She Got Wild At Her Talent Show!

– Okay, we are on our way
to Abbie’s talent show for Camp I Am Special. It’s not just a talent show though, right? It’s like a, is it a dinner? – They’re gonna have
hors d’oeuvres, I think. – Okay, good, ‘Cause I just
ate a little something. I’m not really hungry. Abbie and I needed snacks. – And then I feel like
it’s, it’s like a… I don’t know, we’ve never been to this. – We don’t know. This is the first time we’ve been invited. So I’m wearing a T-shirt
and shorts, right? And Priscilla’s like, you might need to wear something a little fancier than what you’re wearing, okay? So I did. I put on a shirt with buttons
and I’m still wearing shorts and like socks with no… or shoes with no socks type of situation. I mean, they’re shoes that
are meant to be worn without, you know what I’m saying. And I thought she was
being serious when she said something a little fancier. Meanwhile, we got the
dress club back here. Priscilla’s in her dress and
Abbie’s in her pretty dress. She said some people are wearing suits. I’m significantly under-dressed
and uncomfortable for that. Summer being Summer, Summer
didn’t bring dress clothes so. – Woohoo! – Isaiah’s not dressing up, right? – We’re rocking it out cas’. Isaiah always looks pristine though. (chuckles) Unless she’s wearing a Pacsun shirt. We taught Abigail a very special little dance step for her talent show. – Who did? – Hopefully she can pull it off. We all did. – Oh. – Yep, you were there. – I was? – Yeah, remember? Yeah. So we’re gonna do that. You guys are gonna love it. [Man] There’s a pink limo. I am so under-dressed. Summer don’t worry. He wore a tie, but he’s
also wearing Crocs, so… – Yeah, see we’re fine. We’re not underdressed. (laughs) – [Man] Wow, we’re
supper under-dressed huh? – Hey, Miss Priscilla. – [Priscilla] Hi, how are you? – [Man Wearing Tie] We
didn’t trash your house too much yesterday, right? – [Man] No. Not at all. – [Man Wearing Tie] Good. – [Man] Chairs and candy? That’s amazing! – [Summer] This is the
best place ever, huh? What do you think? – [Man] Are you nervous? Is there a nervous room? You want one? Okay. So, here is the presentation scening. Such wonderful pieces like “Part of Your World”, “Black Bird”. We have some Baton going on. “I Hope You Dance” Abbie’s “Turn Down For What”. – Come here. Come here. Come here. – [Man] Do you want to
ride the big pink limo? You do? Let’s go! Come on! Go ahead Abbie! (cheerful music) There you go! Step right there first. – [Summer] Come on! Let’s go down here. Come on! – [Man] Oohoo. – Down this way. Good job! – [Man] Fancy! – Come on all the way down. – [Man] Isn’t that cool? – [Summer] Hey, can you look at me? (laughs) Enjoy the radio right behind you. (chuckles) – [Summer] Ain’t this so cool? (chuckles) Ain’t this so cool? What do you think? Is it funny? (Abbie makes noises) You’re okay. Yeah. (chuckles) (people in limo talking) – Take a picture right here. – [Man] You wanna stand over there? – Come here. (singing on stage) – [Man] What? – Where do you want me to take you? – What’s wrong? – Where do you wanna go? – You can’t go. You’re next. – [Man In Front Seat] Are you ready? (Abbie makes noises) – [Man] Come on. Sit down. Oh my goodness. Sit down. Come on. Chaos. (audience clapping and cheering) – [Man] Clap, Abbie! Yay! (audience cheering Abbie’s name) That’s you. That’s you! (audience cheering and clapping) – [Man In The Audience] Abbie! (upbeat music) (audience cheering and clapping) – [Man] Abbie, back here. Come here. Come back here. – [Priscilla] Come here. Come here. Right here. (chuckles) – [Man] Did you hit the whoa? Hit the whoa! Hit the whoa. (audience clapping) – [Man] Now she started dancing. – Now she’s ready. (Abbie makes noises) – Come here! – [Man] Hey. (chuckles) – Hey. Come on. Lets go sit down. (talent show host speaking) (audience cheers) – Abby. Sit down. – [Man] Okay, ready? And go. Sit down right there. We look like those parents. – I fell like the… camp bring out the worst
