– [Jeremy] How was the Harry Potter party? – Awesome! (upbeat music) – Once upon a time when I was a grandma. (hollow slapping sounds) – [Jeremy] I don’t know that she knows what to think about that. – I can’t do it. – [Jeremy] You need to hit harder. Really hard. Harder! No, I’m just kidding.
– Ow! (laughing) – Can you try it? Naenae, can you try it? Ohh. A great start to a morning. – Yeah! – [Jeremy] Man, you guys are weirdos. I just want some milk. – But look at this bed head. – [Jeremy] I know. – That’s impressive. (“Flight Of The Bumblebee”
by Rimsky-Korsakov) We went running. – [Jeremy] With the stroller. – [Kendra] We did. Janae came with us. – [Jeremy] You’re heavy. We love you. – Guys, I’m breathing really hard. It wasn’t that far of a run. (Jeremy laughs) What is that, huh? This is called a clipper. You wanna feel it? Yeah, it kind of wiggles, it vibrates. I’m gonna cut Caleb’s hair. Do you want to help me cut his hair? – Mmm! – [Kendra] Okay. All right, Caleb, you ready for this? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Uh-oh. (Kendra laughs) Uh-oh, something’s happening. She’s so curious about this. – We must’ve done this when
she was napping last time. – [Jeremy] Yeah, I think so. – It? – [Kendra] This is my
favorite part of the haircuts. – [Jeremy] Really cleans it up. This is the ticklish part.
– It does. It’s also the most risky part. Like at any moment… it could all go downhill. (Jeremy chuckles) The hair is really itching him today. He’s not liking it. (Caleb giggles) My next victim. Mwah ha ha ha. Do you want a mohawk, or a buzz? What are you wanting? – I want a line straight down the middle, and then up right here. (Jeremy laughs) – [Kendra] Coming right up. (Isaac chuckles) I feel like I’m mowing a lawn. So Isaac has really thick hair, whereas Caleb has finer hair. What kind of hair do you have? Poll question up here. Do you have straight hair, curly hair, thick hair, thin hair? Curious. – This piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, this piggy had roast
beef, this piggy had none, went wee wee wee wee all the way home. Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. This little piggy stayed home. This piggy had roast
beef, this piggy had none. This piggy went wee wee
wee all the way home. (Laura giggles) I did that when you were little like this, now I get to do it when you’re bigger. – [Jeremy] You did it
to me when I was little. – I did. (laughs) – [Elise] Dad, it’s your turn. – [Jeremy] My turn? – This piggy went to market, (laughing) this piggy stayed home. Your dad is pretty ticklish. This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none. This little piggy went wee
wee wee wee all the way home! (Jeremy laughs)
See? (laughing) – (laughing) You got me. She’s still got it. So the reason my parents are in town is my nephew is getting baptized today. – [Janae] Up. – [Jeremy] Big step. You got it. – [Janae] Up. Whoa. – [Jeremy] Do you want to be in here? – [Kendra] Naenae, can you say car? – [Janae] Wow. Up? (squeaking) – [Jeremy] Life is good. – [Kendra] Naenae, can you drive? – [Jeremy] Honk honk. So Granny Jo was watching
some J House vlogs while she was here, and the
kids popped over to watch some. We almost never watch our vlogs. What are you guys watching right now? – [Elise] The Unicorn Challenge. – We’re watching so much
that we’ve never seen. It’s so weird, like I remember
them, I haven’t seen them. – [Jeremy] You haven’t seen it, yeah. That was a fun challenge. Granny Jo is doing Elise’s hair. – I don’t want to brush them out. – You don’t want to brush it out? You just want to leave it like that? – Uh-huh! – Hmm. – [Jeremy] (chuckles) The 1920’s. – Yeah, I feel like 1920’s. – We can put like a
braid in it, or we can, you know, you can figure
out what hair stuff you want to go with your dress. I can do other stuff. – [Jeremy] Sassy pants. Did Granny Jo do your hair too? – [Laura] Mm-hmm. – [Jeremy] So did Granny
Jo do your lipstick too? – Yep. Only a titch. – [Jeremy] A titch?
