Sept Target Beauty Unboxing

Hey viewers, here’s my Target Beauty September unboxing, a little late because my trip, so I hope nothing’s leaking. I’ve never actually got a Target box before, but here’s a card like with other subs listing what you get and oh look you, get a little coupon that’s already expired. Says you have to spend $15 anyway so… meh. So here’s what you get. St. Ives apricot scrub. Classic. I think I got this because I do need some exfoliating. I just hope their little beads are biodegradable now Next is Palmer’s cocoa butter. The card says it’ll help smooth marks and heal skin. Smells a lot more like a Tootsie Roll than my usual Suave cocoa butter lotion but maybe it’ll work better. I think it’s a good item. Who doesn’t like cocoa butter? This is Curls brand Reparative leave-in conditioner. You might be able to see it says it’s “uber softening.” I never actually used a leave-in conditioner before so that’ll be great to try. Its scent is “Blueberry Bliss” which again… It doesn’t smell bad, just smells like candy. This is good for Halloween I guess This is a fancy Chapstick. It might say Total Hydration in Blood Orange, but it’s a fancy Chapstick. Really, “Blood Orange”? Next is Curls Unleashed curl defining cream made with shea butter and honey. That smells like– that sounds like it smells really good. It also says it doesn’t have sulfates or parabens and elongates natural hair. This is Shea Moisture’s argan oil and almond milk shampoo and blowout cream. Shea moisture, some people might have an issue with the ownership, but they have a lot of good qualities too. This shampoo has marshmallow root! And finally this is Pretty Animalz brand Panda sheet mask. These things are like $4 on Target’s website, so to get this whole box… I think I got it for six dollars. It’s a pretty good deal. The panda one is meant to calm skin and smell like lavender, so hopefully it will. I will probably gift the Chapstick and curl defining cream to my friend with more suitable hair But I had received some Target gift cards, and the box was on sale, so I think it was still a fun buy. Thanks for watching!

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