Selling A Product Online: Here Is What You Do BEFORE Anything Else

– Welcome to the third video
of this entire video series, where I’m going to be
showing you literally how do you take what you
know, your knowledge, your life experience and transform that into a successful product
that sells like crazy online. And today’s video is all about beginning with the end in mind. (relaxed upbeat music) Regardless of where you at right now, whether you want to go
into whatever market. Whether it is teaching people make-up, whether it is computer games, whether it’s dog training, whether it’s gardening. Or whether it’s US markets like Forex or stocks or investing. The first thing to understand is that somebody has already done it. Whatever market that you wanna go into the first question that
I want you to ask is : “Has somebody in that market built a million dollar business from it?” And I can guarantee you in probably nearly all cases somebody has. The first question asked is “Has somebody else done it?” And if the answer is yes then the second question I
want you to ask yourself is : “So why can’t you be that next person?” What did this other person do that you didn’t so that you can model and reverse engineer what this person did. Then that is what this video is all about. It is all about beginning
with the end in mind. If you’re totally new
you’re probably thinking “What market should I go into?” And I believe that there are always two different factors to look at. The inner factors, as
well as the outer factors. Now what are these two things? This first part here,
this is basically you. This basically what
you’re good at in life, your strengths, your
passion, your hobbies, what you love doing. If friends were to ask you for advise what type of advise would they ask you. And number two is the outer factors. Is there an economic demand and are people willing to pay good money for that information, for that product, for that offer. And ultimately, you wanna be able to find that intersection over here. To think about what market, what product to create by beginning with the end in mind. So, how do you begin with the end in mind? Because somebody else has done it the thing that you wanna
start thinking about, due diligence that you
need to start doing. Is to think about these products that
currently sell like crazy. In whatever market that you wanna go into. Which is hopefully inline
with your inner factors as well as, what the market wants. First think about where
can you reverse engineer and find the people that’s
doing it successfully. Go to these different platforms. Platforms that you’ve heard
of before like Amazon. And go to that specific category. If you wanna sell supplements go to Amazon, look at supplements and jot it down. If it’s on like brain food, nootropics. What people are selling in that category that’s already selling. You wanna take a look at the best sellers, the ones with a lot of reviews. Why? Because it gives you and indication of what is already selling well. You also wanna be able to do this by looking at magazines. Take a look at your magazine stand. Take a look at all the
magazines in that niche. What do they talk about? This is where you can start getting ideas. The third one is basically a market place that’s great for digital
products called Clickbank. And you wanna go to their
market place and again, take a look at what are
the different products that’s selling very well to start giving you an idea. Not to copy, but rather
to set that as a benchmark of what’s already proven. As you are doing your due diligence. As you are looking at all
these different offers on Amazon, on Clickbank
and looking at magazines. The question is “What are you looking at?” Okay, there are a few
different things to look at that I always utilize when it comes to creating and selling a product. If you know my story, I started off in the gaming market where my entire life I’ve always been this
shy introverted person and I still am. I never wanted to become a speaker or to do videos like this. Or brand myself as Peng Joon. All I wanted to do was remain anonymous
online and make money. Which is what I did. So, for many, many years I never marketed and branded myself. I just sold stuff online and I started off in the gaming market. And from the World of Warcraft niche I started going into all
these other gaming products. And then I went into
Forex, into real estate, into many other different niche markets. Before going into all
these different niches, I’ll always begin with the end in mind. And I will always revers engineer and look at these few things. Which is basically the homework that you need to be doing. Hopefully you are going to do this together with me as I am going to do this. Whatever market you’re in somebody else has done it! The first thing you look
at is their sales process. What does that mean? It means that you are
literally going to go and take a look at that person’s website or the sales process and see how do they actually make money. Now when you map out a
person’s sales process here’s what you will discover and here’s how you actually do it. Go to this person’s website and you take a look at the different pages that is involved from the time you don’t know who they are and you’re reading that ad. Or that webinar. Are they free plus shipping? Or an application funnel. Whatever it is. Take a look at all of the different pages that is involved and note down all of the different price points and the things that is offered within the sales process. So for example, maybe this is, I don’t know, a webinar funnel. So this webinar funnel, maybe it is a video that says “Hey! Register for this free webinar.” This step is free. And then after that, the second step maybe it is “Hey, thank you for registering! The webinar is happening
