Should I use a page builder? (For Amazon Affiliate Sites)

should you use a page builder like one
of those drag and drop deals for your affiliate site hey I’m Doug Cunnington I
talk about Amazon affiliate marketing and project management so have a look
around if you like the videos please consider subscribing here’s the question
of the day do you use a page builder if so which one leave a comment below let
me know what you like and don’t like about your content builder of choice
most of the time you probably hear people saying that you really need to
use one of these page builders it’s the greatest thing in the world and you’re
crazy if you don’t use one well the thing is and you probably know this
people that are always suggesting to use a page builder are usually affiliates
for the product so that means they will suggest that you buy a product if you go
purchase through their link they get a commission so they are incentivized to
actually recommend a product even if you don’t really need it I’m gonna dig into
a few things today I’m going to tell you you know when you should use a page
builder when you probably don’t need to use a page builder and why I generally
dislike page builders a lot I kind of hate him there are a lot of
page builders on the market I’ll just throw out a few Thrive architect beaver
builder Divi visual composer Elementor there are many others and I just took a
look at some of the most popular ones that are out right now I don’t have a
lot of experience with each one of them but I have used visual composer in the
past and I’ve actually used thrive architect which is used to be thrive
content builder a lot in fact I’ve used thrive content architect like
extensively so I do have experience with a few of the products but there are so
many and I frankly haven’t tested them all generally they have the same sort of
functionality you can add different elements all sorts of complex elements
that would be hard to like code by hand but you can sort of drag and drop an
element say like a button or a table or something like that and then customize
whatever that element is to whatever you want it to be in theory it seems like a
really great to have at your fingertips right if you
want to create some sort of complex page but you don’t have the coding skills to
do that one of these tools seems like it would be great to use here are my
general thoughts on these fronts and editors where they allow you to drag and
drop and stuff like that first I feel like it’s overwhelming when
you take a look at like the sales pages you see these beautiful websites that
you could create and they just look fantastic you buy the product and then
maybe you load a pre-existing template and then when you start trying to edit
it it’s just overwhelming and the reason why there are so many choices at your
fingertips right there I just can’t handle all the decisions that I have to
make just because there are so many that you could make in general I feel like
there are too many choices now you may be thinking Doug don’t be a baby you
should be able to you know figure out you know what you need and what you
don’t need but there are so many areas where you could goof up or you know even
just trying to figure out like what font size to use and the different colors and
let’s go back to the button example if you mouse over a button what color
should have changed to so there are a number of decisions that come up when
you’re working with a tool that gives you the ability to adjust everything so
for me it’s just a little bit too much and a little bit overwhelming
however these page builders are useful for certain things and I think if you
use the right tool the page builder if you use the right tool for the right job
well then you’ll be in good shape and you’ll be able to look at the choices
you need to make and not have to make choices about everything when do I like
to use a page builder or a visual composer type front and editor so number
one the home page is a pretty good place to do that right so on the home page you
may have you know certain things that you want to add in there you may want to
have a large hero type image in an opt-in box for emails or something like
that right so for your home page it does make sense to use you know a front-end
editor additionally any sort of landing page or sales page is going to be you
know sort of unique and you’ll want to put in certain elements maybe like a
comparison table or maybe you want to add a testimonial or
something like that so for those kind of pages these editors are great when
should you not use a page builder this is the thing that got me roped in
initially I watched a couple of my sort of mentors from afar and they
recommended you know thrive content builder and they were saying that they
were using thrive content builder for every one of their blog posts so they
could put in sort of future boxes and little extra things all over the place
and I thought well if they’re doing it I should do it too so I started building
all my blog post that way and it took forever did it really make the site look
better not really I mean there were a couple little extra things like maybe a
button here there are little colored boxes around the text but people weren’t
coming to my site because it was well designed and frankly it was designed
terribly but when it comes down to it I was trying to add things to make it look
like someone else’s site but it ended up just looking like I put some weird
elements into a regular blog post that would have been fine it distracted me
from you know creating better content and I think it actually distracted the
reader from just having a pleasant reading experience instead they got you
know sort of weird boxes around text that were just not necessary I was
trying to highlight stuff that didn’t need to be highlighted so that said I
think if you’re trying to use one of these page builders for just regular
content you’re probably wasting some time generally if you have images that
are relevant or any kind of graphics that can add to the content that’s good
but in general you really don’t need to put sort of fancy formatting for a
regular blog post it doesn’t really matter most of the time we talk about
Amazon affiliate review type content and for those sure every now and then maybe
a table is quite useful to compare some data or to present technical specs and
and easy to follow up manner but most of the time you don’t need that stuff in
fact I don’t even use like a table plugin or anything I just use an HTML
table generator which is another video for another time let’s wrap it in about
I think most of the time people use these page builders they don’t need to
it just sort of makes things a little bit more complex and make
people experienced decision fatigue and they don’t need to go through that so my
advice is if you’re just writing you know regular content just use a you know
regular blog post format and if you’re doing something special your home page
maybe a sales page or a landing page then that’s the time to use one of these
content builders all right don’t forget the question of the day do you like to
use page builders in if so which one is your favorite


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