Sell an AMAZON AFFILIATE Site for $10,000 (10 STEPS) in 8 Months (niche site or authority site)

Have you ever thought about selling a website You’ll want to listen to this this video is a story of how I sold a website for ten thousand bucks And it was only eight months old. Let’s get to the story. What’s up? My name is Doug, Cunnington I’m the founder of niche site project I talk about Amazon affiliate marketing productivity and project management, but your first time here Have a look at some of the videos, and if you liked it, please subscribe So this is the story of how I sold a niche site an Amazon affiliate site for about ten thousand dollars was a little more than ten thousand dollars and I created this site in about eight months. I created it and sold it in about eight months now This is kind of a crazy story because a year before I sold it I didn’t even know what a niche site was so to give you some background I learned about niche sites in 2013. I found the smart passive income podcast by Pat Flynn it was super interesting. I totally got obsessed. I listened to like every single episode that was out I think within you know a month I Listened to everything in his back catalogue And I was current with his you know newly published episodes when I found Pat Flynn I had several jumping-off points and Found other people, so I found people like Spencer Hawes in niche pursuits I found meat safety over at I will teach you to be rich Which it’s a really good site sounds a little crazy with a name like that, but it was really you know it’s a it’s a solid site and Several other people that were related to niche sites some were not related to niche sites. I found that I really gravitated towards affiliate marketing and Amazon affiliate marketing in particular So within about five weeks of finding smart passive income. I launched my first site which was a total failure that’s another story for another day and Launched another fairly successful Amazon affiliate site after I launched that one that site actually made about ten thousand dollars in six months or so and I decided I wanted to launch and create another site with the intention of selling it right off the bat now I’m gonna give you you know a step-by-step process the ten steps that I went through to create the site and then list it Additionally I’ll place some links for sort of like long-form details about this site I can’t reveal the site since I sold it and the new owner has it and all that but I’ll place links so you can get more information Let me just tell you some of the details about the site before I get into the ten steps And I’m gonna refer to the details here. I can’t remember all the numbers number one The niche was generally in the outdoor and blue-collar industry the site was launched at the end of August of 2013 The monetization was with Amazon Associates, that’s the affiliate program For Amazon that’s my specialty the total overall earnings at that point in time when I listed the site was Two thousand one hundred and seventy eight dollars. I listed the site with a broker called Empire flippers It’s a great team great company. They are I’ve sold a couple sites with him I completed the application with Empire flippers in early April of 2014 I listed the site on the marketplace on like April 14th of 2014 for ten thousand four hundred and twenty one dollars and Sold it for that asking price completed the transaction on May 7th 2014 and the total profit after everything was ten thousand four hundred and seventy nine dollars And that was after you know expenses for launching the site and paying Empire flippers their broker fee, and the listing fee so total profit overall was ten thousand four hundred and seventy nine dollars and You know I’d have to estimate the number of hours. I didn’t really time track it, but you know I probably roughly spent a few hours a week for the several months that I was working on it not too much I have the background in project management, so I had systems in place and already you know figured out I had all my templates and stuff like that so it’s just a matter of Hiring people to write the content for the site, and then publishing the content and getting traffic. I’m gonna go over the ten steps Just a second before I get to the ten steps I’ll mention why would a person sell a site so you may be thinking to yourself? If you have a site that’s making five hundred dollars a month or five Thousand dollars a month or ten thousand dollars a month why in the world would you sell it don’t you want that cash flow here? Is the advantage to selling the site? You essentially get two to three years of earnings all at once so you don’t have to wait for the monthly cash flow to come in you can sell the site and typically you know the selling price is like the Profits times about 25 to 35, and that gives you the rough value of a site, so if your site’s making $1,000 per month the value of it is probably twenty-five to thirty-five thousand dollars So you can see the value there right so instead of getting $1,000 this month. You can get on average Ballpark about thirty thousand dollars all upfront and of course depending on your priorities and what you want to do you may be able to Sell a site and invest in something bigger that you’re more interested in pay off debt and that sort of thing so you have to look at your values and what you need I Typically don’t sell sites too often I do appreciate the cash flow in most cases But every now And then I want to sell a site now in this case for this specific project back in 2013 2014. I literally Wanted to experience selling a site I wanted to go through the process and I created the site with the intention of selling it from the very beginning So let’s get to the ten steps that we go through when we launch a site like this so number one you want to identify The products and the keywords and the general niche that you’re gonna approach so for me I already knew you know what niche I wanted to go through there’s various brainstorming methods But in this case I actually remember walking through a store called Bass Pro Shops It’s like an outdoor shop very large store. They have a variety of outdoor camping hunting Fishing that kind of stuff, and I’ve looked all through the store And I just browsed through where I live now in Bozeman We actually don’t have Bass Pro Shops But there are a bunch of them in the southeast of the US and There was