Secret Ways To Save at Target

Hey guys, welcome to Money Menage’s Wealthy Wednesdays where I deliver you wealth tips in three minutes or less Please make sure you Subscribe Like the Video, Comment and Share the video with your friends Today’s topic is How to SAVE at Target I hope you came prepared with your notebook and pen because Today, I’m going to deliver you a wealth of information that you should be writing down Now jumping right into it We all know that target is a huge brand-name story that already offers several discounts But why not get a bigger bang for our buck and I’m going to show you how to do so Number 1 Every time you make a purchase on you want to use Ebates rewards you for each purchase that you make by giving you cash back And it’s true because I have received several checks from Number 2 is a company that sells Discounted gift cards. So let’s say you want to make a purchase for $25 at Target You want to go to raise calm first? Because they may be offering a $25 gift card for maybe about 15 16 or 17 dollars Number 3 Make sure you check out targets daily deals when they have daily deals that offer you free shipping on those items Number 4; you want to download the target app and the cartwheel app. These apps Allow you to stack coupons Meaning the app may already offer something at a discounted price. You can then add the target coupon and on top of that add the manufacturer’s coupon So you’re getting 3x’s the savings! Number 5; you want to join targets RedCard Rewards program that card gives you 5% back on each purchase every day and they have it in a debit card So you do not have to purchase The credit card or shall I say sign up for the credit card to have them run your credit You do not want to do that! Number 6 Seasonal clearance items always go on Sale 50% the day after the holiday they go on sale up to 75% three days after the holiday and 90% a week after the holiday So if you’re into purchasing seasonal items, please always go the day after or the week after the holiday Number 7: Final clearance items always end in $0.06 and $0.08 When you see an item that ends in $0.06 or $0.08 that shows that there will be further discounts But your Final FINAL discount will end in $0.04. At that time, They are not going to discount that item any further. You want to make that purchase! Number 8: Price Matching. Target will price match any item as long as you bring in your original receipt and prove that another Manufacturer or Retailer has that price lower than their price. Number 9 You want to use their gift registry? The registry gives you 15% off of any items that were not purchased the day after your event So if you are moving your going to have a housewarming, you’re getting married, You are having a wedding registry Anything that you are doing, any big events, make the registry for it then, the day after your event you go and you purchase everything at 15% off! Number 10: Bring in your own reusable bags. Every bag that you use, they will give you five cents of your order for each bag. And, last but not least Number 11: Each day target has Discounts on certain items on Mondays you want to shop for Electronics, Baby and Kid clothing. On Tuesdays: Women Clothing pet and food items. On Wednesdays; Men’s Clothing, Health and Beauty products and lawn and garden products Thursday, you want to buy your housewares and any shoes and Fridays, you want to buy your cosmetics your jewelry and I believe Auto. So, just make sure you’re shopping each day Okay, according to what it is that you purchase now. I’m hoping you’re satisfied with this video It did run over a few but it was worth it. There’s a wealth of information Make sure you apply it so that you can begin saving. I hope you please, SUBSCRIBE Like the video, Comment and SHARE the video with your friends. Looking forward to seeing you in next week’s Wealthy Wednesday!

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