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hey there welcome to the channel in this
video we’re going to talk about how to get started with the ShareASale comm
affiliate program my name is Stacia Kennedy and if you’re
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new to the tribe this is my special guest
Ava Kalia Kennedy and on this channel sometimes she makes an appearance but we
always talk about how to make money online through affiliate marketing how
to add an additional revenue to your business I’m really excited to share
with you how to get started if you’re a newbie in affiliate marketing with
ShareASale comm ShareASale comm is an affiliate network in my last video if
you missed it click right here somewhere on the video on the on the video we’ll
share with you my last video we talked about affiliate networks so if you heard
about affiliate networks share cell is one of them that I talked about and
basically it’s the in-between between a merchant who wants to sell more products
and an affiliate marketer like yourself and basically they’re able to give you a
commission as an affiliate marketer to share out their product and their
services but what happens is that the affiliate network is the one who manages
it all and gives you a special coded link that you can share and when someone
clicks on that link you get credited for this sale we’re about to go on holiday
right I want to see holiday and where we’re gonna go we’re gonna go to Hawaii
where I’m originally from and the reason why I mention this is because there is a
site that I love finding really cute dresses so I’m gonna share with you this
site called Lulu’s calm which I am currently applied to be an affiliate
through Shira sale so this is how it works so I literally go through
different companies or places that I buy products that I love loulou’s is one of
them I actually love buying dresses and accessories actually it was kind of
crazy I don’t know a lot of people who know about this site but one of my
neighbors actually knew about it and I saw a box on her doorstep the other day
but literally I’m going on vacation soon so I’m thinking you know hey gotta get a
new swimsuit I really need to work out so I look like that but there’s some
cute dresses son dresses are in right now the reason why I mention this is I
scroll down to the bottom you what this is what you want to do you scroll to the
bottom of any website that you purchase products from and see right here is
where I’m gonna mention let’s see here affiliate program they have an affiliate
program so I’m gonna click on affiliate program and I see when I scroll down you
can sign up to be an affiliate and their program actually is through ShareASale
let me see here love your commissions at the same time yeah let’s go down here
yes and you can fill out their information I think what happened is it
doesn’t say quite here but I think I signed up and I found out that the
affiliate program actually that they run through is the affiliate networks that
they run with is ShareASale so when I signed up and filled out that
information I found that I was chair sale I work so they already signed up
through sheer sell if you’re brand new all you need to do is go over here and
sign up to be an affiliate affiliate sign up here you fill out your
information if you’re a brand new beginner you don’t even have a blog it’s
they’re going to ask you a little bit of questions like you know where would you
promote this on YouTube on a blog on Instagram if you’re following is not
quite there yet you may not be approved but sign up anyways and see what happens
you know so just just do it and then they will tell you it whether or not
you’re approved or not a lot of times they actually will just approve anyone
depending on their rules and regulations you may not need to have an actual blog
so quickly go and build a blog you might need to actually add in privacy Poly’s
these or other things like that and I’ll share with you other tools about
blogging an affiliate marketing in another video but it’s really easy to
get approved so right now what I did here is I went and signed up
I’ve already been an affiliate for share sale and once you get approved you can
go in and look at all the merchants see you have popular merchants
home-and-garden different niches that you can search through and find
different companies that are an affiliate here on this network on
ShareASale com so I went in and logged into my account log in here and I just
went in search Lulu because once you go in and went into merchants search for
merchants when I signed up here originally it took me to a page where
you had to you know sign up for share so but since I’m already a member I went in
here looked for Lulu’s and went go but if you’re getting started you can just
go through the merchants and look at the couple different companies and see if
you anything stand out so this one is 7% per sale and I’ve told you this in other
videos that physical products dresses things that people need to be made and
yeah dresses skirts products that physically need to be created your
percentage on a sale is not going to be as much as a digital product so if you
want to know my top seven offers for digital products that I like to promote
click the link in the description below to learn more about that yeah dresses
and skirts do we love to look great so the percentage per sale unfortunately is
not a lot so a dress that’s maybe fifty or sixty dollars I’m going to make seven
percent off of that and the EPC also is just kind of like the average of what
the sales are happening here and programmed keywords here so I clicked on
before jumping on this video join program it looks kind of like this this
button here and now I’m in the approval stage so they have my information
already and I am about to get approved so
hopefully we will get approved as an affiliate for Lulu’s calm I’ll buy
something really cute which actually I bought things on their site previously I
can take some pictures on Instagram and promote them or do a video like this and
you know put my affiliate links in in the description on YouTube YouTube is
one of the best ways to get started as a affiliate marketer share your content
out into the world if people have a you know problem you can help them find a
solution by doing a video and that is the best way to get started as a
beginner one of my members inside of my Facebook group had asked me where to get
started and this is one of the ways I would get started as an affiliate into
this industry and you want to learn more keep watching my videos and also click
the link in description I have an awesome new playlist and trainings that
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thanks for watching this video much love and aloha and we’ll see you on the next


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