Selbstversuch: Mit der Burka durch das Hamburger Rotlicht-Viertel | Galileo | ProSieben

“No burka in public”
a german politician demanded. Hardly any other piece
of clothing is so debatable In France the full cover-up
is already forbidden. Our reporter Inga Wessling wants to find out how it actually feels to wear a burka. An self-exciting experiment… Hamburg; Fully covered-up. Our reporter
becomes a foreigner in the home country She meets one of the most
contentious Muslim of Europe. And finds the hard way how it feels when skin,
hair and clothes are covered with black material How does she feel in everyday life?
What is the limit of tolerancy? “He just spit, right?” Lets start from beginning: Inga is a confident,
fun-loving woman who likes to dress fashionable. Today she will take over another role Usually thats how I look. I like shorts, prints. Today I will transform to a fully veiled woman.
I am curious… In a shop in Hamburg, specialised for
muslim clothing, Inga chooses her outfit The cover-up command for Muslim woman – so called ‘Hidschab’- can be interpreted in many ways. The most revealing and popular Version in
Europe is the headscarf with a tunik. But Inga wants more- the complete
burka like from Saudi Arabia For this she wears a black dress,
Abaya’ and the ‘Niqab’, face veil. Only the eyes are not covered. Everything else is hidden
underneath the black material. Mummed Inga leaves the shop and
makes her way into the city How does she feel after the transformation? “I can’t really see anything, my lashes get stuck.” “But much worse is that I cannot
breathe, the air get’s stuck.” “And that’s just a few minutes…
Will be a tough day” How will the pedestrians react? She must get used to curious glances For a start Inga deals with practical problems “I cannot even smell the fruit. I’d have to put
it underneath to recognise the pear.” “The senses are completely cut off.
I can only see.” Inga’s first target: a shopping
treet in the city center. Even though no one approaches her,
she does not go unnoticed “At first glance I get frightened.
You cannot recognise her.” “You never know who this is” This is Nora Eli. The 28 year old Suisse
converted to the Islam 10 years ago. As a women’s representative of a
radical Islamistic Swiss association She is one of the most disputed muslim
of the neighbouring country “Hello”
“Hello” “Can we greet with a handhsake?”
“Yes we can, it’s no problem” Inga says what she really thinks and
complains about the lack of air to breathe “Look mine, I only have one layer.
You have two stiched together.” Nora shows an understanding for
the difficulties of our reporter. “If you wear the Niquab from self-belief it’s
different than when you try for a day” “Also when you’re lacking the background
knowledge or the belief doing so for Allah” “Then the difficulties are definitely more
intense. But to me it’s the absolute freedom” “I do not have to justify myself,
I am perceived as a human being” “I can wear whatever I want and can decide for myself, to whom I am revealing what” “I feel very observed. More so than if I’d
walk down the street in a bathing suit” Two worlds collide here, that’s for sure. Next problem arises with the order “I’m even guessing I need a straw from you.
Not sure how I can drink this.” “How do you manage this?” “With a straw it’s of course much easier.
Not from the bottom, from the side.” The first challange is accomplished.
The mummed women leave for a stroll through the shopping arcade “I just told you about how my lashed get stuck.
Is make-up a problem for you?” “When I go outside I do not apply make-up
simply because I don’t want to look attractive ” “When I put make-up on, I want to
attarct attention. So that’s a contradiciton.” Nora Eli is completely convinced about her lifestyle. She decided for an extreme, that makes her an outsider in the unreserved Europe. “Primarily I want to thank you for
your openness and honesty.” “I am definitely going ahead with more
courage through this day. All the best!” So far the inhabitants of Hamburg have
been quite tolerant to our mummed reporter But she certainly get’s surrepititious looks “Nevertheless, I feel like men are looking at me” Is the veil actually making Inga more
interesting for the opposite gender? Our reporter arranged an appointment with a Turkish lawyer. She is a believing muslim and decided against the burka. “I regard the cover-up of muslim women rather as something that is only accommodating the men.” “Women have to cover-up so that men do not feel attracted.” “And then they do not believe in their religion
anymore but think of something sexual.
I do not agree with this!” For many years she is very openly communicating her point of view and even had to face death threats All that despite her having valuable argumnets “On the internet you can find lot’s of images where woman are harassed despite the burka.” “The reports from countries like Iran and Egypt prove that with the increased use of burkas, the sexual harassment also increased.” Only a few minutes later Inga actually
get’s proof of this statement. When this man is disrupting our shooting “Can I take a look what’s underneath?” “No. But you may keep walking.” “Can I take a look what’s underneath?!” “Yes, that’s exactly it…” Supporters of the burka claim that the cover-up
protects them from sexual harassment Inga feels exactly the opposite “I don’t feel protected, I don’t feel free. I also dont feel like an object; to be honest I feel much worse.” Nonetheless, we still have a
full programme with Inga today Next stop is a public swimming pool She shall get there by bike A real challange
Not sure if it’s still true to the rules of the Koran But at least Inga can get to the destination Here men or women usually undress. For stricktly religious Muslim there is a different solution Inga is going to test it now “I present: the burkini” A three-piece bathing suit consisting of
long trousers, headpiece and a long upper part Now Inga just needs to
jump in at the deep end After the first swim Inga takes a break.
The other swimmers are barely noticing Inga How does Inga feel in the burkini? “It’s basically the same like with the Niqab.
The senses are cut off, I feel restricted.” At least while sliding Inga seems to
forget her outfit and enjoys herslef In the evening Inga meets
her Friend Nicolette in a restaurant She didnt tell her about the experiment How is Nicolette going to react? “Nicolette?” “I thought I’d surprise you” “I’m already wearing this the entire day” “Why?” “Because I wanted to find out how it feels, how people react” “I think it’s great, it suits you!” “I am curious how I will manage to eat” With Nicolette by her side
Inga dares the challange To eat something Our reporter’s appetite
makes her rather pragmatic “I take them off” “Wish me luck” “I am just gonna go ahead and try… and will probably make
a mess with the dip “This is crazy” let’s face it, this is seriously ridiculous” Let’s see if the salad works better “This salad is my final combat” “Enjoy your meal!” Definitely she will.
But the food intake makes it difficult After a few bites our reporter is annoyed “It always get’s into may eyes… and when I eat… it absolutely doesn’t work. It’s a nightmare!” “How long have I been eating this?!” As soon as the camera crew is out of sight,
Inga illicitly removes her headpiece By now Inga is pretty annoyed with the cover-up, but her surrounding has been quite tolerant so far Inga is ready to provoke, on the Reeperbahn. Nicolette is happy to go home instead Inga is a real eye-catcher on the most
famous nightlife street of Germany It didn’t take too long for first reactions “Is this a guy?
A men wearing a burka?” As it get’s darker
Inga feels lees comfortable And the reactions get more violent “Allah” “Did you just spit?!” “What is this?! You’re in front of a brothel,
you know what I mean? It’s disgusting!” “Allah..” “He just spit 3 times.” “Wondering how I can wear a burka in front of a brothel. How can he just spit on a woman?!” A mummed woman in front of a brother.
Seemingly the limits of tolerancy are reached. We bring the experience to an end before
the situation escalates before midnight. “Whenever I almost forgot, that I am wearing the burka, the looks from other people reminded me of it” “I barely ever felt so naked, since
everyone is only focusing on my eyes” “It’s all a matter of freedom. And my freedom is to show my hair, show my skin, be in the happening” “colourful as I am. Therefore I am removing the veil,
the experiment is over. Good night”


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