Shame on You and Shame on Me

I’m gonna wear today I have to go away
and I can’t wear that that’s gross oh my word look at the stains on that you know every other woman they have
nice clothes I don’t know why I can’t have fancy stuff are you serious like
I’m gonna be seen in public in this no way I’m the only one that has to deal
with stuff like this not any other woman has to deal with it it’s only me
everybody else seems to have everything they want why can’t I hmm are you
kidding me then I’m sure I could wear this was in 2002
I’m Way too fat for that well I’m guess I’m gonna have to be seen in this
because that’s all I got I can’t help it I don’t got no money and I don’t got
nothing hey you gotta do what you gotta do oh
how in the world am I supposed to work like this this is just ridiculous it’s so hot out
here you know every year it gets hotter the
winners are cold and the summers are hotter I mean seriously what am I
supposed to do nobody else has it like I do hmm
figures the waters not working only me this happens to nobody else I mean come
on who else has as bad as I do you see the dents in my car I mean like who it
drives an ugly car like this did you see what neighbor Frank just bought he’s got
a brand-new SUV look at me nobody has cars like ideal I mean look how they’re
dented and they’re nasty my car is like from 2004 it’s like got over 200,000
miles on it I mean seriously it drives something like this you’ve all
been guilty of it I mean seriously we all complain we all
talk about the weather and talk about politics and talk about religion talk
about the neighbors and all they have this and they have that talk about
finances how we have the lack of talk about how rich other people are we
always complain every single one of us how about driving in traffic come on
everybody complains hey don’t pull out in front of me hey don’t stop that way
start this way go left go right she warned you and shame on me it’s human
nature to complain and the more we complain the more people complain around
us come on you know the old saying misery loves company it’s true you
around happy people you become happier you’re around miserable people you
become depressed and miserable but what if hmm just what if Beth you were told you only have a few
days to live what would your perspective be then what
would your outlook be hmm let’s see Hey well this shirts not too bad it’s
still got a lot of good wear in it purple is my favorite color
you top that off with a nice headband or a scarf it won’t look too bad oh my
goodness this is a nice blue color everybody says they like me in blue I
think I’ll wear it has a stain on it but nobody’s gonna tell you know what I did
gain a little weight but who hasn’t this be okay to wear I think I’ll do really
great hey I’m really excited hmm it’s not the fanciest thing you’ve
ever seen but you know what if I put a smile on my face it will make things
alright you know what the waters not too bad we haven’t had rain for a couple
weeks but you know what this is really helping me out I’m really thankful I has
water I’ve been another country I’ve been in
Haiti in Jamaica poorest countries if you ever want to find Haiti they don’t
have running water they don’t have any water you know what I’m gonna be more
thankful for my drop of water that I have now that you think of it all right
my car has dents in it my car is really old but you know what I have a car I
have a car to drive I’m well enough I’m healthy I can drive my car there’s a lot
of people who don’t have vehicles they do anything to have my car my little car
is not too bad come to think of it so what it is really warm
is it really much hotter than the husband last year and colder you know
what every year in the summer it’s hot in the winter it’s cold you know I
should have been more thankful at least I have fans and I have an air
conditioner in my bedroom that really makes it cool what was it like a great
grandma’s day they didn’t even have fans maybe I should have changed my
perspective on things and not complained so much because in other countries they
don’t have the things that I do they don’t have electricity how about all the
soldiers that were in Saudi Arabia Afghanistan Iraq they talked about how
they had to be out in the Sun they didn’t have air condition how about the
soldiers in Vietnam what was it like to be overseas far away from home without
any of the modern conveniences that we do these days are we thankful are we
thankful for what we have are we truly thankful that we live in a country where
we have all of these things at our fingertips
hmm now that’s something think about you
know if you only had a couple days to live what would be important in your
life surely not what you wear and surely not what you have and surely not what
you own none of this things would matter what
would be important in your life what would be important in my life with
the sky seemed a little bluer with the birds sing a little sweeter with the
sounds be more distinct what our days be a little longer where our days be a
little shorter would we say everything we wanted to say would we do everything
we wanted to do what would we want to do this week a very well-known youtuber was
faced with that and she sadly passed away what can we learn from her story going
from healthy to sick in a matter of weeks what can we learn from it all
yes we say our prayers for the family and we’re sad and shed tears but is that
all there is to it do we just for the moment feel sadness or does it change
our life can somebody else’s experiences change our life that’s what I’m asking
you here we go beyond a couple days and a
couple weeks of the sadness I think she would want us all to remember her and to
remember life lessons I think she would want us all to better ourselves and
glean something from her tragedy it opened my eyes this week of all the
things that I’m so guilty of it made me see things differently and my goal is to
always remember those life lessons I hope that’s your goal at the end of this
video I’m going to share with you the last video her husband made he plans on
continuing the channel and I’m asking you guys to just describe as to support
them she’s the mother she was the mother of nine children and she lost her unborn
child as well this week now he’s faced with raising nine children on his own we have to look outside our own little
box in life and we have to think about others and think about what others are
going through and in turn our world to seem just a little bit sweeter today
we’re gonna have a party aren’t we


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