Selling Digital Products On Amazon – Product Research Tutorial

hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video I’m gonna be bringing you a really exciting
tutorial on my computer I’m gonna be showing you how you can find digital
products that will make amazing complementary products to go with the
physical products that you already sell on Amazon or if you haven’t started
selling on Amazon yet products that you will sell in the future I’m going to be
showing you real-life examples of products that are currently for sale on
Amazon that have digital products attached to them so what I mean by
digital products is basically either an app an e-book or a video course these
are the three main types of digital products I’m going to be showing you the
different products that have these digital products attached to them so
that you can get ideas for digital products to add to your products if you
already sell on Amazon or if you are planning to start in 2019 digital
products are great to add with physical products for three main reasons reason
number one is that they connect you more with your customer the more times you
can be in contact with your customer the more connected your customer will be to
you and the more loyal that customer will become to your brand the second
reason is that it can help make your product listing more unique it makes
your product listing standout when you are looking through Amazon as a customer
and you’re going through the search results you’re going to see a lot of
similar product listings having a digital product attached to yours is
going to make your listing stand out against your competitors product
listings as well as this the third reason is just simply it gives more to
your customers than your competitors if your competitors aren’t attaching a
digital product to wit their products then it simply gives your customers more
than what their customers are getting which is always a benefit and the best
thing about them is in most cases they don’t cost any money to add to your
product so if you are currently looking to make your product unique to make your
product stand out usually the changes that you’re going to make to your
product is going to cost extra in manufacturing costs per unit whereas if
you create a digital product you have a small upfront cost but that’s it
that’s the one off cost if you were to add something simple just like digital
ebook then you can simply create this for free
I have no cost whatsoever and it therefore still makes your product more
unique than some of your competitors if your competitors aren’t doing this
without actually adding any cost to your costs so you can basically improve your
profit margin by simply just adding a digital product to your product listing
so without further ado I’m just gonna jump straight into it now and give you
some examples of products that are already for sale on Amazon that have
digital products attach them so that you can stack in ideas for digital products
to attach to your product and also on a side note I’m reopening the unique
private label course today and I will explain more about that at the end of
this video so if you are interested in joining the unique private label course
then you can watch the end of this video where I explain exactly how you can do
that ok so I’m over here on now and I’m just gonna give you a way
that you can start getting some ideas of the types of digital products that you
could add to your product to add value to the customer and to your offering so
to do that I just go up to the Amazon search bar and you just type in for the
type of digital product that you’re trying to check out so for this example
we’ll just type in free app and then what you want to do here is you want to
put the category that you want to search in if you search in all it won’t work so
for this one we’ll just go health and kitchen there’s a lot of people who sell
in their health and kitchen space so then once I’ve this entered just go
ahead and press enter now what you want to do when you’re on this page is just
look around at the different products see if there’s any products that are
similar to yours what type of digital product are they adding in order to add
value so as you can see here there’s a lot of products that have free apps with
them a lot of weighing scales come with it because you know people who are by no
means give usually I look into lose weight so there’s lots of apps that
can help them do that that’s the sort of thing that you’re looking for is what
can your digital product do to help the customer further so what problem is your
product solvent in the first place and how much further kind of digital product
go in order to help your customer with that problem so I’m just gonna scroll
down here and see if I can see any product that kind of stands out as
something different so for this example I’m just gonna look at this one this is
just a baby handprint and footprint memory frame so I just want to see what
type of digital product they have added or what type of app it’s obviously an
app that comes with this but I’m not sure what type of app so includes free
digital content in the wave hello voice share app okay so they’ve added a voice
share app to this one to see if I can see any more on it here so yeah
available on iOS and Android okay so this gives more about the product down
here in the description so this is the voice share app that this product comes
with so basically allows you to record and share voice messages lullabies and
books with your family so basically this product owner knows that whoever is
buying this product has young children and this is an app that benefits that
customer so they know that because anyone who purchases this product is
going to have young children that’s going to benefit from this app that they
have created or partnered up with to give away with their product so as you
can see that’s just one simple way that a physical product owner has gone out
and changed their product round made their product offering more unique by
offering a free app that actually helps the customer further and the best part
about adding a free app is you can literally develop a very simple app for
free so like it’s not going to add to your costs and a bit and as I could see
now from that brand name it is their own branded app that they’ve made with their
product but yeah it’s just so simple to make digital products now and
attach them to your product and they do add so much value because when you’re
comparing the different products you’re comparing the entire offering you’re not
simply going onto Amazon as a customer and just picking off the cheapest
product you’re looking at the total offering off that product what you’re
