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This week on TGC News, background checks are
up, savage bolts down the Valkyrie, and targets from the future! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to those of you that leave a comment
every week and keep the conversation going. I appreciate you more than you know. Now, the news, our first story this week is
about a product that doesn’t quite exist yet. I’m covering it because I want to show you
guys where things COULD be heading in the industry in terms of targets. We don’t often think of targets as a place
where innovation can happen, however, the first ever TGC #notareview was on a really
neat system that now falls under the action target name. The one we’re covering today is in that same
direction. The company is called Cyrus Targets and to
be honest, their product is complex but very interesting. Its comprised of several parts. There is a target stand that has a roll of
paper stretch between the top and bottom, as well as a rechargeable battery and motor
to move the paper. It also has a sort of sun shade around it
for the next component which is simply being called the main unit. This thing is like a freakin power ranger
it has so much crap in it. There is a computer, a forward facing projector
that projects a moving interactive image onto the target, a backwards facing camera that
is intended to detect the shooters movement, a microphone and speaker and of course the
computer to control it all. The basic concept here is that using a mobile
app, you can set up your training session and the main unit projects an image onto the
target screen that is moving and interactive. They claim it can detect hits and auto advance
the target to keep it fresh. For lack of a better way to explain it, this
is one of those simulators that you see in a gun shop, compressed down for use on the
range. To me, even though this is complex in its
set up, it is a really cool concept. HOWEVER, I do see some challenges. First, they are going to attempt to crowdfund
this thing which to me, is not the best solution. Unknown companies with zero history asking
for huge sums of money are just a giant banner telling you not to get involved. Beyond that, the pricing is flat out absurd. I’m not saying the product isn’t valuable,
but the early bird special is 4,500 dollars. I asked the developer of the targets Matej
Kurbel who the target audience was when he told me about this system. He told me that they are getting interest
from military and law enforcement, but they think some civilians will jump in on this
too. He also said that he understands its not cheap
but often times with early adoption of new tech, you pay a higher price. While I agree with that, I just don’t think
there are many folks in the gun community willing to be an early adopter. Perhaps this is the next best thing for shoot
houses and big training facilities but for the average shooter, this is NOT the next
step in my opinion. What do you guys think of systems like this? Is it too much for the average guy? Price
aside, is it something that you would want to shoot over something like a steel target? Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. Next up this week, savage has released a new
version of the 110 called the prairie hunter. This one is special for one reason only and
im going to make you wait to hear it. The basics are that it is a bolt action rifle
with a 22 inch barrel topped with a threaded muzzle. It comes with the standard accoutrements from
savage like the accutrigger, and accutfit stock that has some adjustability and nice
texture built in. It has a detachable box mag that holds 4 rounds
for a total of 5 in the gun and the price tag is 759 MSRP. The thing that really matters? Its chambered in 224 valkyrie. Now, those of you that watch TGC all the time
know that the Valkyrie has not performed well at all for us so I’m very interested to see
if this rifle has the ability to wrangle that cartridge and actually consistently print
small groups. I doubt it, but hey it’s still a neat rifle
overall. Also in the news this week, a few quick bits. TandemKross, a company best known for rimfire
pistol accessories has dropped a few new trinkets for the Ruger PC Carbine. Included in the parts are a new flat face
trigger with nice texturing across the front, a muzzle brake, and an extended mag release. We’ve been sort of tracking along with chassis
and things like that for the ruger pc carbine and I think it’s really cool to see more companies
jumping into this market. Mossberg is now offering a two tone version
of the MC1SC with a silver slide and black frame. The MSRP is $421 BUT i’ve already seen this
gun for sale for much less. You know I really thought we would see this
thing making more waves this year but the chatter seems to have died down. Maybe we should get a hold of one for a review
and see how good it is. And more good news from the FBI. The July background check numbers are in and
they are positive. Summertime is ALWAYS a slow period for the
gun industry but it seems we got a little bump in July. The total number of background checks were
2,030,661 which is an increase of over 195 thousand from 2018. I have a feeling that August numbers might
be up with the threat of gun control in everyone’s minds these days but either way, more guns
is always a good thing because an armed society is a polite society. This time our questions are coming from the
TGC nation facebook group which just hit 5,000 members! My gut reaction to this question is training. Learning how to manipulate your firearms efficiently
and correctly is a big deal, a close second is ammo. That’s pretty simple, figure out what they
like to do when it comes to shooting, and let them shoot an AR that does just that. The selections are endless. Another easy one, that’s HiPoint. I remember when I first got into guns, people
were crapping on that brand non stop. At a certain point I got fed up with it and
reached out to hi point for guns to test and I fell in love with the “we know it’s cheap
but it works” feel of the gun. It seems like the community has sort of come
around on them lately especially with the yeet cannon thing but I’m a hipster and I
was on that train years back haha. Far and away the Ruger 44 carbine. It’s basically a 10/22 chambered in 44 mag. Also there was somebody that asked me what
my favorite range bag was? And I couldn’t find the question to show you
guys, but right now my favorite, I just got a hold of these, and I’m digging them a lot,
are the Vertx bags. We do have a code over there if you want to
use it it’s: “TGC” at Get you 25% OFF! Because those range bags are legit some of
my favorite ever! And if you
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