Shining Up Dirt Bike Parts The Easy Way!

welcome back everyone how are you guys
doing so I haven’t done much on the cr250 project for a few weeks now and I
was really starting to miss it I was on vacation in Japan for a few weeks I had
a really good time but now I’m back obviously and it is time to get busting
on this project again so what I’ve got going on today is I’ll be cleaning up
some aluminum parts on this bench grinder back here now the grinder has a
scotch-brite wheel mounted on it and the scotch-brite wheel works amazing for
brightening up aluminum before I get started on today’s video though I need
to pick a winner for the giveaway on the sprocket a few weeks back so let’s get
that taken care of right now all right here’s that sprocket I was
referring to so I had posted up this picture on Instagram and to enter the
giveaway all you had to do was post the comment on that picture
it’s going to go through and load up all the comments and just pick a random one
I’ve got all the comments loaded up now I’m just gonna scroll up and down the
page a few times and whatever comment the mouse lands on you are the winner
give this a few more Scrolls and let it drop all right here we go right there we
have Nick up degraph 43 hey you are the winner I’ll shoot you a DM and get your
shipping address this is what I’ve got going on a bunch of aluminum pieces and
over here on the bench grinder I’ve got the same scotch brite wheel that I’ve
shown in a few of my previous videos I’m gonna fire this thing up and see what we
can do I’ll be starting with this fall will cover here it is looking pretty
worn out but the scotch-brite wheel should freshen it right up so you’ll want to work in the same
direction on the cover that way you end up with a consistent finish to remove
some of the scratches just apply more pressure to the wheel as you’re buffing
this sort of move most of the surface scratches anything deeper like a scar
you’re gonna need something more aggressive for that I am really happy
with how this thing turned out still a few small scratches left in it but this
thing is gonna look awesome when mounted on the bike my goal here is not to have
a polished finish I just want a nice clean finish that’s easy to keep up on
after all it is a dirt bike and I will be riding it quite a bit I think it is
time to shine up some more parts here man these parts are looking super good
another useful thing for the scotch-brite wheels is you can use them
to strip off rust and corrosion off of axles now obviously these are plated and
that scotch-brite is gonna strip that plating off but if you keep these axles
greased that should not be an issue I’m actually really surprised how well
that wheel worked on these axles cleaned up the rust and corrosion like you is
nothing for you guys looking to clean up your own bikes you can find these
scotch-brite wheels over on my website it’ll be the first link down in the
description and this is the same wheel I use the clean up frames by hand I posted
a video a few weeks back on how to do that so click over that frame cleaning
video for more info so I will be giving away one of these Scotch right wheels
for one year to try out all you have to do is write down in the comments below
what bike you ride and I’ll go through and pick a random comment and send this
gosh pad over to you what I’d like to figure out in a future video is how to
brighten up parts with tight crevices like this right here so I think using a
little scotch brite wheel on a dremel tool will do the trick
I’d like to brighten up these parts here along with some engine parts such as the
cases cylinder and clutch cover thank you so much for watching guys I am
really excited to get back in the groove and start pumping out a ton of videos
for you all I’ll see you later


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