one pretty close to my house, so I would you know frequent that place? I remember looking through the store taking some notes I may have used an app on my phone, and then when I got home. I did keyword research That’s a viable method by the way you can walk through a retail store See what you see take notes, and then go look up the keywords later it’s a great way to sort of get away from the computer and All the screens and go on the real world and see Products and you can touch them and feel them and see you know are people looking at him or not number two Develop a content plan so I knew I wanted to sell this site for five figures at the time I needed to have the average monthly revenue and profits actually the profits five hundred dollars or more so the valuation of the site at that time was about 20 X so 20 times the monthly profits So I knew I needed to have those profits about $500 or higher That said I also knew that There were a few fairly profitable keywords that I found in this niche And I knew that if I launched the site with about 20 to 30 pieces of content It should be fine so from there. I used the Keywords that I found that were viable that I thought I could rank in Google for I developed content in My whole content plan around those keywords so there were several you know best of type reviews a few products were mentioned there were individual product reviews and there were a few verses, so it was sort of a combination of You know different types of review content And it was very little I would say ten percent or less So about two posts one or two posts were informational basically everything was an affiliate review now I don’t recommend that now, but that’s how the site was at the time further on the content plan I knew I didn’t want to write any of the content So I hired a few writers from up or and back in those days right a couple years ago I paid about $10 for about a thousand words I had a few posts that were about a thousand words long and a few posts that were closer to 2,500 or 3,000 words so some were shorter form some were longer form and they were you know written by? Us-based writers or at least native English speakers, I actually now that I’m thinking about it I don’t know if they were located in the US, but they were native English speakers from either The US or Canada part, three is the promotion plan now. This is really about link building now I was a grey hat SEO in those days if you’re new to that term grey hat is SEO that violates the google webmaster guidelines white hat Follows those guidelines, so nowadays. I follow the guidelines I use guest posting primarily as My link building mechanism and promotion mechanism back in those days. I did something different Those were web 2.0 blogs which are like WordPress or blogger or blogspot? stuff like that You set up a blog you Publish some content and does it have to be good and you put links in there And then the other portion of link building was private blog networks or PB ends Those are older usually expired domains where there are links pointing to the domain but for whatever reason the webmaster didn’t want to keep those sites up anymore, so People like grey hat SEO s can buy those domains set up basically fake websites Just to get backlinks to their money sites their affiliate sites That is how the link building was done on the site the risk is higher. I don’t recommend you do that these days and in 2018 but back then it worked fine in fact it worked really well And I was able to get first page like number one rankings for a search term that got 1,300 searches per month and it ranked number one within about three months It was pretty amazing especially when you consider doing that In 2018 it would take it would take a lot longer It would probably take you know six months at least Maybe even up to 12 if you got everything going perfectly so part four is to actually publish the content so once I develop the content plan in the Promotion plan next step was to actually publish the content as I mentioned. I hired a few writers on up work I didn’t need that much content, so I Let them write at their own speed and got all the content pack Probably within a month or so and then published it so I typically keep things very simple on my sites I was using a you know basic theme. It was probably WordPress 2013 or another WordPress You know just stock default theme it got very simple It was really black text on a white background. That’s it had some images regular images from Amazon and That was pretty much it so at that point. I published the content I Formatted it on my own I didn’t have a Content Manager or editor, so I took care of that myself it takes me about an hour to two hours to Format edit and draft a review in WordPress, so it took a decent amount of time But again spread out over a month or so it’s only about an hour a day so not too much And I probably batched it and put my head down and finish Quite a bit of it in one afternoon on the weekend or something like that once the content was published It was time for step 5 and that was to actually get these backlinks, so I went to a company called the Hoth and bought Backlinks for the web 2.0 links they provide a very good service their customer service is Outstanding they have several gray hat sort of link building things that they offer products that they offer however, they also have white hat services as well for guest posting and Content services stuff like that so they have a whole suite of products if you’re interested I will put my affiliate link where I get a commission if you buy anything I’ll put that in the description in case you’re interested since I outsource the Link building for the web 2.0. I Went ahead and took care of some of the private blog network links because at the time I had a lot of Domains I can get links from so I placed a lot of links from my own network And then I bought a few from the Hoth as well So I had quite a few links going to the site overall when you consider the Hoth platinum packages that I that I purchased along with the private blog networks or pbn links at that point all I Needed to do was wait for the links to do their job and for the rankings to move up because I found keywords that I knew I could rank for it only took a few weeks for these keywords to show up in the top 50 or so in Google and After a couple months they were ranking number one for a couple terms and some longtail