going to get with it and if the digital product that you decide to sell with
your product complements your product then it’s only going to help sales more
than help and sales it’s gonna help your customer more which is in turn gonna
make your customer more loyal to your brand and that’s what it’s all about you
want to build a long-term brand here not just simply selling any random products
and to do that you want customers coming back repeat purchasing your product so
once you launch a new product again and again you want customers coming back for
that and the best way to do that is by giving your customers additional value
not just doing the bare minimum what every other seller is doing as you can
see here there’s going to be some markets where even adding the lights of
an ass with it isn’t gonna make any difference like we can see straightaway
that with these two wayne scales there’s apps with this weighing scale down here
there’s an app so again if that’s the case if you’re in America like that
that’s already full of the type of digital product that you were thinking
about offering then that’s kind of the bare minimum if every product has an app
and then you decide to add an app to your product it’s not going to make your
product stand out from your competitors product but if you’re in America like
this wave hello and you add an app then it is going to make your offering unique
compared with your competitors and again it’s not only apps you can add you can
add free video courses with us again which can be delivered on mobile and
delivered for free to your customer you can add ebooks
although ebooks there’s one thing with them there’s a lot of people doing them
so I’ll just go up here again and type them in there’s a lot of different
brands do free ebooks so the value with an e-book isn’t as great as a video
course or an app so I’m gonna type in free ebook here and you
can do this in any category obviously some categories will have a lot more
than others I’m just gonna leave this in the Holman kitchen for now but yeah you
can type free ebook or free app into any of the categories and you will see the
listings with them so what it does is it will bring up whichever listings are
indexed for that so not every listing will be indexed for free ebook but some
of them will sow listings that have it in their title and in their bullets then
they should be indexed for us and they should come up when you do these
searches but we’ll just have a look and see what ebooks are offered so we can
see this one what’s this smart air purifier okay so that looks more of an
app but they’re saying ebook but yeah I want to see one with a typical ebook so
this one here this is craft paper rolled so what’s this product here this is pink
butcher craft paper roll and it comes with an e-book that offers barbecue ribs
and barbecue sauce recipes so again this seller knows that customers who are
buying this pink butcher paper old are also into barbecuing so they’ve gave
eBook to complement this product which gives barbecue recipes so anyone who’s
into barbecue may also be into reading about barbecue
sauce recipes so that’s just another idea that you can have if you sell a
product that may be in the food market that’s targeted at people who are
interested in cooking then obviously recipe books and books about cookin will
be of value to them but again it’s really important to check out your own
market because if every listing is given an e-book and ebooks are so simple and
can be freely made so quickly that there are a lot of brands already doing this
so again if you just go and add another ebook with your recipes against all the
other products that have this then it’s not going to add to your uniqueness and
your offering it’s just gonna look pretty much the same as your competitors
but again there is other ways like you can offer a video
course which actually shows them cooking a certain product and again this video
course will have the perception to be off more value than an e-book because
it’s not every day of the week that you’re gonna get a free video course
showing you how to do something whereas there are a lot of products out there
already that come with free ebooks so your free video course will be valued
more by the customer especially if you can teach them something off value and
it doesn’t have to be an item that takes you a long time to create like a ten
minute video course a 15 minute video course that actually teaches someone
something is more valuable than an hour long video course that teaches them the
same thing literally it’s about getting across what you want to teach them in
the shortest time possible and there are also niche experts in your field that
you can parent with and get them to create the videos for your course and
they get the benefit because every customer that comes along that purchases
your product and then watches the free video course is promotion for them so
there are a lot of creative ways that you can go about getting digital
products that actually complement your product and add a lot of value to your
product and that will result in you being able to charge more for your
product make a higher profit marriage offer your product and basically get
customers to buy into your brand more because they will have more touch points
with your brand rather than simply just purchasing your product off Amazon and
never communicate what your brand again whereas if they are reading your ebook
or watching your video course or using your app on a daily basis then they’re
touching base with your brand more regularly than they would if they just
simply purchased a product of you so that’s just a quick example showing you
how some sellers are already making their products stand out more by adding
digital products that complement the physical products that they already sell
and this will hopefully start giving you some ideas off digital products that you
can add to your product if you already have a product that’s selling on Amazon
or if you’re just creating a product it can get you thinking
of what app or what ebook or what video course can you add to make your offering
more unique than your competitors I’ve also put together a video course
explaining each of the steps so there’s 15 videos inside the video course
explaining each of the steps from finding your own digital product what
the most suited digital product for you to add with the products that you sell
getting your digital product creation so whether that’s an e-book you can simply
create that yourself I’ll show you how to do that I’ll show you how to create
an app yourself for free I’ll show you how you can hire an app developer if you
want to create a more complex app I’ll show you exactly how you can partner
