September 2017 Income Report

Whats good wealthbuilderz
its yah boy Devaughn
back again with another video Today we talking about
September Monthly Income Report 2017 ok quick disclaimer
The purpose of this video is to show growth in my business Its also going to explain what it takes to run a online business. Ok so my September Monthly Income was a whopping $22.74 I made $19.45 from google adsense
that basially cme from the views on my videos I also made $3.29 from Amazon Affiliate marketing
because i just recently launched a Car Review site I didn’t make any money from
my other affiliate programs Now I know this isn’t alot of money
but it beats a big fat zero for the month Which I’ve had before. In my defense I’ve been going through a rough
patch in my life lately with my wife being out of work
It was really rough for me to put the energy into
my business while working my full time job and all that good stuff. so
how to I plan on increasing my income? Well I’m focusing on building my content
to gain more subscribers on my youtube channel I’m going to also implement more
social media marketing ie Facebook, Instagram and pinterest Plus I’m starting a new blog
about what else? Wealthbuilding and investments I love talking and learning about money
so thats my goals for October 2017 My ultimate goal is to make $1,000 a week
or pure profit every week. From
my online marketing business. So its going to be a journey
but aren’t you glad your taking the ride with me? any way thanks for watching
my video on my Septemeber income report. Subscribe to my channel
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