She Messed Up and We’re Doing Too Much

(gentle music) (upbeat music) – Nothing like a puppy dog
music montage to start the day, huh Maverick? Psst, Maverick. Maverick. I see your tail do a little bitty wag. Maverick. It’s not actually the start to the day. We’ve done a lot today. So Priscilla left without me this morning to take Abby to school. I stayed home. I got a lot of work done, I got some editing done. Then Priscilla went to
lunch with a friend, right? – I did. – She did. She’s been working hard
all day too, though. She has been on the phone nonstop, driving all around town, getting things lined up for concessions, for the football game. I did get a little cleaning
around the house done, did some vacuuming. Well to be honest, I pushed a button. The robot did the vacuuming, and then I made a sandwich for lunch. It was tasty. Now, we’re at Sam’s Club, because we gotta fill up for concessions. This is gonna be a huge order. (shoppers chattering) All the things you can’t eat anymore. – Yeah. (shoppers chattering) (laughing) Sometimes vlogging in
public is still weird. – Yeah. – The lady was, I was all
cheesing on the way out, because the lady was grinning at us. She kept looking at us
like, “What are you doing?” at the customer service. And because I had the camera set up I said, “Oh, we have a,” oh we’re falling. I said, “Oh we have a YouTube channel.” She said, “Whatever.” (laughing) – Like what kind of response is that? – Isn’t it funny? Like you know what YouTube is, and I know what YouTube is, and we all watch YouTube. Some people have no clue. They may know it exists, but that’s it. It’s their whole world. – It’s funny. – They don’t even know what’s out there. It’s just funny. Oh, you’re falling again. It’s funny the different
things people have in life, and what their world consists
of, and what it doesn’t. – So, totally off topic, but you just got a full view of me, so if you guys wanna know,
I got this from Lane Bryant because y’all always ask
where I get my clothes. Everything is from Lane Bryant. – I kinda feel like that was an, oh, they can see my dress moment. – I mean, it was. I’m feeling cute. (laughing) I’m starting to see a waist. – [Dad] You’re looking cute. – So I like that, yeah. – [Dad] You want me to do
some fancy B-roll of you? – No, no, I’m okay. Just keep loading the car. – Okay. Dang, if the concession
stand is as successful as it was last year, we
need to get a trailer to tow behind the car. Holy cow. Okay, so you see Priscilla in, cool drip, what do the kids say? Something like that, all the time, right. All the time, she’s always
wearing some new threads. Oh, that’s way old. But Priscilla has some
tips and tricks for you, Because she shops at Lane Bryant. It’s where she gets,
every time you guys ask, where did you get this, Lane Bryant. – It’s always Lane Bryant. – That’s an 80 dollar dress. And you got it for how much? – 14 dollars. – 14 dollars. So if you buy stuff, what
do you say, out of season? – Out of season. So, like right now, they’re
having their clearance items are 50 percent off, so
they’re already clearance, and they’re 50 percent off. And a lot of times, you’ll
find the coupons online that say like, 25 off
of 75, 50 off of 150. And sometimes the girls in
the store will tell you, “No, those don’t work.” Always have them scan
them because they do work. Like you can stack those coupons. – So you order something online, go to pick it up in the store? – I was doing that, now
that we don’t live as close to Lane Bryant, I just have
them shipped to the house. So I wait until they have
free shipping as well. – What if it doesn’t fit? – You can either take
it back to the store, or you can just contact
Lane Bryant and they’ll– – So she pays like,
six bucks for a blouse. – Yeah, so I just ordered, well I ordered another bathing suit because we have a pool
and we live in Florida. – Okay, let’s be honest. Because you bought two bathing suits and you’re losing weight so fast you didn’t wear the other
one, so now it’s too big. – Yeah they’re too big.