on this time and date.” And then after that, there is this live webinar, it happens. And then maybe on the webinar they sell $1000 offer. So this will be an example
of a webinar funnel. I want you to take a look and notice what is the
sales process involved in selling this thing. Again, because somebody
else has already done it. Not copy, because copying is unethical, but rather to begin with the end in mind is always to see somebody
that’s crushing it, so that you can use that as the benchmark on how you can do things better. The next thing is to look
at, what is the hook? Is basically the pattern interrupt. What is this thing that
makes a person stop and give them that initial
10, 30 seconds of attention? Because it’s interesting. So this is where you go take a look at say their ads. If you’re market is selling
a dieting program in keto. Take a look at all of the
best selling keto products and ask yourself : What is the hook? What is the pattern interrupt? So in other words, the thing that you are reverse engineering over here is to start looking at what are their choice
of images that they use. What is the color scheme? What are their claims? What are their headlines? Start compiling five different companies or people, or for lack of
a better word, competitors. See what are the different
things they have in place in order to hook somebody’s attention. What are the thumbnails that they use? I gotta apologize for my
handwriting over here. I don’t write a whole lot. Basically what makes a person stop? Sales process is really just made out of these few things. After you start doing your
due diligence on the hook. Then you are doing to
start reverse engineer and start monitoring is what is the story. You’ve probably heard this a lot of times if you’ve been in the marketing space. They always say “Facts tell, but stories sell.” What is the story that they use? Why? Because stories amplifies the offer. There are a ton of products out there. Dime a dozen. But what makes the offer
unique is usually the story. The less utilized in
order to sell the offer. So I want you to take a look at what are the stories that’s
being utilized in here. Notice what the marketer talks about when it comes to the problem. What is the story when it
comes to creating the solution. What is the story that this marketer used when it comes to their successes. What is the story used when it comes to their struggles? Cause facts tell, but stories sell. Try to really now map out, cause now you’re starting to look at the different elements of what makes a successful business in that market. And finally is the offer. To begin with the end in mind the last thing you look at is “What is the offer?” The offer is just comprised
of these few things. The price points of the
entire sales process. Right, either you’re selling one thing through a webinar funnel. Are they selling multiple products? Are they selling one
product with an order bump and then upsell number
one, upsell number two. Whatever the price points of that model. Right, if somebody is generating
a million dollar product. Guess what? They’ve figured that thing out. You’re gonna look at
what makes up that offer. How many items do they have in that place. Like, is it a DIY type of product? Is it a done with you type of offer? Or is it a done for you type of offer? We’ll be talking more
about these type of offers in future videos. But take a look at that offer. Their price point together, what makes out of that price point. Why do people pay money? People pay money because they believe that the value that they’re gonna get is much more than the money that they giving to the other person. Money is just a result. So to understand the psychology of why it sells so well we gotta take a look at what is the offer. Now if you combine these
three elements in here. This is how you begin
with the end in mind. This is literally what
you need to do right now if you are serious about this process. Map out what is the sales process in whatever industry
that you wanna go into. Whatever market, whatever niche. What is the hook? What are their choice of images, their color schemes, their claims, their headlines, their
thumbnails that they use. What is the story that they utilize for when it comes to
their problem, solution their successes and their struggles. And what is the offer that they have? What are their price points? Map it all out for three to
five different competitors or people that’s crushing it, to give you an idea of what is necessary for a successful business and for a successful campaign. ‘Cause in the following video I’m gonna go deeper into this process to show you how do you make this happen. So, here’s what I would
like you to do right now comment below on your biggest take away in terms of your findings when it comes to your sales process,
the hook, story, offer. I’d love to hear what it is. And as always, make sure you subscribe to this channel for our next video and future videos just like this one to show you how you can literally take what you know, your knowledge, your life experience and transform that into a product that
sells like crazy online. I will see you on the next video.

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