terms as well additionally the conversion rate was pretty decent I have a Very nice template where I call it the perfect day Mizan review But essentially you present the information in a modular format It’s easy to have reviews written you could just give the template to the writer the writer can come up with a nice intro and Write many reviews about each one of the products as well as a short buying guide They convert really well, and it’s kind of a standard way that I personally publish Amazon affiliate content to this day now We’re onto step 7 and once the site was earning, and it was consistent and showed growth I knew it was time to go ahead and list it with Empire flippers again They were broker you have to pay a listing fee, which if you’re new Customer there’s a you know higher listing fee. I won’t mention any specific prices It’s a few hundred bucks, but I want to make sure I don’t have out-of-date information And then if you’re a repeat customer or repeat seller then Usually it’s around 100 bucks or so at least at the time of this video I was a first-time seller there, so I had to pay the higher fee again a couple hundred dollars, and then after that Piece of the fee is paid they start working with you to vet the site They take a look at it and make sure it’s of high quality the other portion of the fee is 15% of the selling price, so it’s based on whatever you sell it for so step 8 is going through the vetting of the site so this takes a few days or at least it took a few days at that time you provide all the information you can to Empire flippers in the application and They take a look at it. They go to different Backlink crawler websites like age rafts and majestic and they take a look at the backlink profile You can disclose the private blog networks or the web 2.0 links and by the way you should disclose Everything so if you have grey hat backlinks You should tell them because if you don’t and then they find them well, that’s not good They’re probably not going to work with you for that site or any future site because you you weren’t upfront with them So if you know anything or you could provide additional information? Definitely do that it makes the vetting process easier for them And then you know it just looks more honest just all around so you should operate in an ethical way I shouldn’t have to say it But you should provide them with all the information you shouldn’t try and hide anything if they start looking they’ll find it and believe me The buyer is very interested in you know full disclosure So if you just tell them all the information They’re very happy to have that info so step 9 is after the site’s listed it is you know released into the marketplace for Empire flippers that have a very large email list and Repeat buyers so as soon as it’s listed especially at this specific price point a lower price point People purchased these very quickly once. It’s listed I quickly got an offer and chatted with the person who was interested in it And we agreed on the price which was the exact listing price now back in those days? The multiples were a little bit lower. I only was able to list it for 20 X right so 20 times the monthly profits, which were good. I mean that was good for the age of the site Nowadays, I think you know Empire flippers one I think they have a higher price point like a higher minimum, so I I think it’s twenty thousand and That means your site should be making at least a thousand dollars a month additionally the value of these websites has gone up over the years, so it used to be a 20x monthly multiple nowadays You know it’s 25 X sort of to start with and then it goes up from there now There’s many other factors involved there are many variables that Empire flippers uses and other companies use to value Websites one of them may be you know the type of backlink so grey hat backlinks Maybe would be a little riskier and the value of the site would be just a tiny bit lower Other factors may be how long the site has been Making that amount of money so in this case the site was only making money for a few months Not many months it was growing, but it wasn’t an established web site nowadays. I know if you have a site That’s been making consistent money for months after month and year after year It could be way more valuable because it shows longevity potentially is a more secure site step 10 the last part is Transitioning the site so of course I accepted the offer for the listing price and the transition of the site is Pretty seamless especially from the seller point of view so I already provided information to Empire flippers one of the big Services that they offer and they earn their money is Transitioning the site personally while I have a slightly technical background. I worked in IT for years and have a software Background I don’t really like doing the tech stuff now especially transitioning a site where you have to update DNS servers change links move databases and stuff I prefer not to do that if it’s something you have a skill in great You can transition the site but I don’t want to transition the site good thing too because Empire flippers has a Team that’ll transition the site for you update the links for the buyer and take care of everything after The site is transition. There’s a few days where the new owner the the buyer You know they monitor the traffic they check their earnings on Amazon to make sure number one the earnings are where they should be You know purchases are made and essentially they’re just vetting the site to make sure everything was done properly For example if earnings dropped off or something like that then maybe the links aren’t Proper if the traffic isn’t going to the site it could indicate some sort of penalty or an issue or You know something with the DNS so the buyer has a few days to make sure Everything is working as expected So those are the steps in creating and selling a site by the way if you want more Information you can go to niche site project comm and click on the green button You’ll be able to get the task list in more detail for creating a niche site from scratch Additionally there are like 15,000 keywords. I just give you for various like profitable Amazon affiliate sites So do check it out if you’re interested in more again. I’m Doug Pennington from niche site project and if you like this video please subscribe Thanks


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