents from your mobile device as a bonus you
also get to scan a QR code these are all features you probably are aware or you
probably never heard of but having this available when you need them probably
will save you a lot of time and number four we have the odd Locker for Samsung
internet this app will allow you to Blagh muscle they add word that pops up
when your phone while you are using the Samsung internet browser it will allow
you to complete with different filters for a particular language it allows you
to select particular sites that you want to block the ads from or even select the
sites which you don’t want to block the ads once you install the app you just
need to go to the browser settings click on the extensions go to the content
blockers and enable or disable it as you desire overall it does a pretty decent
job blocking the unwanted ads from its site remember this app only works for
the Samsung internet browser and it will not work with the older browsers you may
have installed in your phone and no more fire we have an app called kids mode
this I will allow you to switch your Samsung device into kids mode which will
block your user interface and will only allow you to use predefined applications
in the kids mode app this app is great if you’re around kids and you often find
yourself letting them play with your phone this app will allow you to block
the kids from accessing any of your contacts pictures or applications once
you open the app it would automatically activate the kids mode and the only way
to get out of it is by entering the pin number
the app will come with many free games and others that you can pay for but this
app will keep the kids from ordering any of the games as it requires a PIN number
this app will give you an extension control as you can manage what contacts
they can access in case you want them to call someone for an emergency also you
can give them permission to use some of the apps that you already have installed
on your phone they’ll be able to use a camera to take pictures and later view
them but it will keep all your personal pictures out of their reach I have used
Samsung phones for a long time now but I never even bothered to even check out
the samsung apps platform I know that some of these apps you can probably find
them in the Google Play Store but remember if they’re actually found
inside the App Store for Samsung it means they’re mainly gonna be compatible
with Samsung phones so definitely go check them out there’s gonna be some of
the apps really there’s not a much of a variety you can find in there but if
there’s one that you think it’s interesting let us know in the comment
section below and we’ll see if maybe we can make another video and cover those
in the video thank you for watching and remember if you enjoyed this content
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