Shopify Product Research: 10 Unique Products to Sell

If you’re looking to start your own ecommerce
store in 2018, we’ve got some good news for you – there are tons of great products
that you can sell online. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Welcome to the Oberlo YouTube channel, where
every week we’ll be discussing the various elements that go into starting, operating,
and growing your own dropshipping business. [Title Card – What Makes a Great Dropshipping
Product?] Before we dive into our list, let’s quickly
cover the criteria that we used to choose these products. When we were compiling this list, we looked
at data from successful Oberlo merchants, and used our own experience in ecommerce to
validate the ideas. In our opinion, a great dropshipping products
is: Hard to find anywhere else online,
Hard to guess the price, Interesting enough to entice buyers to click
Purchased without much research, Not too expensive You’ll notice that many of the products
from this video will touch on multiple points from this list – other dropshippers have
already had success selling them, and that’s exactly why we think they’re worth sharing. Alright, let’s get to the products. 1 – Moon Lamps Moon lamps kick off our list of unique dropshipping
products, and with good reason too – they’re sure to make your store stand out from the
crowd. But, what’s so special about these products
you ask? In the homeware niche, there are plenty of
established brands selling products which your customers are likely already familiar
with. However, it’s unlikely that your customers
have seen these products before, and that’s why they’re perfect for dropshippers. If you’re selling products that are hard
to find elsewhere, it’s going to be much easier to land a sale. After all, if you capture the interest of
your audience, and they don’t know where else they can purchase the product, it’ll
be your store which they turn to. Right now, moon lamps are relatively unknown,
but we forecast them to explode in popularity in the near future. Customers are going to be over the moon for
this product–but really! Trendlines point to this being a bestseller
in 2018. Get ahead of the pack by adding this product
to your store now. Gold Plated Flowers Flowers are a classic romantic gift, and a
great way for customers to show their loved ones how much they care. However, real flowers will eventually wilt
over time. For relationships that are built to last,
we love these gold-plated flowers. That’s why we’ve included them on our
list – these flowers are a heartfelt gift item with staying power. The best part? There are dozens of occasions throughout the
year when buyers need to purchase flowers. Customers might buy gold-plated flowers because
it’s Valentine’s Day, or because they forgot it was Valentine’s Day, or because
it’s their anniversary, or they forget it was their anniversary. Point is, you can rest assured that there
is a market for these products, and there are lots of shopping holidays throughout the
year which you can take advantage of to land more sales. If you’re interested in finding out more,
we’ll leave a link in the description to our blog post. 3 – World Map Watches In general, watches are great products for
dropshipping entrepreneurs. There are so many different styles, colors,
and variants available for dropshipping that you’re sure to find some products which
your audience will love. However, we want to shine the light on one
specific type of watch for all you budding entrepreneurs who can’t wait to dive into
the watch market – world map watches. These products are trendy, unisex, and they
offer a modern twist on a classic product. It’s also unlikely that your audience will
have seen these products before. Like I mentioned earlier, if your audience
has only seen your store selling these products, it’ll be you who lands the sale. All in all, these products will prove a valuable
addition to any store selling fashion accessories. Just be careful not to price these products
too high – customers will be more likely to buy these products when they aren’t too
expensive. 4 – Dog Water Bottles Dog water bottles are next up on our list. Pet owners who are passionate about their
furry friends generally love to pamper them with new, interesting products, which makes
pet owners an extremely valuable audience for ecommerce entrepreneurs. These specialized water bottles are perfect
for dog walkers year round. They function just like a normal water bottle,
but they’ve got an additional compartment where you can pour water, making it easy for
your dog to quench its thirst mid-walk. Dog water bottles are also light and compact,
making them eligible for the ePacket delivery method, so you can ensure that your customers
will receive their products promptly. Try selling dog water bottles if you’re
looking to sell pet accessories–they’re a really unique point of entry into the market. 5 – Animal Pillows If you’re looking for products that are
great for children, give these plush animal pillows a try – they’re perfect for playtime
AND nap time. The target audience for these adorable products
will be parents with some expendable income. This market can afford to treat their kids,
and they will buy almost anything if it means their little one will stay down for a nap. While it’s great for eCommerce entrepreneurs
to have a clear target audience, the real draw for these products is the fact that they’re
pretty cheap to source, so you can make attractive margins from selling them. Test out the pricing for these products in
your store, and adjust it to find out what your customers are willing to pay. 6 – Multifunctional Water Bottles Multifunctional water bottles definitely belong
on this list because we’ve seen so many Oberlo merchants successfully selling them
lately. It’s almost like people are trying to drink
more water and go to the gym more in the beginning of the new year. Hmmm… These water bottles are unique because they
have built-in compartments for pills and supplements, making them perfect for athletes, gym-goers,
and everybody else who leads an active lifestyle. These products aren’t flying off the shelves,
but the trend is warming. As temperatures rise, we expect more customers
to shop for water bottles, so get them in your store before the competition. 7 – Animal Rings Much like watches, jewelry is a great niche
for dropshippers to get involved in, and that’s exactly why we’ve included these animal
rings on our list. These adorable accessories are perfect for
dropshippers who are looking for products that will appeal to women of various ages
and backgrounds. Now, these rings are fairly cheap to source,
and they’ll likely also have a low price point, so we do recommend trying out bundles
with these products. Try selling 2, 3, or 5 of these rings at a
time. 8 – Puzzle Mugs Up next, we’ve got puzzle mugs. Just like the world map watches we mentioned
earlier, these products are a niche alternative to a product your customers are already familiar
with–regular old mugs. These products are brand new to Oberlo Supply
– our marketplace for entrepreneurs to find and sell dropshipped products – but we’ve
already noticed that they’re selling well. Remember, it’s all about putting the right
products in front of the right people, so we advise using Facebook advertising to promote
these mugs. That’s because they just plain look cool! They stand out when somebody is scrolling
through their Facebook feed. In addition, because these products are so
niche, so you’ll be able to target the right customers with laser precision. 9 – Choker Necklaces Choker necklaces have been a hot product for
dropshippers for a while now, but we see no sign that this product will slow down in 2018. Choker necklaces are perfect for young, fashionable
women, and because fashion influencers are constantly promoting chokers on social media,
you can rest assured that there is an active market for these products. Chokers come in a wide range of styles, materials,
and colors, so experiment – find a product that matches your brand’s style and is at
a price point that makes your offer compelling. Now, the popularity of chokers on Instagram
is a little misleading. It means the product is popular, but it also
indicates that Instagram is a crowded platform for advertising chokers. That’s why we recommend you try advertising
chokers with Facebook campaigns – there will be less competition, and you can still
promote your products to plenty of highly-engaged buyers. 10 – Arrow Bracelets Last up on our list are arrow bracelets. These sleek, stylish bracelets align with
the minimalist style of products that we’ve already seen many dropshipping sell successfully. Arrow bracelets are a great product to sell
year round, and we only see them becoming more popular thanks to the influx of beauty
bloggers who have adopted arrow bracelets as their must-have accessory. Whether you’re just starting a new fashion
store, or you’re looking to improve your existing inventory, these charming bracelets
are a great addition. That’s it – our list of unique dropshipping
products that you can sell in 2018 We hope these tips have given you some product
inspiration, but if you’re still looking for ideas, check out this video. So, what do you think about the products in
this list? Which ones would you be eager to test out
first? Let us know what you think in the comments
section below. And, if you liked this video, be sure to hit
that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell. We’ll be adding new videos each week where
we’ll be sharing some of our best secrets on running a successful dropshipping store! Thanks for watching and until next time, Learn Often, Market Better, Sell More


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