– And you’ve worn it once. – Yeah, so I bought another bathing suit and it was 50 percent
off plus another 25 off, it was 75 and I added a cover-up because we have a cruise coming up anyway. I try to plan ahead. And so I bought– – You’re gonna weigh like 40 pounds by the time we go on the cruise. – I bought this dress and
I bought another dress and two cover-ups and a bathing suit and I spent less than a
hundred dollars at Lane Bryant. – Wow. – That’s like 400 dollars
worth of clothes, no joke. Everybody always comments, “Oh
Lane Bryant’s too expensive.” Yeah, don’t ever buy it
when it first comes out. Or if you do, use coupon with it. Even sometimes if I really like a blouse and I want it right then, I’m
never gonna not use a coupon. – So what’s she’s saying is
you don’t need that fresh drip as soon as it comes out,
you can buy that old drip. – Yeah, they were like end of season. I’m like, “End of season,
I live in Florida.” So that’s kind of a cool
thing about buying online is they have more options sometimes. – There you go, there’s your
shopping tips of the day. – I don’t know what I’m going to do if I ever get out of Lane Bryant. – Nice work partner. – Thanks, you too. We make a good team. – We just restocked this entire place. Check this out, this
was empty, restocked it. Still have to put those,
we’ll do those tomorrow, we’re coming up here to set up. All that food down there,
all this food up here, all that there and then a
freezer full of dogs and burgers. Killed it. Now we’re late, gotta go,
got Abby’s open house. There is a 17 minute slow
down ahead of us Priscilla. – Banana!
– You need to get us to school on time.
– I’m on fire! I’m on fire! – [Dad] Stop worrying about banana. – I’m just saying, I’m
driving and banana-in’. (laughing) Don’t be mad because I got four. – [Dad] That’s actually who
usually wins is the driver. – Because we’re paying
attention to the road. – We made it. So this is from 5:30 to 7:30. Hi. And we’re late for the beginning. But Priscilla’s mom is here so she’ll fill us in
on anything we missed. We do want to see what
she’s doing so far this year and the rest of what she’s gonna do. Come on lipstick mama. We’re finally home and
we get to see our kids. Hi kiddo! – [Priscilla] Abby, I’m so
excited about your classroom. – So excited. So I gotta tell you
guys about a few things. I took a few notes
because I know there are so many teachers out there that love getting information like this when you get to see like Abby’s classroom. So one thing that really
struck me was her teacher said that she gets the
question, will they ever? Like when they’re
practicing skills in class will they ever do this or will
they ever actually do that? And her answer is eventually. Because we get that
question a lot from you guys in the comment section. Why do you do that? Do you think she’ll ever actually be able to do that on her own? And the answer that we
give is well eventually, yeah hopefully, that’s the goal, right? – Yeah. – So this kind of shows you
what their curriculum looks like which is just awesome. So they’re actually gonna
be practicing skills in the classroom that
they’ll be able to utilize in the workplace, so I love that. You are an ice tray-filling
machine over there. – Yeah. – Look at you go. No ice maker in the fridge. It’s huge, but no ice maker. Like they couldn’t fit it or something. – No Abby. – Hey, no help needed, just
filling ice cube trays. You want to learn that skill? So she has four goals for her classroom. Transitions, attentiveness,
task completion, and behavior. And the type of behavior that she told us she was talking about was for barriers, behavior that would lead to
barriers in the community. And I love how she said
this because we talk about suppressing stims and stuff like that here on the channel a lot, like with the yelling thing right. And she wants the children to be children but there are still some behaviors that limit access to the world for them. To society, to certain situations. There’s certain behaviors
that aren’t appropriate in certain situations. And so one of their
goals is to teach that. I love that. – Yeah, me too.
– Wasn’t that cool? And then lastly, they’re going
to do two community outings per month which is really cool, I love it. So one of them will be work-related as far as going out and using the skills they learn in the
classroom and applying that to a work-type situation. What was the other outing? – They’re gonna go and
help in the food pantry. – [Dad] Oh that’s right, yeah. – And the Lutheran services. And then they’re also doing
once a week every Friday they’ll go to Daley’s and
learn how to purchase things. – Yes, so Abby’s gonna
get a little debit card which we talked about before
when we did the in-dock at Abby’s school. So they have little work stations set up and each one of them
has a different purpose. One of them is for
practicing at the food pantry with loading baskets and buckets up. Another one was for counting change and learning what different
money values were. Hanging up clothes. So that’s the type of life-skill tasks that they learn in that
classroom and it’s just awesome. Like the money counting,
that’s what you would consider functional academics. It’s just, I’m really really
excited about this school year. I love her teacher so much. – [Priscilla] Me too. – She is amazing.
