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so well well well hello people are you
going today I’ve got some new items you’re just gonna go through them and
see what I’ve got so have you two Australian Lauren’s yeah
but I don’t really like to collect those this one sultans of Delhi for stanker so
this is I’m supposed to be in billion its but this one’s in cover so this one
was for stood on the population so but I’ll do another video on it that’s a
very exciting corner I’m very happy to actually get that so let’s get on with
what I’ve got but beforehand I like the CDs seller a plug so this is one of
these coins it’s a I’m not gonna mention the country snowless no I put it on eBay
the country anyway but this is where there is bad to see Mars pretty good
feedback 100 percentage probably preferable but I’ll leave a link down to
use anything I’ve brought quite a few things off him and I’ve always received
them and the service is very good this is not an affiliate link so I just
thought I’d say that because I didn’t get any money it’s just
you know if you enjoy someone’s company then they in their service do you know
why not give them a good reputation so there is my uncle part of the reason why
I like him because I overpaid for postage about five pounds and or seven
pounds was that I can’t remember he can keep two pounds over here but he was
kind enough to send me this five pound banknote which I don’t have
it’s actually quite a small banknote so yeah I’ll do a review of this pound
banknote and I actually quite liked it it’s beautiful so this is in return for
excess posted each so I’m very happy to actually get that so what coins did I
get so first kind that I’ve got needs a bell
leads police coin to faster than free and if we look on the reverse he has the
I mean this is a married Killick from memory so I could be wrong but they
actually use this Fe T from the 1950s so they haven’t changed it on their coins
but when they issue a new denomination they actually put a new effigy on so
this is a and older one dollar that they use and yeah AG is different but this
over to used on current coin so earliest coins actually a bit harder to get you
know I was lucky enough to start building up my collection coins that are
easy to get Canada so on an eighty to one dollar and at Queen’s effigy is
pretty bad and it celebrates being kids hundred thirty thirty five years since
the Constitution and 125 years ago my Master’s bit back so that coin I’ll do
review later and what I like to get if you haven’t got is these ten rubles from
Russia just 2013 and they even celebrate our region or a city so this one it’s
upside down so this one not all go Mick I need to translate all right then that
just means taking this real it letters and turn them into Latin so that’s good
so that’s another one to my collection to Saudi Arabia hundred halala so this
is a one real and I did have this coin set for the solder so there is
I’ve won for my collection and then I have a to kroehner quite a big coin is
that bigger than the 20 cent coin let’s have a look
I have bigger than the 20 cent but this is actually our low Mint coin so not to
show any actual Mindy jump believe we’re about between one and two million and
this one’s in high-grade now don’t really like the effort you Gus
Gustav but anyway it’s going into my collection as well now some of these
coins I’ll probably have doubles in my collection so we log off on eBay
like this one I’ve already got this so I don’t really need it it’s a Ireland I’m
sitting at 10 pence these are demonetised Ireland new uses a euro and
any other Irish coins yeah I’ve got the five pence
as a bull on it one penny and I’m not too sure why boy desk has already got
these so just have to get rid of them half penny
two penny so what date is that 1971 these are all pretty common points but I find what you need to do is you actually
need to buy bulk sets so that you can get a certain coin so you’ve got 20
pence from Ireland this is a nice large coin 1960s first year actually will mean
15 1985 as well but our test coin so if you’ve got that it’s actually a very
rare coin and then I have got another Saudi Arabian I think I’ve got that one
I needed this is what I was talking about
I needed the 100 ha la la not the 50 or the 10 which I already have and I
actually got two more so you need to buy if you need to buy you know lots of
coins one coin then just do it okay enough why not name for
my collection here’s this one Tencent 1986 its Malta and I’ve just done a
video on that oh sorry that’s not the corner need this is the one I’ll need
your 25 cent and 1986 yeah so we have a Maltese coins
good I like disappear you five cent and you two cent so I needed that and do I
have a one cent no I need to get the 1 cent still I know I’ve got the ones that
here it is so 1/2 + 25 cent and I’ll need the one
there if you purchase it off in but it’s in another package so Oh Cuba 5 cent got
plenty ADIZ but this one seems to be a bit of an error coin so that is why I’ve
