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today I want to welcome you to video number two in the how to make money
online tutorial series and basically this series is a list of ways that you
can start making money online immediately by using affiliate marketing
and today I want to share with you another great site and that site is
called ShareASale so let’s go ahead and pull that up now ShareASale is a site
where tons of merchants in all kinds of categories offer their products and
offer their services or bloggers influencers digital marketers video
marketers anyone that has a business or an audience it allows you to sell their
products to your audience and you can make a commission or doing so so the
website I want to share with you today is share a sale and you can find that on
ShareASale com I will put links in the show notes
description below you can just click that link it’ll take you right to the
website where you can sign up and when you get here you can either sign up for
an affiliate login or you can sign up to be a merchant now if you want to sell
products and offer products to your customers to your community and to your
fan base and earn a commission no sales then you want to sign up as an
affiliate but if you are a business and you have physical products to sell or
you’re an artist and you have physical products to sell and you would like
other people to help spread awareness of your brand and try to help you sell your
products then you want to sign up for a merchant account so not only can you
earn a commission on ShareASale but you can also sell your products digital
products your books your training courses your memorabilia your artwork
anything you want other people to help you sell you can sign up for a merchant
account so we’re gonna go ahead and log in and I’m going to show you the back
end of ShareASale and share with you the awesome opportunity that you have with
this great site so let’s get logged in all right guys we are now looking at the
back end of ShareASale and when you first log in you’re gonna see an
activity feed that has all the dates and you can click through these to see what
kind of activity you’ve had on your account it’s gonna show you a current
balance now they cash out every month so our balance right now is zero and
then if you come here you’re gonna see your top merchants and these are some of
the people that we do business with in our other brand dishes in stitches so we
do things with easy cosplay we do things with ShareASale and we do things with a
travel agent for Florida ticket station so when you get in here you’re gonna go
to search for merchants now guys this is the magic right here if you look on the
left hand side here you will see categories for all kinds of things art
music photography auction books business clothing education games toys now when
you get here you have a list the landing page here and
there’s a couple things that I want to kind of point out to you here is here is
this affiliate Brentwood home now when you sell what they have to offer let’s
go ahead this is affordable luxury live healthy and sleep well and then it’s
gonna give you a thing here alright it’s gonna give you their story so it looks
like they sell mattresses okay so if you want to sell mattresses this is the
website for you let’s pop back over here you can see that you make a 15%
Commission on anything you sell for this merchant and they’re ranked number 34 on
the entire ShareASale site and here the average sale that this company is making
the average commission that these guys are paying out to their affiliates over
a week period is about three hundred and eighty eight dollars and ninety cents
here is a nut Buffy Inc let’s let’s look at these guys here we go so Buffy Inc
their average sale is a hundred and fifty eight dollars and 96 cents you
make an average of 24 36 per commission her Commission and they’re earning
payout Commission the average payout is about 192 dollars there’s other great
information here if someone clicks on the link you have a 45 day cookie which
means that you get credit for anyone that visits this site for 45 days
anything they purchase off of Buffy eeeek for 45 days you’re going to make a
commission on them their conversion rate is seven point nine one five is above
the average so this is a little higher than average and you could see that the
last transaction somebody bought something from Buffy today they auto
deposit their Commission and there ranked number 100 and guys you could do
this for all kinds of products let’s go down here to let’s say
what’s a good product let’s do health because that’s always that’s always it
good so health here is a list of all the
programs that you can sell that has to do with health let’s look at Fitness
because there was one earlier that I wanted to show you guys I believe let’s
just look at this egg whites international so this looks like it is a
protein powder liquid egg white design to drink okay here we go so this is
their sales page and let’s jump back here you can look at the average sale
for this merchant is a hundred and thirteen dollars and 48 cents and the
average commission that you’re gonna make for sale is there or you know per
click is $14 in 97 cents their commission they’re actually paying out a
little higher at fifteen dollars and ninety-six cents their conversion rate
is one point zero seven which is a little low but the last transaction for
them was today and their plus a thousand on on the website so if you’re into
nutrition this is definitely something that you can go for let’s look at
protein powder let’s try to find here’s eye supplements let’s take a look at
these guys so I supplements their average is about 55 dollars seventy six
cents their average Commission is about five
dollars and seventy five cents their conversion rate is seven point eight
nine so I hope you start to see exactly the power of ShareASale and these are
the supplements that they they sell this is their website so if you were in the
health of each if you were a personal trainer
if you were a nutritionist if you were something like that you could sign up
for this program and you could start making a commission on all the sales
that you make for this site and guys this is a share a sale I mean the entire
site just kind of works like that books media education clothing if you have a
beauty blog if you’re a beauty expert you can definitely get into clothing and
makeup when you see automotive here what’s going on radar detector car covers so there is I
mean I hope you see this there is products and there is niches for
everything on ShareASale this is a really powerful you can even sell books
you can even sell book subscriptions we actually sell vacation packages we did a
video about our trip to Universal Studios and so we actually sell vacation
packages on through ShareASale with this company called
Florida ticket station now if you look at this I will show you what we do with
these guys the average sale is 830 $1.85 we make about 1617 dollars is the
average Commission and they pay out at 8.30 eight cents they have a point five
conversion rate but they have a 90 day cookie they have a 90 day cookie so if
you go here and you buy a vacation package from these guys through our
affiliate link then you help support our channel and we make a commission off of
it they sell Disney vacations Universal Studios vacations Kennedy Space Center
you know medieval times since we are in Florida we do like to promote Orlando
and things like that but SeaWorld and everything like that so guys this is
share a sale and I hope you see the power of ShareASale and affiliate
marketing this opens the door for you guys to really talk about and really
promote anything anything in your niche you can monetize and you can start
making commission off of share a sales affiliate program it is free to join and
they almost you know they almost accept everyone like I said and like we’ve said
in other blog posts the Amazon affiliate video you can check that out right here
I will link to that video on the card for Amazon affiliate
you want to have unestablished social media presence if you have a blog you
want to have at least 8 to 10 original blog posts that you can post that you
have there if you have any kind of social media following you just want to
make sure that your media and your content is original so that you have a
better chance of getting accepted but if you got that and you meet that criteria
you guys can go ahead and go to ShareASale comm or check out the link
right here I will have it in the first sentence of the show notes you can just
click on that and it’ll take you there and you can sign up for an account and
you can start picking your products I totally recommend that you purchase the
product that you want to sell first because you really want to sell
something that you’re passionate about you really want to try to offer
information on something that you’re knowledgeable about and that can help
other people so you definitely want to use your product first before you make
any content related to it but once you do when you believe in it start making
that content start writing those blog posts start making those video posts
those video product review videos and you could start cashing in now well guys
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will see you in the next video you

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