– She is so full of energy and she’s excited. She has a daughter on
the spectrum who’s older so she knows, she lives
the same life we live. – (speaking) So I think that adds
a lot of value to her. – [Dad] What’s up? You don’t need a snack sweetheart, you’ve already eaten everything. – And they’re like, “Abby is so sassy.” You are so sassy, did you know that? That’s what your teachers told us today. And then did you see the children’s room? So they get to go in there by themselves. – [Dad] In the chilling room, yeah. – [Priscilla] For fifteen
minutes at a time. – [Dad] That’s awesome. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – That chair over in the corner, that is Priscilla’s
grandmother’s old chair. It’s a little rough around the edges, it’s been used by a lot of kids, but. And then you have your college dorm to practice in at school, don’t you? It’s a very dorm-ish setup. And it’s not necessarily
preparing them for college, but it’s like solo
living-type of scenarios. Making your own bed and hanging clothes up and doing those kinds of activities. Hey I am so excited
about your school year! I’m excited, are you excited about it? You’re not eating. – [Priscilla] She’s sleeping
really well during the week. – [Dad] Are you excited? You are? Yeah you’re sleeping well because you work so hard in class, huh? – She’s like, “I keep
them going, we keep busy. “We are busy busy people.” – Speaking of Lane Bryant
sales, what is this? Believe in your dreams. Priscilla you have become
one of those ladies. You are a sayings-on-the-shirt lady now. So. – So. – We talked a little bit today. You’re still doing things. – I am. (laughing) – Far from done. You’re a busy person,
you enjoy being busy. – I enjoy being busy,
but I just messed up. I’m exhausted. I’m gonna get emotional. – She just took on too much. And it’s, I mean, of all mistakes to make, that’s not a terrible thing to make. It kind of sucks when you’re like, well we’re doing this for Ab, we have everything at her school. And then we’re doing this for Isaiah, volunteering at his school. But then you don’t see your kids all day, you know what I mean? And I know the open house
is differently obviously, but it just, it’s tough. You want to do all the
things and help everybody. – Well and it’s not even that.
– And that’s just Priscilla’s personality. It’s not even that. I was literally told if I
didn’t take over Booster Club, there would be no Booster Club. – I know and you feel
personally responsible for that. – Yeah, I mean it’s my son’s senior year. – Yeah. I mean that’s just who you are. And sometimes we make mistakes. But it is what it is and
we’ll make the best of it and it’s gonna be an awesome year. You know what I mean? – Yeah. – And I got your back. – Thanks. – We’re gonna do it, okay? – Kay. – And I’m not gonna complain about it. – Okay, you heard this right here. – I complain about it. – All the time, it makes me more stressed. – It just wears you down. – It does. – It’s so much pressure on you. She’s a doer. I call her Helium Hannah
because it’s a joke, but she’s a doer, she
just, she does so much. You’re still supposed to
record a video tonight. – Yeah I’m gonna do that tomorrow.
– For Limelife. – Because I don’t look cute. – I think you look cute. – Well I don’t look cute enough to be all over Limelife. – I can edit the video. – Like, “Oh she must
really like the skin care.” (laughing) – It’ll be okay. – Yep, it will. – It’s gonna be a good year. The problem is always,
with this kind of thing, right when we get in a groove and right when we get things squared away, by that time it’s over. – Yeah. – [Dad] You know what,
we’re all done for the day. We’re gonna go get pajamas on and we’re gonna go to bed. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – No. – [Dad] We’re gonna go to bed, okay? We are, we’re gonna put
on pajamas and go to bed. Yes we are. Yes we are. You have a new pair of pajamas? (gasps) Yay, pajamas. – [Priscilla] Pajama pants. – [Dad] Let’s see your pajamas. Bed, yeah. (laughing) Let’s go to bed. – [Priscilla] How cute are these? – [Dad] Bed, yeah, bed. Look at those pajama pants. (laughing) – [Dad] What? You need to go to the bathroom? Okay let’s go to the
bathroom and go to bed. In bed, yeah, bathroom and bed. Girl you got your whole
afternoon, your whole evening planned out don’t you, look at you. Say bye. (tapping) You gotta say bye first, don’t be rude. Okay, close it out. (beeping) – I know some of you have
said to go to Torrid, I’m not a fan. I just haven’t found anything. Everything makes me look hooker-ish. (laughing) I don’t know why, it
just doesn’t work for me. – I don’t mind. – Shut up. Yeah, I’m not a fan, but
I’m glad y’all look cute in Torrid stuff. I just can’t make it look cute. – We got a bunch of hooker-looking
girls running around, not for long, that watch our channel, is that what’s going on?


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