got that and I actually brought that with some other coins like this Jamaican
10 cent 989 Barbados once in its it not really worth keeping that one single
protein is a free coin to someone and also I’ve got this this is a current
corner circulate in Costa Rica it’s 20 Collinsworth about 20 cents
so 500 colognes one dollar there’s quite a bit coin so Costa Rica actually has
the biggest coins of the Americas that are in circulation
this one is nearly as big as the 20 cent as you can see and the 500 Collins is
porous because of 50 Cent’s so they actually have the largest coins in the
Americas then I’ve got a lot of a lot of great points so these are all not the
last drag man like the one and two were replaced in 1988 I believe the
five-and-ten circulated until the end 20 was changed in 1990 so here we have
the Acropolis that’s on the front 20 drachma
here we are Perry please it was a famous general journey Athenian war
he died in 330 BC of the plague and if you’ve read the Peloponnesian wars it’s
very fascinating so this one doesn’t have any just just an image and this one
has Aristophanes you should know he’s a blameless philosopher and here we have
the atom so we have the electrons going around a central atom which has the
neutron and the proton and here we have demokritos so that theory is associated
with him and not too sure who actually on the 1 & 2 so here we have a old
sailing ship I said yeah it’s just the coin actually nita that they have this
coin so that’s why I got this set and I believe these little leaders in the war
of independence from the Turkish Empire Ottoman Empire same thing the old
Turkish to drachma and here’s another one
I’m not even gonna read that too long the name I’m in a strained I don’t read
long names and this one is a nice light one penny from Ireland she has a chicken
with our hinged in the bottom or a head slurry ham with your cheeks and the
bottom so hens a female chicken 1963 probably a few mooing men turds that I
just don’t have I’d use one of that and the other coins I have from so I’ve got
all a man one penny so I don’t really have that one that’s a little bit
damaged as a goat and also as a map of the Isle of Man at the back as you can
see so the capo is Douglas and they have their own language Minsk which is nearly
extinct so 1976 so it’s a nice coin again
ever our lament so I got a boy fence and the thing about Isle of Man is that do
since 1971 never actually had eight different point series so eight
different coins that they’ve issued for circulation so yeah this one is has a
first not affair of all the time a water wheel so that it’s used for agriculture
or producing energy for some other device and ten pence is no longer our
five hence this one is no longer in circulation they have a small one so and
here I have the 1972 D says I’m the was a good Tresca so you’ll find this symbol
of the three legs also a necessity you find it probably in you know some towns
in Germany in the ancient license use this on their coinage so if you get some
lysine coins which are actually quite expensive they actually use that -72
and here I have a 10 pence so 10 pence eliezer coin 1978 and here over same one
1976 I actually quite liked that coin I actually like the chriskiss and you have
25 pence this one is from so Guernsey a Guernsey Guernsey Bailiwick of Guernsey
so that’s a current mpg they use it’s a small coat of arms in there and these
ones are equivalent in value to the UK can’t pound you cannot use these in the
UK but you know they’re the same size so people probably do and here it has cogs
with the map of Guernsey I presume so it’s a nice coin kind of nuuma so to
check them see if it actually is 5 pence wrong so Koons you smell yeah
so I’m trying to build up my collection of Guernsey Jersey Saint Helena for
Norfolk now focalin Islands and our main concern is Caribbean consent no sorry
this 150 laptop of briefs and this one has ever independence later sets which
is nice so Marcos some of course more stories map stories after looking mouth
and icon that I don’t come across quite often this is a Cuba one thing it is
tight tight probably on the back oh yeah 1953 so before the Revolution this is
1853 nine future green Centennial D Marty’s probably his birth year so
that’s an interesting commemorative coin I don’t have in Europe another man’s
going same one as before same damage that’s a pity stop the hunt around for
those and your last one I got very interesting as a cow it’s a Jersey cow
bell go and see snow variance Oh go and see
star Sunday and that is and I think I’m white current coin collection so I know
it’s a bit long but that the washer whole video and all that so thank you
very much for watching it and have a awesome coin collecting time people
please leave them down below I start making videos to answer people’s
questions and yeah just keep going collecting thank you and bye bye


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