– Mm-hmm. – [Jeremy] How was the baptism? – Great. – [Jeremy] These cookies are so cute. CTR for Choose The Right. (pleasant music) So after the baptism,
we’re coming to Pizza Ranch as a family. (pleasant music) The pizza place has this basketball room. (echoing chatter and yelps) Oh, he got you. So you’re doing an
enhancement on your hair? – Uh-huh. – [Jeremy] The bow placement
is particularly awesome. Why did you put it right there? – So that it looks pretty. – [Jeremy] It sure does. So we’re getting ready
to mow for the first time this season. Kids are clearing out the yard. There’s a bunch of sticks and stuff that need to get picked up. Thanks for helping. – [Elise] Uh-huh. – We’re headed into Walmart. We gotta get a birthday
present for our cousin, Luke. So what do you think he would like? – Probably a Lego set. – [Kendra] What do you think, Caleb? – Maybe his own like little plastic broom. – [Kendra] You think he
would like a plastic broom? Oh, like for Harry Potter? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Oh, got it. I thought you meant to like sweep. (Caleb laughs) Harry Potter Lego area. – There isn’t really
Harry Potter Lego sets. – [Kendra] Hmm, ‘kay,
so what else do you guys think he would like? – Another superheroes Lego thing, or another thing related to Harry Potter. – [Kendra] Is this the decision? – [Isaac] Yep. – [Kendra] Why do you like this one? – His name is Luke, and it
has Luke Skywalker in it. – [Kendra] Nice. He’ll love it. – [Isaac] Mm-hmm.
– [Kendra] ‘Kay, let’s go. One dollar. And 98 cents, I don’t think
that’s gonna fit, dude. – It works. – [Kendra] It works for the most part, should we just get some tissue paper? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Do we have everything? – Yep. – [Kendra] We’re wrapping
the present in Walmart, because we’re running out of time. Caleb, tissue paper usually
goes inside the bag. I think Elise knows how to do it. – I do. – [Kendra] Lisey’s finishing it up, giving it that magic touch. – [Elise] There it goes. – [Kendra] You want to carry it, Caleb? – Mm-hmm. – [Kendra] Mission accomplished. Birthday present, done. – [Jeremy] Poppy Keith
requested some stories from Laura about when
she was a little grandma. – Once upon a time, when I was a grandma, I was making mac and
cheese, and a wolf came, and I punched it and kicked
it, and I did not die. (laughs) – [Jeremy] How old were you
when you were a little grandma? – Forty-sixty years old. – [Jeremy] Forty-sixty. – Once when I was a grandma,
I was cooking roast beast, and I saw Poppy Rod and
Poppy Keith and Granny Jo. I said, “Hello, how are you doing?” And they said, “Good.” The end. (piano music) (funky music) – [Jeremy] Oh! How was the Harry Potter party? – Awesome! – So after Luke’s Harry Potter
party that our kids loved, we’re having dinner over
here at Brett and Michelle’s, and they made homemade root beer. – And they played Quidditch. It’s awesome. – [Jeremy] And all kinds of fun stuff, like pin the nose on Voldemort’s face. Which Elise rocked at. – She won. – Elise won. – [Jeremy] They made homemade snitches. Get it. Oh, where’d that toothpick go? (laughing) She’s so concerned about it. What the? Oh! Poppy Rod and his toothpick. Hours of entertainment for babies. Naenae, do you want to go outside? – Mm-mm. – Mm-mm. Naenae is becoming more
and more communicative. Letting us know when she wants something. Mm, mm-mm, mm-mm. – Ah, ah, ah-ah. – [Jeremy] You wanna go? – My ball!
– Oh! – [Child] Goodnight, J House out. – My name is Lily Goodyear
from Graceland, Georgia, and I made my famous
chocolate chip cookies. – My name is Alex, I’m from Vermont, and I made these friendship
bracelets and this doll hat. – Hey guys, it’s Adriana,
and I come from Ohio, and I made this vase for Mother’s Day. – I’m Wilhelmine, I’m
from the Netherlands, and I made this gumball machine out of a plastic bottle and a plastic cup. And let’s just pretend it
works really well, yeah? That didn’t happen. Look, it works! Heh heh! J House out. – [Jeremy] Where are you gonna go now? Hey, (laughing) that was genius! (upbeat music) Uh-oh, I see you.

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