and the best in her. – [Man] Huh? – I feel like camp setting brings out the worst and best in her. (chuckles) (people singing) (audience clapping) – Hey, let’s take a picture! Ready? Abbie, it’s okay. Here. Do you wanna put on a hat? (woman laughing) Does that even count? Try again. (cheering) – [Man] Say bye! See you later! – Bye! Glad you came. You rocked it! – Did you have a good time? Was it fun? You certainly had a good time! She was wild mom! Boy! She hasn’t been
that wild in a long time. – [Priscilla] Yeah. I said, “I think camp brings
out the best and the worst.” (chuckles) – It’s so nice too though. You know? Because like as parents you know we get frustrated sometimes in situations like that when she’s wild and stuff. – [Priscilla] Oh, look. – Hey! Hey, what are you doing? – [Priscilla] She’s getting the water. – Oh. When she’s wild and stuff like that in certain situations because of the audience because of everybody else. – Right. We don’t ever want to be a burden on anyone. – Right. But in that situation it was like whatever. – They cheered for her. – I mean we tried to keep
her in her seat so… (Abbie makes noises) – She may have just thrown the… – Oh. – So we tried to keep her in her seat so that other people could enjoy the show just as much as we were but… – [Priscilla] Oh, Abbie. – What is that? – [Priscilla] I have no idea. – [Man] Ugh. – [Priscilla] Oh no. (car engine starts) – It’s spoiled chocolate milk and I think she tried to drink it. And then she just threw it in the car. Where did you get this from? Ugh. – Well that was disgusting. Um. Yeah, old jug of milk that was… Like a small chocolate milk in the back that Abbie found. Gross. Oh yeah! Apparently, when you’re you know, going out and dealing with that the behaviors and stuff like that… (chuckles) – Oh my gosh. – Another break. Mackenzie’s mom camp
up and said Hello to us and just wanted to say Thank You. And we wanted to thank her! – Yeah. – Mackenzie was Abbie’s buddy at camp. So yeah. Like I don’t know. Should that change? Like depending on the audience? – I think… – Like should it change? – Yeah. I mean, I think it’s just natural that it changes. – Right. But should it change? Should you feel like… More embarrassed or more you know. – It’s not an embarrassment. It’s never an embarrassment. I never want anybody to feel like… – Well, you’re definitely more frustrated in certain situations. – Right. – Yeah. – All the kids are waving. They’re like, “Oh, they’re vlogging.” (chuckles) – You’re definitely more frustrated in certain… I mean, not you. I mean like in general. People are more frustrated depending on the situation. Like should it be? Is my questions. Like you know? – I think so. ‘Cause like on an airplane, right? People are paying for a seat to be on the airplane. That doesn’t mean that we should just let Abbie be… have a free-for-all. Even though she has autism. – We didn’t let her have
a free-for-all tonight. – No. I know. But it’s like this is this event it’s just like SFA. That’s our safe place. – Okay. So, as long as the world fits Abigail Abigail can be herself in the world. But if the world doesn’t fit her, she has to conform to everybody. You know what I’m saying? – Yeah. – I guess that’s my point. I understand your point. But I guess that’s my point. You know what I mean? – Right. – Yeah. I’m gonna throw that back at you guys, as Philly Dew would say. Let me know down in the comments. That’d be a good conversation topic. – I mean, I personally think that… – What do you think about it? – everybody should be accepting. – Oh, for sure! – But at the same time. – But I’m talking about our behavior as parents like as far as our frustration level and you know what I mean? It’s food for thought. You know? I mean, it’s not like we have to sit here and work out the whole… the answer to the question. It’s interesting, isn’t it? – It’s deep. It’s Friday night. – It’s deep stuff. It’s Friday night. (chuckles) Let’s go home! Alright, we got somebody
special here right now. But you guys gonna have
to wait ’til tomorrow to find out who. They’re getting a house tour right now. So we’ll see you guys tomorrow! Bye! (beep) It’s like in the seat. Like I’m gonna have to like clean the seat up. Ugh. My hands smell like
spoiled chocolate milk. – Really? – Yeah. 100 percent. That was gross.


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