with an expert if you want to get a video course done and again the video
course doesn’t have to be a long-winded video course just something short and
simple a new comparator with niche experts that are already out there
teaching this stuff and get them to create a video course for your product
and I show you how to do all of that inside this new course that I’ve put
together so I’ll just jump inside now and show you a quick preview offer so
that you know if it’s for you okay so I’m now inside the members area of the
digital product creation and I’m just gonna run through the videos that are
inside with you there are 15 videos and they’re just done in a step-by-step form
showing you my computer screen as I take the actions so that you can just copy
what I’m do and take the actions yourself so the first one is just a
basic introduction to the course and explain a bit about them the second one
explains about the different types of digital products and how you can find a
digital product that actually complements the product that you already
sell or you are going to sell this third video again goes onto Amazon and shows
you how to find complimentary digital products for your type of products and
to check out what it is that your competitors are already doing and the
fourth video shows you how to get professional product cover made for your
digital product because again your packaging is going to be so important
with your digital product the fifth video explains how you can make your
images for your product you have your product images how you can
quickly and for free make your digital product come in on your main images
again it’s really simple to do I show you how to do that in video 5 and video
6 I’ll show you how to create an e-book for free in video 7 I’ll show you how to
partner with an expert again you can partner with an expert for free
or you can pay a partner I explain all that inside video 7 in video 8 I explain
how to create a video course for yourself and this is exactly how I
create video courses so it just gives you exactly what you need to know in a
quick tutorial on how to do it and then in video 9 I explained how you can hire
someone to build your app for you so if you want to build a big complex app
you’re gonna have to hire an app developer to do that for you and in
video 9 explain how you can go about doing that video 10 I’ll show you how to
create an app for free yourself I go through all of this with you inside so I
show you exactly how I’ve done it in the past so that you can basically just copy
along and yeah follow the instructions and do it for yourself
in video 11 I show you how you can host your video course for free so if you do
decide to create a video course to complement your product I’ll show you
how you can host that course for free in video 12 or I show you how to email
direct access out to your customers so anyone who purchased your product you’re
gonna have to give the access show you how to do that in video 13 I’ll show you
how to create the insert card that you’re gonna also send out to your
customers and I’ll give you a free template for doing that so it’s
basically copy and paste and just put in your own brand details and that’s is
that free template is good to go good to send out as an insert card with your
products video 14 I’ll show you how to connect the app with Manny tat so if you
do make an app or if you make a video course I’ll show you how to connect it
up with Manny chat so that you can get subscribers on to your Manny chat list
for free that have already bought into your brand and this is something
extremely powerful because this allows you to build
a list of your current customers that buy your products through Amazon and
again it’s really simple to do I show you less than five minutes how to
connect it all up with mani chat so as you can see that’s pretty much it that’s
the 15 videos in a step-by-step format showing you everything that you need to
know about creating a digital product that complements your products that you
sell on Amazon and creating it and getting it delivered out to your
customers it just shows you it all in these quick videos the course is less
just less than an hour long and literally it goes through each of the
steps that you need to take to create a digital product to complement your
physical product and I created this course on its own it took me ages to
actually put all of these videos together but I finally got them all put
together and created this course and I was going to sell it for 195 pounds and
then I just thought it’s actually gonna benefit the people going through the
unique private labour course so much that instead I’m just gonna put it
inside the Uni primal labour course so instead of actually selling this course
individually for 195 pounds I put it inside the unique private labour course
which is for sale for 195 pounds just today I’ve just opened it again so yeah
I’m not going to give you any long sales pitch and why you should or shouldn’t
buy it if you’re interested in it if you want a step-by-step course teaching you
how to make digital products then yeah you can sign up for the unique private
label course now when you would guess this entire course free with it and you
can start making digital products literally today that complement the
products that you sell on Amazon or that you are going to sell on Amazon in the
future and also as with anat and I sell once you buy it you get lifetime access
there’s no just simply trying to upsell you to other things it’s simple if you
buy into the unique private label course then you’ve unlimited lifetime access
like any updates I make in the future you get unlimited access to them and I
constantly make updates when I see things that are actually working myself
firsthand so if you’re already a member then you will get this included in your
package for the unique private label course and if you just sign up to the
unique private label course now then you will also get a D update that I
made to it in the future for free so it’s up to you if you want to join then
click on the link below I leave it in the description for the unique private
label course and sign up and yeah let me know when you’re inside because with
every member who signs up I have a one on one call with them again this call
can be done at any time just once it suits both of us so yeah let me know
when you’re inside and we’ll arrange a call together and as always if you have
any questions about this video or about anything else then just drop them down
in the comments below this video and I will answer them for you I look forward
to speaking to you on the next video bye


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