Setting up for Success

in this tutorial we’ll be reviewing how to set up your account for success once you’ve logged in to your account manager go to the account tab administrative settings make sure to fill out the necessary account payment and tax information without these facts we cannot process payment once your administrative settings have been updated the next step is to update your network profile each advertiser reviews publisher applications to join their program differently and may have specific requirements to get in so the more accurate information you can provide your profile the better one of the most important things an advertiser will review besides looking at your website is your description this is where you can share details about your business and how you intend to promote their brand any data you have about your website or target audience is helpful we also have a place for publishers to upload any documents that help tell your story if you have a rate card that describes advertising opportunities on your site this is a great spot for this information the next step is to fill out your promotional methods remember to add any method you leverage to drive traffic to your site reach customers and promote advertisers if you promote via browser plugin bookmarklet or other software you’ll be asked to fill out our software disclosure agreement the last step in creating a robust profile is to make sure your website page is updated with every site you intend to have affiliate links on you may archive any sites you are no longer using but please make sure this section is kept up to date your network profile is now ready to go for additional information on this topic please feel free to visit our support center


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